Thursday, December 2, 2010

Speechless...well kind of. ...well maybe not....


That's the only word that comes to my mind right now at the moment. I promised myself I would not stand on a soap box another season. That I would not be a jerk this season to anyone. That I would hold back my tendency to be opinionated. Usually people get turned off by that I said and no one really wants to read that. Be intelligent. Have fun. No soapbox. etc.

But after viewing last night, the opinionated Brenda has reared her ugly head and it is not pretty. Hold on this may get bumpy.

Okay first off before saying anything else..I must and will give 1000 kudos again to Holly Hoffman! That my friends is a very good WOW! She continues to show a style like unto a winner.

Remember back in Episode 2 when Holly said she too wanted out? For her it was JJ who said to her are u a quitter? What will your family back home think of you if u quit?

Well right then and there Holly summons the inner will and she came firing back and look at her now!

She is now the woman taking Kelly P aside and saying don't do will regret it. Holly holds power now and is a leader, a nurturing presence and she kicks ass in challenges too. You can say Holly has definitely overcome Episode 2. So Holly you would think could speak from a voice of experience and give hope.

She takes Kelly aside and gives her a very rousing mama speech. She even goes on and selflessly (after not being on a reward for a while may I add and hungry) offers up a reward she fought 110 per cent for! While a quitter sits and selfishly, with a sense of entitlement may I add; knowing she is quitting and knowing she is going to eat upon quitting; sits there saying nothing!!

For those who are unaware, Holly selflessly gave up her reward to make sure that the tribe could get rice and a tarp. The camp previously was devastated by a fire and the tarp was burned in spots and the rice/food burned. That's a major act of kindness on Holly's part.

I sat watching this and was so blown away that NaOnka could just sit there? How hard is it to think of someone else other than yourself. Holly gave as much effort as you did and was hungry. You would be eating soon, right? But Nay wants to go out with a bang and with a bang she sure went out.

Watching this go down, I found myself having mad respect for Holly and just speechless at the sheer arrogance of NaOnka. I mean, really?

What Holly does is an exact contrast to the actions of NaOnka. While Holly is not only trying to make sure her tribe is better for it..she is also trying to set an example. An example that is obviously lost on NaOnka. Plus she is trying to negate the girls from quitting. With a tarp and food there should be no problem, right?

Now let's get down to what the girls gave as a reason for quitting...

it's too harsh out here, it rains all of the time and I can't hack it anymore.

Are they serious?


I am not sure the real reasons but what they offered was a cop out. Holly made sure they had food and a tarp. The truth is they couldn't cut it. NaOnka wanted to go out with a bang and Kelly just didn't wanna be there without Brenda. That's the best I can come up with.

I am sure it was tough out there. I am sure that food was very scarce this season as u don't see much eating clips as in other seasons. It was rainy and miserable for hours and hours on end. That would get to anyone I agree. But you woman up.

The way I see it, you should have realized signing up it is not Club Med. It is a game for a million bucks, do u think it is going to be easy?

I do think part of Kelly's was...was because Brenda had just been voted out. Brenda was her only ally and led her through everything. Without Brenda she was lost. But there is no excuse whatsoever for NaOnka quitting. None. Zip. Period. None.

What bothers me even more is that these girls are recruits. Watching how carelessly they walk away from an adventure that I myself would love to have made me sick to my gut.

I personally know of many wannabes (including even myself) who would give their eye teeth to be where they are. In fact today I was texting one and brought up the process with them. Plus awhile ago I sat on the phone talking to someone and started to cry even..just out of sheer frustration over this very thing. As a true fan it is a bitter pill to swallow.

Kelly P did not want to be there! She all but said it! Wanted to go after Day One!!! But she is there and thousands of us are not. How wrong is that?

Last but not least in the end NaOnka actually believed she could win....after stealing food, trash talking people, picking arguments....honestly I doubt that would have happened. Again how crazy is that thinking?

Needless to say they now sit on the jury and in my opinion they should not even have that right as if u leave of your own volition u should be sent home.

If u choose not to stay why be allowed a voice in someone else's game even? To select a winner of a game you quit!

However bylaws guarantee they will be a voice and again that is disgusting. If I had my way or a voice for change, I feel that they should trade places with Alina (openly crying because she wanted to play) Marty or Brenda and bring people back deserving.

Instead upon exit, 7 are left and those 7 wanna play the game. So look out...the game is fixing to get way bumpy!

Last but not least, the quitters did impact someone's game directly. Sash. Sash is now having to scramble to stay in. NaOnka on exit gave her idol to Chase so now Chase too has an idol. How Sash rebounds back we shall see in the coming weeks.

Off my soapbox and back to a fun and amazing season of Survivor Nicaragua!
Plus one side note Holly Hoffman has in my opinion earned her spot for Fan Favorite!

Off my soapbox and packing it into the closet. Until next episode..keep your torch lights lit and enjoy the next episode of Survivor Nicaragua!

Kelly 2

Nay 2


  1. Hey Brenda,

    You are not alone in your feelings on this weeks' episode. Speechless is definitely how I was after the episode and I feel Nay quit because she didn't want to face her actions for voting out Brenda if she made it to the end of the game. Na needed to feel good about herself, and that was her out. I say we fans should send bottles of sand to CBS casting for continuing to let us down by picking recruits who don't have any drive to go for the million dollars. Blasphemy!
    Thanks Brenda, and I endorse Holly Hoffman as well for the 100K!

  2. I myself found myself shedding a tear or two overthis last episode as sissy as it sounds. This was just such an injustice to the game. AND I OF COURSE AM A FIRM SUPPORTER OF HOLLY FOR FAN FAV AND WINNING THE TITLE OF SOLE SURVIVOR!

  3. Good stuff Brenda. It is certainly a tribal council that won't be forgotten. It is interesting when you mentioned Holly trying to convince Kelly to stay, man they had more rice, a tarp, what was missing, oh yes it was Brenda. That is why she went, fair enough the elements played a huge part, but ultimately I believe it was no Brenda and Sash was now vunerable.
    As for Na Onka, just add this to a collection of stupid, selfish, dumb-ass moves. Naturally I agree they should have boarded a plane immediately and joined the pre merge castaways.
    I do give Holly lots of credit for standing up and make life a little bit better at camp.
    Great stuff Brenda, I enjoy reading your words.

  4. They should not have had their torches "smuffed", as far as nay, I know where I would have "smuffed" her torch.

    I am not bashing Kelly, but I knew Nay had issues from day one, I told ya guys, I told ya, all you "Nay-lovers", you would not be her fan if she treated you this way.

    I am not angry, but I am disappointed.

  5. torches should of gone in the fire to BURN...They quit...They should be OUT of the game...Very disappointed on this...

  6. Thanks each of you for your responses. I appreciate all feedback and share the same bad taste in the mouth over the quitting. If u don't have the balls to do t..then don't sign's that simple! I endorse Holly Hoffman for Fan Favorite and after her showing overall and for sure in the prior last few episodes...I think she has more than earned the title. I hope each of you will please when the time comes cast a vote for Holly to win Fan Favorite! Holly FTW! Thanks everyone!!



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