Tuesday, December 14, 2010

FAN FAVORITE VOTE-Please Vote For Holly Hoffman!

Hello Friends and fellow Survivor fans!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday. The Fan Favorite Vote is coming soon for this season of Survivor Nicaragua. I am supporting Holly Hoffman to win this vote because she has had a phenomenal season. Holly is a phenomenal individual and truly deserving. Below is a link to a blog I composed some weeks back and since then she has truly gotten even better! Please check it out if you are not a regular viewer also as it shows why Holly truly should win the title.

I Support Holly Hoffman For Fan Favorite

Instructions on how to vote:This Wednesday night CBS will post photos of the cast post episode. There will be numbers below each. Please select Holly's number and text this number to 81818. U can vote up to 10 times as well.


Please go to: Survivor Nicaragua CBS Official Website You can vote there as well and can also vote up til 10 times as well.

Merry Christmas everyone and please support and vote for Holly!!! Thanks and God Bless!!!




  1. HOLLY Has Glo's votes votes votes votes votes and more votes votes!

  2. Holly has my votes too!! I agree with Globug VOTE!! VOTE!! 81818 or cbs.com NOW!



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