Thursday, December 30, 2010

Sears Casting Call Fan Audition Videos PT 2

More will follow..please keep checking back on my blog as I will add more as they come in to me. Please either submit your link to me via comment to this blog or via Facebook personal message. Or if u have me on Facebook..please feel free to post your video to my profile!!! I support ALL fan made videos for casting! Please send them to me today and soon! Good luck all applying!

Brett Bower

Brett Bower's Casting Audition Video Page

Brett Bower aka Brobst is a long time hopeful who not only loves the show but the game as well. He is witty, observant, knows the game in and out, socially popular and would make an amazing asset to the show. Would love to see Brobst on!!!!

Seth Martel

Seth Martel's Casting Audition Video on CBS

Seth is a long-time Survivor fan and applicant who's also a special effects makeup artist and Photoshop wizard. This video is really awesome and I think Seth would do great on the show!!!

Good Luck Seth!!!!

Michael Payan:

Michael Payan 's Casting Video on CBS

I have known Michael Payan for several years and he is a true die-hard Survivor hopeful!!! He is Survivor through and through with a dynamic personality and appeal and smarts. Good Luck Michael!!!

More to come....

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