Thursday, December 9, 2010

Brian Morelock Blogs Episode 13

Thanks Brian for submitting this great blog!!!!


We moved on from the quitters back into real survivor and the constant strategizing.

The episode was filled with everyone scrambling and making deals trying to secure themselves a safe spot in this game. It appeared to me before this episode that Sash was in serious trouble and could be the next one targeted.

Why not make him play the idol and knock it out of the game?

It made sense to me, but apparently, the tribe was not concerned with that. Instead, they were concerned with winning Sash's vote. The lines were drawn and Sash had the choice to go with Benry, Fabio, and Dan or Chase, Holly and Jane.


Throughout the season, it appeared to me that Sash was closer to Chase and Jane which gave them a huge advantage in winning his vote. Chase decided to do the one of the worse moves in this season.


He promised Sash he take him on a reward if he won along with Holly, but when the time came, Chase took Holly and Jane.

This could have been a huge mistake and costed Chase the game, but somehow Chase and Holly won Sash back over when they returned from the reward and held a 4 to 3 advantage in votes.


Chase is a great social player in this game and knows how to build relationships with people, but the strategic part is where he fails. I am not sure if Chase can win this game with the mistakes he continues to make strategically.

Sash on the other hand is a great strategic player and seems to be in a really good position in the game.

He led the tribe along with Brenda for awhile and it appears he regained control of the game in last nights episode. Sash is definitely an impressive strategic player, but can he win a jury over at the end?

His social skills don't appear to be all that great and this could hurt him tremendously when he tries to sell himself to the jury if he is able to make it to the end game.


He would also have to make sure both Holly and Jane are not in the final 3 with him. If either of them make it, I don't believe Sash stands a chance to beat either one of them.


I want to talk a little about Benry as well. I believe he overplayed his hand big time in this episode by jumping back and forth in alliances.

Sometimes this can pay huge dividends and further you in the game. But Sash was around when Benry tried pulling him over to his alliance and knew the target was Jane.

Than when Benry saw Holly speaking to Sash and Chase, he flipped and tried to throw Fabio under the bus. This was not a good move in my opinion. With Sash being around for both conversations, he knew that Benry was lying and could not be trusted. Benry was also a physical threat so I think Sash and his alliance with Chase, Jane, and Holly did the right thing to take him out.


I also want to talk a little bit about Fabio. he definitely disappointed me in this episode. I didn't think he fought at all to try and stay in the game and just kind of sat around and assumed everything would work out.

If Fabio wants to make it to the end of this game, he must step up now. Fabio is one of my favorites from this season, but strategically he needs to step up his game or he will not be around too much longer.

He looked dumb and clueless when the votes were read and he was the only person who voted for Holly on the tribe. This even puts a bigger target on his back for not voting with the tribe. Had he talked to people more and involved himself in more of the chatter, he may have figured out what was going on that night at tribal.


Next week is going to be a big week and possibly an telling point for Fabio. He must come up with something or win immunity to save himself or I believe he will be the next to go.

Here are my power rankings for this week:

1. Sash
2. Holly
3. Chase
4. Jane
5. Dan
6. Fabio


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  1. great blog but dan will always be last in the power rankings for me lol.. ps its mike diggin lol



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