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Winners Never Quit and Quitters Never Win (Fan Blog-Rob Beasley)

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"Winners never quit and quitters never win" : Benry

"There's people out there that are a whole lot worse off than we are, and they are not playing Survivor" :Jane

28 days is a long long time to spend in the harsh climates, the continuous rain, the freezing cold nights, lack of food and very little energy, all these things make up what this game of Survivor is all about.

I fully understand entertaining the notion that I have to get out of here, I cannot take anymore of this shit, personally I don't believe I would ever quit on a game that has me 11 days away from being a possible millionaire.

So let's recap what brought Na Onka and Kelly to this moment when they decided enough was enough.

Na Onka originally wanted to leave the game after the tribe switch but was comforted by Chase, it was raining non stop there but we were just led to believe she was just weak as and could not take the rain. (Kathy Sleckman comes to mind)

Purple Kelly we didn't know so much about her previous ordeals and her promises of quitting, simply because we did not see her as much, well not at all really.

So this brings us to day 28 of the 39 day contest, the morning begins and it is pouring rain, rivers are getting washed away and taking everything with it and in a shelter nearby, 9 castaways are being held to ransom by the pouring rain.

Naturally Na Onka and Kelly are again feeling the full affects of the rain, while 7 others are copping the same amount of weather but thoughts of quitting I can assume have not even been thought of.

Eventually the rain does stop and it is off to the Reward Challenge. It involves carrying a stuffed Gulliver through a series of obstacles, the big giant weighs enough and to 8 weary castaways (Dan was not selected and was waiting at the finish line) it was certainly going to be struggle.

Jeff tells them the winners would go to a Survivor Cinema, eat Hot Dogs and other regular cinema food and also see selections from as yet unreleased movie Gulliver's Travels starring Jack Black, Jeff even went into the theme of the movie, he gave the movie that much promotion that Fox Films don't have to advertise it as much thanks to CBS.

So back to the reward challenge, the obstacle course was indeed very tough on 8 weary castaways, at the end the team of Benry, Chase, Holly and Na Onka won. Dan predicted the winning team so he enjoyed the reward with them.

Jeff said to Dan, "No Effort, you get all the reward" ,kind of summed up Dan's entire season.

It was then Na Onka raised her hands and said "I've given this game 110% and my body is wearing down, this will be my last day and I wanted to go out with a bang, Jeff looks at her in disgust, then sarcastically he says, anyone else here want to quit and what do you know Purple Kelly is heard and proceeds to say 28 days it has been 28 days of adventure, physically and mentally it has been exhausting, so I am good with my decision, well Jeff says he is not good and they are given to tonight's Tribal Council to think it over.

So then came the proposition for one person from the winning side to forgo their reward in exchange for enough rice and a new tarp, all eyes were on Na Onka, even just after announcing she would be leaving tonight and getting food not long after there was no way she was getting up and giving up any kind of reward that involved food. It was one of the more selfish moves I have seen her play this season. Holly got up and accepted Jeff's offer, claiming she could have as many hot dogs when she got home. Benry was telling Na Onka to tell Holly to sit down and for her to get up, Benry saying, Holly needs to eat but Na Onka never once budged or even entertained the thought of getting up and offering, even though in a few short hours she'd be eating food a lot better than Hot Dogs. Before they got up to go Na Onka even said to holly "thanks Mom" , did she feel any guilt by not offering, I am sure she did not.

Back at camp, the tarp was erected and the Rice was being prepared, Holly and Kelly went collecting firewood, It was clearly evident at this moment that the food and the rain was not the reason behind Kelly wanting to leave. Holly explained to Kelly, I got you a rice to keep you fed, I got you a tarp to keep you warm, but yes Kelly was still out in the cold and that's because Brenda was gone, Sash was now vulnerable and her alliance was non-existent, but really Kelly, would you not be voted out respectfully than quit the game, the shame of it, the ridicule and not just now here on the web, in years to come you are going to become the girl who quit Survivor 11 days from the end.

Realistically she was never going to reach the final 3, so to walk out of the game after being voted out she could be remembered as the girl who got no camera time but was voted out.

Tribal Council arrived and after the Jury were ushered in, Jeff announced the reason for this impromptu meeting, Na Onka and Kelly at Reward challenge announced they wanted to quit the game. The jury was naturally shocked

So Na Onka explains to Jeff the thought of the latest quitting decision arrived this morning, when it is raining and windy like this, my joints start to hurt, Dan looks at her, he looks surprised, hey look at Dan, Na Onka, he cannot run, can barely walk, actually can barely stay on his feet and you a mid 20's P.E teacher who should be in the best physical shape, whether it be raining, windy or shining.

Purple Kelly says her decision also came this morning, her reasons are similar, she goes on to confuse herself by saying I know we can physically all take this but I feel like my body is breaking down, it feels like there is going to be no end to this weather. Benry shakes his head and looks at the Jury, Alina is in tears at this stage, they all wanted to play and here are these two willing to walk away, it is cruel and very very selfish. Benry then tells Jeff "Winners never quit and quitters never win"

Jeff then asks Na Onka (and this is when it gets hilarious) "do you think you had any shot of winning this game, she responds with YES (shot of the jury, Marty and Brenda both laughing hysterically) Jeff says based on what, "based on my drive" she continues to tell Jeff that she knows she had a huge shot at winning Survivor: Nicaragua.

She does not believe she was selfish in not offering to give up her share of the reward, she thinks she would have won Survivor, she does not care what people think of her, if she has put her foot in her mouth, she is Na Onka and she'll be that same Na Onka when she arrives home. The craziness of this decision for her is even more puzzling is if she really thought she could win this game, why would anyone in their right mind quit 11 days before the end. I would love to ask her that.

Then the moment of truth came the decision, Na Onka was asked first would she stay in the game or would she quit, she responded with "I am gonna quit" then Kelly was asked the same question and she too decided she was going to quit also. So then Jeff informs them that their torches would be snuffed but they would remain here when they return as part of the jury, a decision I personally do not agree with along with thousands of others.

A shot of the Jury Brenda is seen saying, "That is disgusting, I hate that. Alina is crying, knowing how hard she worked to stay in the game and these two losers come along and insult the game of Survivor and especially their individual fans and supporters. Many message boards, blogs, comments and so on I have read have all had their own opinions on the quitting and a major majority all say NO JURY - NO PONDEROSA. They quit the game, the whole game, a jury is part of the game and they should not be allowed to sit on the jury, go to Ponderosa and enjoy all the comforts etc and I even go as far as to say only 18 people should be invited to the live finale and reunion.

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