Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Rob Beasley Speaks About Alina Wilson

Contributed by Rob Beasley of Survivor Seasons Facebook Page about his favorite cast member Alina Wilson

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Alina Survivor Wilson

Like most great castaways from past seasons, Alina went into this season with the intention to align with someone or some people that would help her advance.
She soon became friendly with Kelly B and was kind of forced to align with her because of the discovery of the hidden immunity idol clue, I don’t believe she saw that as a bad thing for her, it was a bad thing because she knew Kelly would be targeted. When La Flor lost the first challenge, her and Kelly B, along with Fabio and Shannon targeted Na Onka, but it all turned bad at Tribal Council when Kelly B and herself supported Shannon and spoke up for him. Shannon was voted out and Alina’s game seemed just a matter of time.

The Tribe switch benefited her and while with Espada she became friendly with Benry and Na Onka (or so she thought) and when the tribes merged she realized she was being played by both.

Alina could have gone much further into the game, unfortunately she did not have the numbers and for reasons that still baffle me she was not liked. She is a smart player, an intelligent player but had she teamed up with say Brenda Marty and Sash post merge one could not say how far they could have gone. I hope to see Alina again if the chance arises, I think under different circumstances she could reach a final 5.

Thanks Brenda for this opportunity to cast my thoughts.

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