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Survivor 101 at Tribal Council

If u think somebody's gonna take a million bucks out of your pocket that's what you got to be thinking about...

Marty Piombo Tribal Council


Welcome to the merge!

This episode was the merge episode and boy was it a crazy one!

Yep she did! It's safe to say Nay will be one of the most memorable cast ever! The appreciation of course goes to the salami hahaha

With this funny segment out of the way. Let's now get to the game itself.

Marty Bren Sash

I think it is gonna happen folks. What I have been thinking will happen.

Sash and Marty may well end up working together.

For the second Tribal in a row Marty was spared.

Sash gave as the reason Marty is staying: that he had made an honor pact with Marty to save him and he also states by saving Marty he curries a vote from Marty in the jury. Personally I think it goes beyond just that.

He also made an honor pact to give him back the idol as well which of course isn't gonna happen. So again I pose the question: Why?

brenda lowe

Why is Sash sparing him? Why is Brenda allowing it to happen also? Is Brenda really that trusting of Sash?

We can beg to say that old scores (Alina) die faster in the game which is true, but tho Alina is smart, Marty is smarter! Case in point at Tribal Council.

marty 1

Marty during Tribal Council basically gave the tribe a lesson in how to play Survivor 101.

Many of the fans I am seeing are taking his words as an attack on Jane.

Personally I don't see it as being such.

I see it as Marty making some very keen observations.

Marty make no mistake is very very smart.

His downfall right now is just getting the numbers to back him to stay alive in the game.

So again I pose the same question: Why?

Marty 4

Making the Case For A Possible Marty-Sash Pact

Sash is not a short sight player but is one who is already looking at the Finals.

NaOnka who because of the food controversy (will touch on that in a bit) is considered persona non grata at camp; yet she is termed his number one girl. Why?

Because he thinks he can beat her.

I am thinking he is feeling the same about Marty.

I also feel that Sash is savvy enough to know if he takes Bren to the Finals, she could beat him.

Sash 2

Plus if what I am seeing on the previews is correct then there is already some tension brewing with Bren and Sash.

Plus if Sash thinks anyway like I would, he would want to keep Marty in his back pocket until he makes his move.

Marty to Sash is a guaranteed win in Sash's eyes.

Sash to Marty is game duration.

Why else would he allow him to stay far in especially after the points made at Tribal?

Especially after knowing how smart Marty is? My theory is Sash has some far flung plans in the making.

Marty 3

Speaking of that Tribal.....

Survivor 101 is in session Marty Piombo Professor Strategical Theory 101

The quote I placed at the top of the blog came from this Tribal Council.

It makes perfect game sense.

Nothing against Jane, I like her spunk and I think she is a hoot; however Jane is indeed a serious threat and in a big way! How so?

Carolina Jane

1. She is likable
From the time the tribes were switched Jane had made instant bonds and friendships with the Young Tribe. Jane has a vibrant personality and is likable. She is a typical Carolina girl and that is in itself a social threat. I think of how Taj once spoke of JT at a Tocantins tribal Council calling him a Triple Threat. She said "you just can't find anything wrong with him". We can also say the same of Jane.

2.She is a provider

Jane has made sure she has that down too. Remember she studied everything prior to coming out and learned how to make a fire pre-filming. She is the one who comes into camp with a fish and does a fish dance too! She also made the first fire out on Espada (old Espada) and was termed Survivor MacGuyver by Dr. Jill.

Jane wins immunity 2

3.She is strength at challenges proven as she beat a YOUNG guy --two young guys in fact

Didn't want to stop even after she had it nailed and in the bag. She even continued after Fabio let go of his and said "I don't want to break my tile" That sends a very serious statement that she can well be a physical opponent in a challenge as she is that competitive!

Chase Jane

4. She has shared her story and people empathize with her and probably would not have given her a second thought until Marty pointed it out.

