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Out Jane goes with the fire!


Bitterness is like cancer. It eats upon the host. But anger is like fire. It burns it all clean.
Maya Angelou

Wow what an episode and needless to say it ran the gamut of emotion. From tears during the family visit to joy at a great reward and time with family. To Jud, Dan's and Jane's frustration at not being to spend time with their loved ones. To just flat out insanity Jane possessed in camp and her moves at Tribal. To bitterness at Tribal.


First off I love this episode every season. Family episodes are by far what I enjoy watching and I usually end up bawling like a baby. This episode was definitely a Kleenex fest. I truly lost it when I watched Fabio and his mom and then Holly with Charlie. I am not sure if yall caught this but while out there Holly and Charlie had a 25th wedding anniversary. Apparently their 25th while she was on the island. Watching the interactions were touching and I was rooting them on big time! If only so they could have time together being they weren't together for a momentous occasion--their 25th! Congrats to Charlie and Holly on that milestone! Plus I admit it I like Charlie and Holly too!


Chaseand mom

Fabio just really loves his mom and his mom looks like she is just as fun as Fabio is. After the reward challenge; when Chase didn't select him, the heartbreak on Fabio's face was pretty sad to watch. Then when Chase returned back to camp I do applaud the way Fabio handled himself. He admitted in a rhetorical question that he was feeling frustrated. That he would have kept his promise to Chase had he won the Reward. He handled himself very well. Then dropped it. Fabio then stated something that I feel Jane should have taken to heart namely, that if u hold a grudge then that grudge will be why you go. People tend to think Fabio is useless or dumb. I have felt for a while now that Fabio is just playing dumb and is actually a rather intelligent kid. Which is why last week I gave him hell.

But not this week.


The exit of Jane in my opinion was simply a game move. No more no less. A game move.
Watching Jane go ape shit made me think do you need some Xanex or something Jane? Front stabbing, backstabbing etc happens all the time in Survivor. As a player I would have made the exact same move. There is no way anyone will take someone to the end they think will beat them in front of the jury. It makes game sense. I once had to make a decision in my myspace game at F3 as to who I wanted to take to F2 to face a jury. I had the choice of Denny who played a smart but low level game..or Boston Michael who was an aggressive in your face player. Denny was liked but Michael was not so well liked. It is a no brainer who I selected. If I would have taken Denny, chances are I would have lost by perhaps 2 votes. With Michael I won 5-2. That's how Survivor is played. At some point you may have to vote out an ally to go for the win. Believe me it is not often a fair and balanced game but a cut throat competitive game.


Ar camp it appears Jane did try to summon an alliance with Dan and Fabio and again at Tribal but the boys weren't biting the bait. In interviews Jane brought up a Survivor first the guys wanted which is "an all male F3" that's something I will go into later on. Needless to say no one is taking Jane.

Speaking of camp, what boggled my mind was Jane's extreme reaction to the news. Putting the fire out I feel was really dumb. Plus I do have issues with her stealing food which she did at points during her stay on the island. Being that the cast struggled to find food and in general struggled out there, Jane's decisions I just cannot applaud. I feel she acted like a spoiled child. True she was provider but it honestly doesn't excuse her decisions in my opinion. I just feel it is wrong. I feel the fire decision and probably her being caught by Benry stealing eggs plus her extreme reaction is what sealed it.

However the Tribal did prove to be rather telling and forthcoming. I don't think Fabio made the wrong decision. I think he is full aware of what is going on now and may have some angle he may can play with to me it seems Sash controls who goes. Sash makes the selection, discusses it with Holly and then backs it with Chase. The main alliance I see and can see so clearly now is Sash and Chase.

But looking back on Chase's history with alliances --from Shannon to Brenda to now Jane (thank u CBS for pointing this out so clearly in the first few moments of the show...pretty much an indicator one of Chase's allies was out) anyway being his history of voting out allies...I am seeing a man capable of playing the game yet uncomfortable with owning his decisions that he would have to make. He hemmed hawed when Jane asked point blank and then in a confessional he admits he is keeping Holly around to make sure he does get to the end. Good move on his part but does it mean Holly is next on his list of fallen allies? I hope not as I love Holly genuinely.

Needless to say Tribal opened up a can of worms or whoopass. Dan and Fabio are on red alert. But aligning with Jane will not secure a win and most likely Dan would not win anyhow. Fabio of the two does stand a better shot.


I did happen to notice that Jane voted for Sash. My thoughts are it is an emotional vote...much like her game was played. I think she knew Sash wanted her exit and wanted to prove a point. It was a throwaway vote and she wanted to make a statement to the jury in what I feel was a bitter state. There are other rumors but I genuinely doubt those. They don't make sense.

But I do feel that Jane did play a rather emotional game. Just like NaOnka Mixon did. (in fact the two could be twins: stealing food, emotional reactions, strong in a challenge, the outbursts etc. ) She held a grudge. Looking back to what Jud said holding grudges can guarantee an exit. Which is why I feel Jane went.


Now I will do a brief analysis of the F5 and their shots at winning the game:

Matthew "Sash" Lenahan:
Most likely can make Final 3 especially if the all male alliance takes affect which is what I think Jud may play. His chance at winning. Not good. Sash has made a few enemies in the jury. Marty (broken alliance) Brenda (broken alliance) Alina (never gave her a shot) NaOnka (left her alliance with Sash and Brenda to align with Chase, Jane and Holly...doubt it) Kelly Purple (being he back-stabbed her main ally Brenda..again doubt it) Jane(don't think so) Sash's hope of winning at the moment is not good.

Chase Rice:
Chase has been willing to make the moves but not own the decisions. He is up and down and right and left. Hated voting people off. Plus voted off his main allies so far (except Holly and Sash)so he may not have that good luck either. He can get there but what is his shot? He may get a vote from NaOnka but am not sure of others. Shot: maybe but doubt it.

Holy Hoffman:

Holly I love her a lot and I think she has a great shot to win IF she is able to win immunities to get there. With Chase's history of voting out allies I fear that she may end up the way of Jane and be low at the end decision. Mainly because I am thinking that Sash and Chase may not want her as their competition. I hope I am wrong. In fact I'd be jubilant if I am!!! Her odds I feel are way better! She has the votes of: Marty, Alina, Brenda, Benry maybe Kelly P..maybe a vote from Jane..her chances are much much better!

Judson Fabio Birza:

IF Fabio is able to actually pull off an all male alliance..his shot is better to make the Finals. Plus also again if he is able to win immunities to get there as well. In his case he has not pissed off anyone. I think he would get a good share of the votes due to it being a majority of a La Flor jury. We shall see.

Dan Lembo:

I don't think Dan has a shot. He is too weak for challenges and is a teflon vote. He is either next or the one after that.

This episode was awesome and again Fan Favorite voting is on now. I support Holly Hoffman for the win with the Fan Vote. To vote for her please text the number 7 to 81818 or go to :Fan Favorite Voting Page on CBS and please vote for her there also. U are allowed up to 10 votes either way and a possibility of 20 votes total. Please vote for the most deserving player this season: Holly Hoffman--a true comeback story who has played a great game!!!



  1. Hey Brenda,

    I believe Jane got a little too self righteous towards thee nd, and I believe that attitude gets you out the door whenever others start to sense it. Jane dug her own grave.

    Can't wait for Sunday!

  2. I would be so happy if jane didnt come to the finale...

  3. Thanks Troy and Stephen! I am rather disappointed with Jane's actions. It's one thing to play the game but quite another to do things that may hurt your fellow contestants due to spite. It's a game!!!



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