Friday, February 18, 2011

Fan Blog: Brian Morelock Episode 1

Welcome back for Survivor Redemption Island!!!!


The season started off with a bang bringing back super villains Rob and Russell. My thoughts for this are it is over kill seeing these two men again, but the first episode had to be one of the best opening episodes I have ever seen on any season of survivor.

The people who stood out the most to me in episode 1 were Francesca, Kristina, and Philip. Could Philip go down as one of the worse survivor contestants in the history of the show? The guy is as dumb as a door knob. Why would he put himself out there like that at the first tribal when he wasn't being targeted by anyone? I do not see Philip lasting very long in this game. The only reason he may last a few more tribals is because his tribe needs to keep their stronger players in the game. The other tribe has a huge advantage in strength over them. Kristina is another interesting character. I know she wanted to make a big splash in taking Rob out of the game early, but this move was stupid from the beginning. The Ometepe tribe needs Rob to win challenges. Losing Rob could mean a demise of the Ometepe tribe easily. Rob is the strongest survivor on the tribe and he knows how to win. I will give Kristina credit for holding onto the immunity idol and saving herself for another 3 days. Some may say this was a dumb move, but think about it, she had to know they weren't all going to vote for her seeing she had the idol. She already knew Philip was voting for Francesca. Kristina definitely bought herself some time by holding onto the idol.



The Zapetera tribe had a lot going on at their camp too. David Murphy and Ralph Kiser seem to be onto Russell and are not buying his antics. Russell as predictable as ever goes right for Stephanie and makes an alliance with her. In previous seasons, he went right for Natalie and Parvatti. Was it a big shocker to anyone and his own tribe that he went for the pretty hot girl? David was all over it and caught Russell red handed. Russell has one strategy in survivor and that is to make an alliance with the cute pretty girl and to find immunity idols. Other than that, Russell has no game. I would be shocked to see Russell go deep into this game unless his tribe keeps winning immunities.

What do I think about the Redemption Island idea? I am not ready to make a judgment yet. I do think it's a better idea than the out casts coming back because at least the person who comes back into the game has to earn it by winning challenges.

Let me give my first impression of some of the other castaways in this season. The former marine Mike caught my eye a little in this episode and I can see him going deep into the game. I think Ralph will be entertaining, but I do not see him having the survivor smarts to win this game. He will last awhile though because of his strength. Natalie and Andrea appear to be the eye candy for the guys to look at this season. Natalie is the youngest contestant ever to play survivor. I would be surprised if they make it deep into the game. I do think Matt has the ability to do some great things in this game, but we will see if he can get past his faith and do some thing he would have to do to make it further into the game.


Until next week, that's it for now.

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