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Okay.......I'm Pissed! By Brett Bower (Blog Contributor)

SURVIVOR NICARAGUA: Okay, I'm pissed...
by Brett Bower on Thursday, December 2, 2010 at 2:03am


Tonight's episode made me furious. FURIOUS.

Now before I get to that, let me start with the good by saying THANK YOU FOR HOLLY. :) She is a God-send for this season. WOW. I'm not sure I can think of a better example in 21 seasons of someone who has done an amazing 180 and gone from someone wanting to give up early on to becoming the power player running the show who is also now giving pep talks to the OTHER people wanting to quit.

Speaking of...

I can hardly express how irritated I am right now. Now granted, I know that SURVIVOR is a million times harder than anyone thinks it is. I know it doesn't even begin to sink in when watching it on TV how truly difficult it is. But there are a FRIKKIN TON OF PEOPLE FOR THE PAST TEN YEARS WHO WOULD GIVE THEIR RIGHT ARM FOR A CHANCE TO DO THIS.



It just makes me sad the way casting has gone over the years. Are the producers honestly surprised when recruits want to quit? Even with just 11 days left in the game....are they honestly surprised???

Now, no offense to others who have been recruited for SURVIVOR over the years. There are many great players who happened to be in the right place at the right time or knew the right friend of a friend of a friend and ended up on the show that way.

But Purple Kelly and Na'Onka truly disgusted me tonight. Na'Onka more so.

Well, at least now the audience knows why the editors have shunned Kelly all season and have given her like a nanosecond of screentime for the past few months. She was a boring quitter. While Na'Onka at least had some dramatic moments. Otherwise, I guarantee the editors would have given her the same treatment as Purple Kelly.

Speaking of the editors, you've probably figured out two recurring things that I tend to write about if you ever follow my SURVIVOR blogs.


...and editing.

Let's start with editing.

Gee, thank you editing department (sarcasm implied) for making it obvious within the first few seconds tonight that Kelly is going. Since you've given her zilch all season, you actually make a storyline out of her even for the "Previously on SURVIVOR..." part. Really? Okay, we know it's Kelly tonight. And then you make it even more obvious by actually giving her a Confessional in the first few minutes before the title sequence.

I hate being spoonfed.


With Na'Onka, what she did just doesn't make much sense. Almost the whole season, she's had drive and determination, she has an idol in her pocket, she's abrasive, has no filter, most of the players and jury can't stand her, which just about guarantees that she has 2nd or 3rd place written all over her. The fact that as she was quitting she mentions that she truly believes she could have won proves how unbelievably delusional she is.

With Kelly, I think it's a combination of lack of food and being cold and soaked from the rain, but also add in the fact that she just found out she doesn't have a clue what was going on out there and the person she's followed like a puppy dog was voted out. I betcha anything it had more to do than just food/rain.

And Na'Onka, I would say the same. I don't think they showed what really led up to her wanting to quit. Like I said, it just didn't make much sense. I think there are things that weren't going her way, and she just wanted out and used the food/rain stuff as an excuse.

Makes me think how irritated I was when the first person to quit (Osten) on Pearl Islands...a tough guy with arms like a tree....quit and used the excuse of cold/wet/rain, etc. to quit when it was more about him not getting his way.

And gee - what a surprise - he was a recruit. Not an applicant.

Who do you think is going to play harder and never quit and give it their all no matter how hard it is - Someone who has spent 10 years trying out over and over and over just clawing their way, trying to get through, trying to earn one of those coveted SURVIVOR slots after rejection after rejection after rejection just making them more and more and more determined...

...or someone who is approached in a restaurant, bar, bus stop, taco stand, etc. and asked - "Hey, you're good looking. Wanna be on SURVIVOR?"

Which category do you think Purple Kelly and Na'Onka were in???

There's a big difference in the way people approach things whether it's something they have sought out and have persevered through....or whether it's something that was handed to them.

Who do you think would spend the money better and appreciate it more - Someone who spent their whole life working their way through obstacles and hardships, and maybe by the grace of God they end up making something out of themselves and fighting their way to the top...

...or someone who has it just HANDED to them?

Major difference in how people treat things if they go out for it on their own or if it simply falls in their lap.

I don't mean to vent about it all, but I'm really frustrated about this right now. That's the way I look at SURVIVOR once they made it very clear how much recruiting has been done over the years. It just makes me sad. I could off the top of my head name a ton of people who have wanted the chance to do this and would fight for this opportunity and would never in a million years quit.

But that's not what SURVIVOR seems to want. They don't want the fighters. They want to hand the opportunity to 70% of their casts and just see what happens.


I've had a blast meeting various people from SURVIVOR in the past couple years at the Houston Reality Challenge. And of course, a bunch of them were recruited. However - they didn't quit. They didn't give up.

But it's things like what happened on tonight's episode with those two people that just make me throw my hands up in despair.

Now, to end on a positive do you spell "hope" for this season? Well, it also starts with an H.O.

But it ends with an L.L.Y. :)


  1. There is only one word to describe their decision.
    I try to not to send out negativity to anyone, but Kelly, you really do have no brains. I mean, 11 friggin days to go and you Quit. Were you copying Na Onka, was the fact Sash was vunerable, no that could not be it, I don't believe you can think for yourself.
    Na Onka, after all the verbal abuse, stealing food and all other mean and nasty things you have said and done, you then decide that a couple of hours of rain is that bad that you will give up the chance to win a million. Man it rained for days in Samoa, this was nothing.
    I thought your decision last night was so disgusting and you insulted not only the game of Survivor but the people who have been following you this season.
    The Jury and Ponderosa is no place for quitters, you should have been sent home. A jury of 7 is the same as a jury of 9.
    that's my opinion.

  2. Rob I couldn't have said it better myself! Bravo!!!!



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