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The craziest Tribal Ever!


Welcome to another season of Survivor!


I gotta admit that for a while I was not really looking forward to this season because truthfully I am not a fan of All Star type stuff in general. In this case my thoughts were that Rob has already appeared in 3 and this will be his 4th. (on top of TAR and a show with Amber which to me is a bit much) Plus I am on record how I feel about Russell on the show. His appearances are now 3 in the past 4! IMO too much. I once used as an example the story of my famous Amish Banana Split. For those who have no idea of what an Amish Banana Split is...


Take 5 bananas split them in half
Place them in a deep dish pan
Then pile in 3 scoops each of Neopolitan Ice Cream
Load it down with whipped topping, cherries, diced pineapples, loads of chocolate syrup and if desired..caramel. strawberries etc
Then dig in!

I once was given this to eat while at an Amish Restaurant in Ohio. The Amish are famous for providing heaps of food so I obviously thought they made Texas size desserts. Unbeknownst to me, my friend Charlie had tipped the server to have one made for me just this way. Needless to say, 20 minutes later; my tummy hurting like all get out..I managed to eat 70 per cent of it and swore up and down I never wanted to ever see another banana split ever again!

The moral of this example is that tho banana splits are awful yummy ...when you OD yourself on one..u probably don't want another one in the near future. In fact I don't think I ate a banana split for like 6 months!


Russell and Rob compare to that in the fact that they have been over exposed imo and I truly feel they are over rated. I do like Rob though. Mainly because of the Tribal Council part and what he said at the box. I about cracked up. Plus also when he called out Kristina and said point blank "give me the idol". Of course Kristina is not gonna just hand it over. But if you think about it, with that move; Rob is placing a huge bullseye on Kristina's back. In one fell swoop she is now persona non grata to the tribe. Which will make what was already difficult for her...10 times more difficult.

Which really sucks as I do like Kristina.


Kristina imo way over-played all hands.

1. She looked for the clue openly and brought herself to the attention of Rob. Who of course knows what is up and from off the bat distrusts her. He of course is going to use this info against her. As normally the first Tribal is either a guessing game of who is the weakest or who causes drama. By openly looking for the idol it places her on the chopping block and an easy target.

2. She also did not trust her gut and gave info to Phillip who she clearly could not get along with. Info like Immunity Idols imo should be either kept down low or shared with someone on the same page with you. If you cannot get along with someone, why reveal a secret and game changing moment so vital? Especially to get a vote with someone who is clearly not solid fully with you and is exploring options? That is too big a risk, desperate and clearly over thinking.

I will say this though she is very smart to have figured it out with no clue. But given her Type A Personality and blazing saddles game play... she just dug her own hole even prior to Tribal. Tribal just sealed it.


I did like Francesca.

However just like her ally..she made some rookie mistakes that may come back to haunt her or then again may not. It all depends on the outcome of Redemption Island.

She openly said when Rob and Russell showed up that they were trouble makers. That is the one thing you do not openly say so early. To me, social and even strategical etiquette wise you don't want to put yourself out there like that right off the bat. Because now the first impression you are giving them is that you may not want to work with either and that you are going to zoom in on either right off the bat..thereby making yourself a target as well. Within 5 minutes of the game starting.

What I do think is a plus for Francesca is that she was honest at Tribal and admitted she was thinking of voting for someone else. That may help ease the target off of her if she does return. But by saying that she did make an enemy game wise with Phillip who cast the deciding vote.

What worries me is her prediction of I never want to see Phillip again after tonight...may well be the case depending on who she duels. I honestly feel Francesca may not win the duel against her opponent as I don't see her as physically strong. It maybe different if the challenge is a puzzle but I doubt that will be the case. My feeling is she may end up being first boot.

Now to the topic that was buzzing all over the place..Phillip!


Phillip was a popular subject amongst the community and no doubt the boards as depending on your impression of him..people just couldn't stop talking enough! Cast, fans..super fans..hopefuls for the show all had an opinion on Phillip.

Some found him entertaining and good TV. But the majority said the same thing I feel: just where did they find this guy???


I was talking to Coach Wade the next day after and feeling his thoughts out. I asked him what he thought of Phillip. His direct quote was "Phillip is the biggest spazz ever to be on the show" (thanks go to Coach Wade for saying "and you can quote me on that" lol)

Many openly said of Phillip that he is the worst to ever appear on the show and to ever play the game.


However he did make underoos famous again lol

My initial impression of Phillip was bad. The way he talked to the girls and pretty much everyone.The way he interacted and would not let people talk even. The defensive soft skin behavior. Stressing that he is an ex federal agent. Yet acting less like what I would think one would act (cautious, observant and taking it all in) Instead acting very odd and very paranoid. It was almost as if by saying over and over again out loud "I am an ex federal agent" was something he was doing to reassure himself more than the others. He is really strange. Sadly, Phillip left a really bad taste in my mouth.

At Tribal again his unbalanced side came out in spades. He could not even for one pronounce Francesca's name. Francee...Francena...what was your name again? Wow how rude can you be and how hard is it to pronounce her name? Plus on top of that he tossed his allies under the bus, took the driver's seat and drove back and forth all over them.

