Friday, December 10, 2010

You just gotta learn to communicate.....

It has been another great episode of this season of Survivor Nicaragua and wow has this season gone by pretty fast. We have one more Wednesday airing before the finale airing in LA on the 19th. As the game progresses it seems the players are now starting to even get serious. Which includes Dan. With this being the holiday season and being that a feeling of good will is all around, I would like to take a moment and thank each of you for taking the time to read and to give me feedback on the blogs this season. I also would as well like to thank the cast for an amazing season. You all really entertained us so far!


Wow this episode had a momentary chuckle moment when they decided to name the chicken which apparently Jane had taken on as a pet. Benry who has given us a few moments of zingers this season decides to bequeath it with the name Kelly-Nay "because they're chicken". Of course what would happen but a mere day later the pet chicken becomes dinner to 4 men who missed out on the reward. Jane, in a moment that resembled Kimmi Cappenberg's Outback distress, cried and became upset when she heard of the chicken's demise. However unlike Kimmi, Jane did say she would have cooked the chicken herself and by herself so I kind of don't think she was that upset. But oh the jokes we told amongst my friends about Kelly Nay. I may want me a pet chicken too, darnit! haha!


This episode was pretty much a showcase of one man's desire to get back in the power spot. The man being Sash Lenahan. Sash entered the episode being down the ladder a bit but with options and the important swing man. In the past swing votes have been a tricky spot as in the case of Dolly Neely who's indecisiveness in Vanuatu cost her her game. Unlike Dolly, Sash was not only very decisive, he also could go any direction he chose. He in the end chose to blurry the vote amongst Dan, Benry and Fabio. Leading Dan and Benry to turn on Fabio their strongest ally.


Which may put Dan now in a hot seat as Fabio now most likely will not trust his former ally. Fabio voted for Holly, who at the moment, next to Sash; is the strongest player in the game. So Tribal Council became a bit muddy amongst a few players vote wise. The muddy area will have to be cleaned up for them to progress. As it stands now the guys have placed themselves in a no man's land position.


However the difference between both is that Dan is starting to catch onto how to play the game. Whereas Fabio seems pretty lost. His strategy of let's just play it cool...almost cost him his game. Fabio in the future needs to learn to strike while the iron is hot and to communicate with his fellow tribemates. The main reason he did not go is that Ben Henry (Benry) was considered a physical threat and possibly a threat to take to the end even as he does not have enemies on the jury. But primarily a physical threat more so. Fabio almost bit it so hopefully if he can clean up the voting mess and become more vocal and less laid back his game may be able to proceed deeper. If not, he could be pretty soon on the chopping block.

Sash in setting up this mess for Dan and Fabio clearly showed he now is in an alliegance with Chase, Holly and Jane. Plus this alleigance now boasts two idols. As Sash is still in possession of one and Chase is in the possession of the other. Plus this alliance boasts the two strongest players left in the game, namely Sash and Holly. If those two ever really hook up...look out! They both could spell a pretty powerful alleigance.


However I tend to think Sash may in the end be threatened by Holly, who is not only as smart as Sash; but she is a likable player and could post a jury threat to Sash. As could Jane. Since I am very solid for Holly, my only thought is that Holly watch her back around Sash. As should Jane. Both are playing good games and could pose as jury threats which is a huge gotcha for the many who thought in the beginning that these two older women would not go as far as they have. Holly who I solidly support stands a very good chance at the Finals and definitely at the Fan Favorite vote. She just keeps getting more solid the more she comes along in the game!


Chase is still very much a wishy washy player. Playing indecisively and having regrets hours later. When Chase won the Reward Challenge, instead of electing to take Sash who is the smartest person in the game, he instead leaves him alone at camp with 3 guys who want to also move forward. Not a good idea to allow the swing vote to stay back at camp because u wanna take Jane. It may have proved cataclysmic to Chase but instead I think the guys in the end may have made a separate pact outside of the women. It could well prove that Sash has made for himself two separate circles. A main alliance with Chase that may bring in either Dan or Fabio. Plus his other alliance with Jane, Chase and Holly. So he starts the episode low and a swing vote but by the end, Sash not only is back in power; he is able to chart his own course again in the game with the idol in his possession still.
In the end it was Benry whose torch was "snuffed out". I liked Benry actually. He seemed like a good guy. But I think he did play a little hard at the end and his easy come easy go towards voting Fabio would make anyone wonder can he be trusted?


I would like to extend a happy holidays to all my readers and viewers. Until next week keep your torch lights lit and enjoy the last weekly installment of Survivor Nicaragua!

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  1. As usual great recap of the episode.
    I do agree with everything you said, taking Jane or Holly to final 3 could be disaster for whoever.
    Either of them are sure fire certainties. Holly deserves the win over Jane, I have never been a fan of Jane, I'd like to see Fabio and Sash sit with her. It'll be a treat watching Sash stumble through words to try and give a jury a solid answer. Good stuff Brenda.

  2. Hey Brenda!
    I do have to add that Jane's crying reminded me of another Survivor, Jan from Thailand with her pet cemetary. I loved her, she was so funny! And a sweetheart :)
    The guys are starting to get it and I think they are sticking together to the end. Its funny how we finally had an episode of Survivor where someone was voted off! It's been 3 weeks since that has were back in business! LOL

  3. Where did you get the Holly photo by the beach?

  4. Hey Dean! Thanks for stopping by. I usually find my photos either through Google images, Survivor Fever or immunity idol. This one I think I found through Google images.



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