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Brett Bower: Survivor Finale and my underdog CBS video

I'm gonna wrap up the Nicaragua season and Reunion Show. But first, on behalf of all the underdogs out there who had a crush on the little red-haired girl and wished they could kick that darn football Lucy kept pulling away.....take a look at my SURVIVOR audition video in their online video contest.


Brett Bower's Sears Casting Call Video on CBS

Suffice it to say, it's been a rather frustrating week getting them to approve this video because of a major oversight they had every time I uploaded it. *AARRGGHH.* Seriously, out of probably 20,000 online uploads they'll receive - I can guarantee the only person who will have this particular problem will be yours truly. Well, it just further proves my point that I actually AM Charlie Brown all grown up. :)


But if you feel so inclined to root for the underdog, take a moment to register on the CBS site (you won't get any spam at your email) and leave a comment on the video.

Ten years of applying - I am nothing if not persistent and determined. Will gladly do ten + more years if I have to. By then, I might be completely bald and look even more like good ol' CB. :)


I've been cheering for Holly to win because of the 180 she did out there. I've enjoyed her game-play and also her storyline. Other than Fabio, Holly is the only one who really seemed to have a character arc during their time on the island. She and Fabio were the main ones who really seemed to grow out there, which is why I was hoping for a Final 3 of Holly, Fabio, and of course everyone figured Dan would be there because he can't win a challenge and he can't win the game, so it's completely logical for him to be kept around.

Dan in one sentence summed up what he has contributed to the season when he asked at Final 5 - "How many votes do we need?"


Now granted, he may have intended it to mean how many MORE votes do we need to insure majority, but the way he said it made it sound like whatever he did to earn all his hidden millions did not in any way shape or form involve second grade math.

And speaking of poor phrasing...

Oh Sash - he's just not a very skilled liar. That's great in real life. In the game of Survivor though, that doesn't bode well for you.

Fabio asks would you have taken me to the end if I didn't win immunity today.

"I believe I would have."


That's just code for "I wouldn't have in a million years, but I want you to think I would, and I can't come up with a better way to phrase it more effectively since you just caught me off guard by asking that in front of everyone."

But yes - I BELIEVE I would have.

If you play poker, you might want to see how quickly you can invite him to the bunch.

Moving along...


LOVED Marty's Jury question! Chase looking to Jeff asking him if he has to answer it just proved that Chase never really understood how this game works. The Juror asking the question sets the rules and it's up to you to follow them if you want to try to secure their vote.

I was expecting Na'Onka and Purple Kelly to quit halfway through asking their questions by claiming they were tired, hungry, and don't like rain. Here's some advice - if you don't like being cold, hungry, and rained-on....ummmmmm.....you shouldn't have taken up a slot in the first place.

And now...


Once Holly was gone, I was hoping for a Fabio win. Funny how one of the first blogs I wrote about this season on episode 1 or 2 was how he has no chance of winning. I should have known when they changed his name from Jud to Fabio in the intro credits way back then. I always harp on editing, but I should have thought more about the REAL reason they changed the credits for him. He became more and more endearing throughout the season. He's way brighter than he acts. But wow, those were some of the strangest winner comments we've ever heard in 21 seasons.

Which brings us to...


1) We can thank Terry Bradshaw and Na'Onka's mom for the fact that Probst didn't have time to talk to Jill, Tyrone, Yve, or Benry.

2) And we can thank Purple Kelly for the fact that Probst intentionally didn't talk to Purple Kelly.

3) Thank you for clarifying for the fans that there is a new rule in place regarding quitters.

*Pssssst* - Here's the subtext in case you missed it with the way Probst was phrasing. It's called: "If you quit and people hate you but you're drama - we will absolutely keep you on the Jury even though we're acting like we won't. But if you quit and you're boring and we gave you zero screentime all season - we will take your Jury spot away faster than it took Dan to change the subject when Probst asked him about his money."

4) The musical moment with the guitar was just so out of place. That whole bit was one of the oddest moments since Sekou's Cook Islands song. Nothing against Chase cause he's a nice dude and a good singer/songwriter, but that segment was just.....awkward.

5) Jane gets "Fan Favorite" in a landslide. I can appreciate this since she's had a rough year and all. But I must admit, it gets under my skin the way she had her little pity party, temper tantrum, hissy fit, and then had the audacity to call them "cheats" because they decided they would rather play so that THEY have a chance to win instead of just handing it to her. Jane is the epitome of the "It Depends Which Side Of The Knife You Are On" type of player.


One of my favorite things about the Reunion Show is the teaser for the following season. Most SURVIVOR fans know what's up with next year. But I'm quite surprised they didn't hype it for what it actually is. I won't go into that now, because we'll have lots to talk about next February. See y'all then. :)

*Anyhoo, watch my audition video and I hope some die-hard fans and applicants make it on soon. And if you don't like my video, at least it's only 57 seconds of your life you'll never get back. LOL 


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