His vote in the end was the one that sealed Francesca's fate.

Zapatera was not shown much but what I did note was 5 people.

Russell is back. His game has not changed one iota. When Zapatera saw they were getting him..the looks on a few faces were like the look I have when I am walking into the dentist's office to get a root canal.




The minute they were about to unveil the buffs Stephanie was almost beside herself with sheer joy. If anyone honestly welcomed Russell it was Stephanie. Which gives me insight that she will play in a similar vein.

BUT being that the tribe will be gunning for Russell; it is a possibility that by making a direct pact with Russell; she too may seal her fate with him to have an early exit.

I honestly don't see Russell going as far this time as people are onto him..


One being David who is pretty smart himself. I think David will early take Russell directly on based largely on his tenacity and personality. I think when it will be enjoyable to watch.



Mike and David stuck out to me as both seem level headed. I don't think either will allow emotions to cloud judgment and I can see both as being a take it one step at a time players. They also both seem affable and easygoing which is a plus for a social game. I can see both going pretty deep in.


I love me some Rooster aka Ralph! Comic relief, down to earth and am I going out on a limb to think the facade he is showing is camoflauge for smarts?


We may need to keep an eye on Rooster! As I said I love me some Rooster!


On a personal note I did like Matt. He is a born again Christian. As someone who attempts each day to better her relationship with God, I will enjoy watching him play. Mainly because Christians rock and the game needs more of those.


I also found Andrea refreshing. She strikes me as being a fan of the show prior to casting? I like that! She seems like sunshine!


I also like Natalie as well. My impression on her is she may show us something. That being more of a gut thing for now.

Briefly I will state I am not really sure the idea for Redemption Island is fully sold to me. It goes against everything a gamer stands for. It also seems to delay what is inevitable. Just my thoughts for now. But it is still young season wise so my thoughts could change as the season progresses.


All in all the premiere was definitely the best premiere I have seen in quite some time. It had all the factors I love in the show...drama..strategical moves and was pretty entertaining. The cast look like fun for the most part. I am pleased the episode changed my mind and hope that with each just keeps getting better and better and better.


Until next week and we see who duels Francesca..keep your torch lights lit and enjoy the season!

Discussion Topic based on what was asked on the show:

If there had been a Redemption Island in their respective seasons..which of the following cast would have won their duel, returned back into the game and possibly made their way into the Finals or pretty close to the Finals?

1. Erik Reichenbach (Micronesia Fan Vs Favorites)
2. Shambo (Samoa Season 19)
3. Brenda Lowe (Survivor Nicaragua Season 21)
4. Jane Bright (Survivor NIcaragua Season 21)

My thoughts:

Theoretically Erik's was deep in the game so it is a 50/50 shot. He is up against the strongest female alliance ever and would have to win the final immunity to stay in...and keep it this time. Possibility: 50/50

Shambo has a shot but would also have to win the final immunity which I don't think she would have been able to do. So my thoughts are I don't think she would make it deeper.

Jane Bright: NO. She for one pissed off her tribe with her camp antics and her tribe wanted her gone. She may have won immunity..but I doubt she would have if up against Fabio. She would have gone the next vote.

Brenda Lowe is my choice.

I think Brenda played. The problem was she trusted Sash. IF Sash was out of the equation and Brenda could talk to the girls into going against the guys.. she has a better shot than any of the ones above. She is if anything wily and capable. Plus she had the assuredness that attracted people her way. IF she would have won her duel...I think Brenda could pull it off. So my selection is Bren of the ones provided.

Your thoughts and thanks to everyone for stopping by and please do leave your thoughts. Look forward to seeing yall next time!


  1. Great blog Brenda. My thoughts on the premiere are no different to yours. I like the cast, loved the challenge, good to see a very tough one again after last seasons. Not much more can be said for Phillip, but getting rid of him soon would be insane and Rob knows that.
    Tribal Council was, well it had it all and for many different reasons. I liked the way Kristina opted to keep the idol and was not saddened that Francesca was voted out first.
    Look forward to the next installment.
    Once again Brenda, I loved your blog and your opinions of all the characters, in the words of Jeff Probst, it's gonna be great to see how this plays out

  2. Great blog brenda. i liked the lines: "he tossed his allies under the bus, took the driver's seat and drove back and forth all over them." and "Mainly because Christians rock and the game needs more of those.". Great Job Brenda! Keep it up

  3. Wow! Thanks Stephen and Rob. I really enjoyed blogging this episode and the write up itself was really fun to do. The episode was really really good!

  4. Good job brenda! I agree with almost everything! Especilly the need for Christians on the show... i dont like matt though :(

  5. Thank u Clayton! I gotta plug your analysis blog here tho as I about died laughing at parts. It is well written and I definitely think people should check it out!
    Please read Clay's blog at

  6. Awesome job Brenda! You have a flair for writing, keeping people like us fans entertained the entire time we are reading it. You nailed everything that happened the 1st episode and I totally agree with you about everything. Having more Christians on the show though, nah, we've had enough. I like your analysis on Andrea... I picked her for my $5 Bets! Can't wait till this coming Wednesday!



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