Case in point Chase. Chase heard her story and easily empathised. They became a bond quick. Plus the tribe as a whole have heard of how she has lost her husband. Is struggling financially and needs the money bad. If Jane were to go to the Marty stated...he would give her his vote. Plus I am sure others would as well.

merge la flor

Survivor 101 in session at Tribal and Marty raised a valid point.

In the process I do believe he did get into some of the tribe member's heads.

They also decide to take the risk and keep a pretty smart player.

Which brings us to Alina...

alina 2
Why Alina Is First Juror

I liked Alina. I am genuinely sad to see her go. However coming into the merge she came in with a past that included some baggage from the previous original La Flor. From the outset of her game, Alina due to finding the idol with Kelly Bruno aligned with her. Tho at first Alina wasn't sure it was a good idea, nevertheless they did bond and aligned and then became outcasts due to their decision to stay with Shannon at their First Tribal. By their decision to stay loyal to Shannon coupled with the tribe's insecurity about Kelly's disability, Alina was a target at camp and ostracized at points. Pre switch she was on the chopping block.

alina 1

Post switch she had life as the new Espada Tribe focused on the members of Old Espada eliminating Tyrone and Yve.

Alina 3

But it was during this period that it became even more obvious how savvy and smart Alina is. She notices things and is observant. Note how Yve mentions to Alina that she has a ready made series of connections out of old Espada. Alina stresses this point and Yve goes. So even then Alina is showing how smart a player she is.

Nay Bren

However in new Espada NaOnka is being an actress and acting like all is hunky dorey with Alina as NaOnka is waiting for the best moment to strike to take her out. NaOnka seizes it at merge by talking to Brenda and then continues further to involve Alina in the food forage, which was part childish on Nay's part and part strategic also to further get Alina in a bulls eye for a setup. NaOnka as much as admitted it herself.

Nay 1

Libertad Ladies

Even after a very serious rallying and an impassioned plea at Tribal...she becomes first member of the jury. NaOnka being a large part of why she went as NaOnka targeted her from early on. Besides NaOnka, Benry also did not like Alina referring to her as a dirt squirrel (I looked it up and it means woman of shady character) I think overall Alina was a really smart player but due to early game decisions and a persistent NaOnka; she is now first member of the jury.

Alina voted off

Dan Marty

Building a case for Dan
Dan is finally doing something in the game and let me say..I am now a Dan watcher. In fact I gotta say I am loving me some Dan. Watching him lying down on the floor of the shelter, taking direction from Chase; my first thought was Dan, if u keep doing what you are doing you could very well slide pretty deep in. Dan reminds me so much of Sandra. They are both weak in challenges. They are both playing whichever way the direction takes them. Remember Sandra's comment to Coach Wade during H v V "I am just trying to stay in the game"? Well u can say the same exact thing for Dan. He just exists there, a number and a non threat but also a perfect consideration for the Finals as like stated earlier with can beat him.

Dan so far has done just that until....last episode.

Chase Rice

Chase approaches Dan and while I do love me some Chase Rice too, Chase has to know that by telling Dan, that is getting right to Marty's ear! Dan not only tells Marty, but he also makes sure Chase 's name is brought up as the person passing the info on, perhaps attempting to have people zero on Chase and not Marty, point fingers at Chase instead for a lapse in judgment. In effect he is trying to get Chase targeted to spare his ally.

Then again at Tribal, Dan speaks up and points out that NaOnka stole food! It makes sense to Dan as on the island food is as much a commodity as say money as it is that necessary. NaOnka steals from the tribe, which of course is wrong. NaOnka also causes tension at camp and people aren't speaking to her. So again Dan is trying to get someone targeted to spare his ally.

I give Dan credit for trying and showing us that he is at least giving the game a shot. His moves I think more aggravate his tribe rather than make him someone to zero in on. If Dan continues to be a number and someone that is "just trying to stay in the game" someone may even consider taking him as an easy win. That thought occurred to me. Plus as in Sandra's case it has been done..and to a victory. Not
that Dan could win but you never least it is worth a thought. I like Dan.

holly hoffman

Making A Case For Holly

Holly has had quite a ride on the show so far. She started off making an alliance quick with Wendy that ended just as quickly as it started. Then there was the next few days where she basically fell apart. This was due to the stress and anxiety she was at first coping with.

