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Weekly Recap by Brian Morelock (Fan Blog)

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It’s that time of the week again to talk about the dynamics of this episode. There is quite a bit to examine today and I am going to do my best in trying to figure out what everything means.

Nay 1

Before I talk about the ins and outs, I want to say a few things about the train wreck we know as Naonka. I will give Nay credit for her entertainment value for the show. She is definitely bringing a lot of life into each episode. Her strategy sucks though. She is a horrible strategist and let’s be honest here, the only reason she is still in the game is because the two people who are currently running the game, Brenda and Sash, both want her there.

brenda lowe

Sash 2

They both know she is an easy person to beat at the end and that is the only reason Naonka is still around. She has absolutely no shot at winning this game. None. I would be willing to go to Vegas and bet a ton of money on that if that was an option. I did love seeing her and Marty go nose to nose at tribal though. That was great TV and made it such a wonderful tribal. Ok enough said about Nay.

merge la flor

Marty 4

I cannot go this entire blog without mentioning the Jane and Marty feud. What Marty said was absolutely correct. Jane is a threat and she will win this game if she does indeed make it to the end. I love Jane and I am happy with the outcome of this tribal, but Brenda and Sash made a bad move taking Marty out instead of Jane.

Why do I say this?

Chase Rice

Well the guy who has all the allies in the world right now is Chase. Chase is tight with Jane, Holly, and Naonka. He also has a pretty close bond with Brenda and Sash. What’s the difference? Well Chase can use his closeness with Jane and Holly to oust Sash and Brenda later in the game if he chooses to do so. Chase has a lot of power here. If Brenda and Sash would have ousted Jane, their power position would have been a lot more dominant.

I do want to take some time to talk about Chase’s game play in this season. Marty pretty much called Chase and Jane morons on a confessional in this episode. Marty couldn’t have been more wrong.

Chase is a bright guy and he seems to know a lot more of what is going on than he leads onto. It was Chase who informed Holly that the guys were trying to make it look like Naonka was getting booted out to flush her idol, but Jane would get the votes.

This is why I believe Naonka never played her idol. There is no way anyone can tell me that she knew she didn’t need it tonight. I believe she was informed prior to tribal what was going down and to hold onto the idol. This is just my opinion, but from everything that went down at tribal, it appeared as if she would be a target and for her to just keep the idol in her pocket tells me she knew more. Chase is being underestimated in this game and I would definitely keep my eye on him.

Lastly, I have to talk about Marty and the way he acted at tribal council. I think Marty overestimated his power in this game. He had none since the swap and merge and he tried way too hard to get it. Why would Marty be overconfident that Sash and Brenda were going to vote with him when it was Marty who said the lines have been drawn a few tribals back when Brenda came after him during a tribal council trying to get him to play his idol. Brenda has not been on his side the whole game and he acted as if it were a given that he had the votes this week. The way he walked back from voting strutting acting as if he were the coolest thing since slice bread was maddening for me to watch. The guy is a good player, but he is no where near being an elite player. I think Marty overvalues the way he played survivor and he now finds himself at Ponderosa. Good riddence is all I got to say.

Marty's Exot

Before I go, I want to mention that I think Benry and Fabio are in a good deal of trouble now. They voted with the alliance that was weaker and now they could become huge targets. They are both challenge threats. It will be interesting to see who becomes the prime target on next weeks episode.

Power Rankings for this week:
Brenda: She is in complete control and my pick to win this game
Chase: I still think he is in an excellent position
Holly: She has come a long way in this game and is doing really well
Dan: Not a threat easy to beat probably will survive a little longer
Kelly purple: I have no clue she barely gets any airtime


  1. Great blog Brian and I agree Benry and Fabio may be in trouble but I still think we will see game in Benry. Fabio is going to be flipping in the wind now that Marty is gone.

  2. i think this is the first season of Survivor we agree on! (well.. kinda).. i agree, Brenda is my pick to win as well. & Chase is one to watch.. & Benry will probably be next out.. everything else, not so much.

  3. lol Michael we can agree at times.

  4. Brian this is one very very good blog! I completely agree with you about Chase's possibilities and also about Marty being right about Jane. Thanks for submitting this and can't wait to read ur next one!!



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