Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Sears CBS Survivor Casting Call Please support these Hopefuls!


Casting Call Video One: Gloria Query:
Click below each name on the link:

Guru Glo's Casting Video Page

Gloria aka Guru Glo has been trying out for many many seasons and her dream is to be on Survivor! This is her 21st try. Fingers crossed that Glo gets on as she would be awesome on the show!! She is funny, articulate and smart. She would be a really great player and knows the game!!!

Penny Britton Tilley:

Penny Britton Tilley's Casting Video Page

Penny has also been a hopeful for several seasons as well. She is articulate and funny also and would be great on the show!! She would rock the game and be a great player!!!!

Josh Dunston:

Josh Dunston's Video Page

Josh Dunston is also a hopeful for many seasons and also would be great on the show!!! Josh reminds me a lot of JT from Seasons 18 and 20. I feel he would be an instant fan favorite plus he is funny and knows how to play the game also!!

Lisa Leaberry:

Lisa Leaberry's Casting Call Page

Lisa is another hopeful who would love to get on the show. She is supported also by my friend Rob Beasleyof Survivor Seasons Fan Page on Facebook. Good Luck Lisa and my fingers are crossed for you!!!!

Clayton Spivey:

Clayton Spivey's Audition Page on CBS

My friend Clayton just turned 18 and has dreamed for a long time of getting on the show. He just turned 18 and is smart as a whip!!! My fingers are crossed for this first timer!!!

Daina O'kane:

Daina's CBS Audition Casting Video Page

Daina is a cool friend of mine who has what it takes to make it on the show also. She is a "Pygmy" and is funny, witty and smart! My fingers are crossed for u girlfriend! Hope u get on also!!!

Douglas Wolek:

Douglas's Casting Audition Tape Page

Doug is another cool fan I know from Facebook and that I support also. His video is certainly original and I feel he has what it takes for sure!!! Good Luck Doug and my fingers are crossed for you!!!!!

Michael Prickett:

Michael Prickett's Casting Video Page

I have just met Michael but love his video!!!! I hope u get cast Michael and my fingers are crossed for you!!!


  1. Thanks Brenda! I will be rooting for any one of us that makes it in the top 10! I will campaign like crazy for myself and any of us!

  2. Me too and I have added some more so please come and check them out too. I love adding new friends to root on!!! If anyone has a video please send it to me on Facebook or through a comment to this blog.

  3. Good Luck to each and everyone of us who are in this contest for our dream to get on Survivor..I truly wish us all the best of luck and blessings from God on our dreams..I am in alliance to support whoever gets in top 10 GOOD LUCK to all..LOVE GLO (Thanks Angelface for having me in this wonderful dream community of Hopefuls to attain their dream to be on SURVIVOR!!LOVE GLO (HAPPY NEW YEAR)

  4. Good luck Globug and I am with you in this same alliance. I hope this is finally your year!!!! After 21 tries u deserve it!

  5. I just now found this! You're so amazing to have done that! Thanks. :)



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