She considered quitting but decided instead to hang in there.

Then post Jimmy Tarrentino; Holly found herself on the chopping block.

If the twist would not have happened; chances are Holly may have fallen victim to an early exit.

At switch Holly became Captain of her tribe. She also won immunity as well.

Her game regeneration actually regenerated Holly herself who became Mama Holly to the younger tribe members. I believe she made alliances with Chase, Alina and possibly NaOnka.

holly immunity

Then post merge we saw Holly come close to winning immunity (merge) and we also saw in camp how observant she is as she saw NaOnka steal the flour. Holly also called out Nay for it.

Holly w/Marty

At Tribal Jeff asked Holly about the game. With Holly's response comes a clue to how she is playing.

The clue is found in how she made an alliance quick first off.

The clue is found in how she changed up her game at Twist going to the Young Tribe.

The Clue is found in why she too decided to keep Marty.

Holly is not afraid to take a risk.

The way she is playing now is staying with numbers but Holly is a risk taker.

Ar the moment she is not making waves which is smart. She is also a comforting presence much like Tina Wesson was in Outback and much like Taj in Tocantins was.Which is part of why they went so far I feel.

People think she is not playing the game but I actually think Holly is playing rather well.

What did Taj say in Tocantins? Let them take each other out and then they can get back to us. That's smart I think.

That is how she is playing. Stay with numbers and bide your time. Then take the risk needed.

Holly I think is waiting for just the perfect moment to step out.

I think honestly that she is now with Chase,maybe Jane and Naonka and if what I think will happen and Sash steers from Bren..perhaps add Bren to the equation.

This combination could well take Holly pretty deep in if she plays her cards right.

Holly 4

My Thoughts on Kelly Purple, Fabio and Benry

Kelly Shinn

Last week I said some things that I feel were pretty harsh and feel that I was a bit hard on Kelly Purple. Kelly is still not getting a lot of air time. But she is cute. She has a lot of exuberance. She is pleasant and to me seems to be none the worse for having this experience so far. Okay so she was chattery last week but she is cute and a follower. I just would like to see more of her so I can get to know her better. So far we have just seen glimpses. However she does appear refreshing.

Fabio Wins

Fabio I feel has one drawback. He just doesn't want to vote his friends out. Fabio is smart don't get me wrong. His convo with Alina proves he has the sense to know she is a threat. However the one think I have to point out is that like Marty said, this is a game for a million dollars. People play this game not as friends but as competitors. Friends are great to have but friendship and a game for a million dollars don't mix. People can vote friends off in the game.

I love me some Fabio. He is pretty adorable. But he lacks that one instinct in the game that is needed and that is to separate friends from competitors. I do still think of Fabio as a number and he to could go pretty deep in if he continues being of use and not a viral threat. So I am also making a case for him as well. Fabio is a possible deep player as well.


Benry is in my opinion a possible target in the next round or two. How so? Benry is strength in challenges. He is not really with anyone in a solid pact except for maybe Kelly Purple, who is virtually non existant. But Benry is chilling with Marty and Sash I am thinking does not want to give Marty any leverage but wants to keep Marty dependent on him for his own purposes. It could be Marty is able to do a Russell Hantz at Galu merge type move and is able to get further in their heads and have them turn on their own. In any case I just keep feeling Benry will be a casualty in the coming episodes. If I am right we shall see but I just have that gut feeling that Benry is going to be considered a physical threat and liability in any case. Plus also his association with Marty won't help the cause either.

Pre merge

This episode was fun and at times wild. I have enjoyed sharing my thoughts and until next week..keep our torch light burning and enjoy the 9th episode of Survivor Nicaragua.

In closing, I would like to share with everyone a poem written by my friend Rob Beasley about the merge. Thank u Rob for sharing and if u have Facebook please join in on the fun on Survivor Season's Page!

Watch Survivor: Nicaragua -

by Survivor Seasons: on Tuesday, November 2, 2010 at 10:45pm

Tomorrow night on TV at 8

Watch Survivor, it’s gonna be great

Watch Na Oinka steals some fruit

Does this means she gonna get the boot

Is Sash and Marty getting together

In an alliance to oust Brenda

Will Alina be safe, she was all alone

Or is she the next to be sent home

What’s gonna happen to Dan and Jane

Will La Flor want to keep them in the game

Will Jud and Benry team up like before

And try to take down members of La Flor

Will the alliance of Na Onka, Chase & Holly stay

And will each of them last 3 more days

All will be revealed Wednesday at 8

On Survivor, Nicaragua...don’t be late.

Discussion Questions:

1. Who do you feel now as it stands is the biggest threat in the game? It could be strategical, social etc..who do you think has their game face on?

2. Do you think there are fractures coming within the BS Alliance and perhaps the Younger Tribe that can be exploited?

3. Who would u yourself pick as Dark Horse Candidates for a possible Final 3 selection? (no spoilers please just theories)


  1. I was so very dissapointed that Alina was sent home. More so when Stephenie was voted out early last season. Alina was a strong, thoughtful player, and if it was not for that vote in episode 2 things would definitely be different. But that is Survivor.
    Unfortunately I see Marty on his last legs, I think he may have ran out of lives, but if he can convince some people that after he goes, they'll be next and possibly blindside either Brenda or Sash, then this game will change, don't let another Tom Westman or J.T. happen and put Brenda, Sash and ... in the final 3, now is the time to act while there are numbers.

  2. All I have to say is Holly was born under the luckiest stars in the galaxy! I thought Kathy from Marquesas as she truly had the worst beginning of any Survivor this season (or the past several, to say the least) and she has fully regained herself and become invisible...BRAVO HOLLY!

  3. I disagree with you about the Dan and Sandra comparison. Sandra played the game and for most of this game, I do not think Dan has played. Sandra is a lot smarter and knows how to put herself in a good position. Sandra won this game twice and Jeff Probst has put her down as one of the top 5 survivors ever to play the game. Dan could't carry her jock strap.

  4. Bruce are u Brian lol point taken and respect. :)

    Anonymous u are correct! I remember Kathy from Marquesas season. Yes it was right after the pecking order challenge that Kathy pulled Sean, Vee, Paschal and Neleh aside and took their moment of disgust over the cockiness in the challenge from their tribemates to say let's change things up. They did and Kathy ended up in the Final 3. Kathy is an excellent example. GO HOLLY!

    Rob (also Bruce and Anonymous) who do u think may join the BS Alliance at the end? These Dark Horse examples are probable F3 candidates. At this point anything can happen which is what is so cool.

    Thanks yall!

  5. Holly is smooth operator observing everything. Dan is daring enough to protect his buddy Marty! Jane is strong and will make the moves she thinks is necessary to stay in game. Benry I am a loss of words for him and I see an exit for him coming soon. Na Onka is the tribe showster of laughter and pranks. Chase is quiet peaceful but strong! Marty is a loud mouth and fighter and it works for him. Sash is sneaky but observant of all situations esepecially that Brenda. brenda will make some moves now I a think. Fabio is just who and what he is a young clown with heart! Love the Blog Brenda. always GLO

  6. Thank u Glo!! I love your assessment!

  7. The BS alliance would typically hope for Na Onka as their third member, but really do not expect both Brenda and Sash to be in the final 3. Brenda and Sash must realise they can beat Na Onka but I don't know if they think they can beat each other.
    Like I said earlier, some of these other people should be getting together now and getting these main threats out now. They need to look to the future not who they want to vote off next.



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