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Reality Rally Temecula Valley Event !


Brenda's Survivor Blog will be working with the energetic and amazing Gillian Larson to promote her upcoming event Reality Rally is to be held on the weekend of April 15-17th, 2011. The idea for this event occured while Gillian was still involved with Survivor Gabon.

She had just been voted off of Gabon...while she was in "Ponderosa" she would each day take a 5 mile walk down the beach and as she laughingly told me: talk to the monkeys. While taking these walks, it occurred to Gillian that she really wanted to take the opportunity that Survivor would give her and do something meaningful and wonderful with it.

gillian larson 2

Her dream right then and there was to start a foundation and to support a wonderful charity with it. To start small and eventually branch out and become an umbrella charity fundraising organization that would promote and support other benefits and charities as well.

The dream was on hold for a year and a half after she returned from Gabon. She had sustained an injury to her arm that ended up requiring surgery and Physical Therapy. Which ended up taking a year and a half to recuperate.

Once recuperated she started with attending the charity events and getting out there meeting people and fans. She had already been in contact with Michelle's Place about setting up an event that would raise money for them. Little by little things started to fall into place.

The Temecula Valley area has been extremely supportive of the event and Gillian's dream. Many grocers providing food and many businesses signing on and many people around Temecula have rallied to the cause and have been extremely supportive. The event is now being promoted in over 40 countries. Plus a fundraising corporation has come out of all of this. Cast have been equally as supportive as well. Namely Ashley Trainer who's fund raising is giving Gillian herself a run for the money lol. Others such as Sandra Diaz Twine are also involved in raising funds as well for the charity part and taking bids. The organization is named

All of the money is funneled to Michelle's Place. And they will pay expenses beyond what we've already been sponsored. After expenses all of the money will belong to Michelle's place


This is Sandra's Page


This is Ashley's Page

Both for donations. Please feel free to donate to either page or both as well.

Below is some more info I received via email. To sign up for email updates go here

Mountain where the race will take place:



My birthday is in February and all I want for my 64th birthday is to see everyone play a part in Reality Rally. I know you do not want to miss any of it. I know you want to help raise funds for Michelle's Place during our Fun for Funds" weekend. I know you want to ease someone's fight against breast cancer in our own valley. I know your contribution may even save a life.

Here is the nutshell version but check out the website for all the details. Click here for the weekend schedule of events.

Be a Rally Racer. Sign up with 3 fun and enthusiastic friends over 16 to play an Amazing Race kind of game all over Temecula. $150 each and you then get a Reality TV Star to be your 4th team member. Raise the most and you choose your star off our Star list. Click here to learn more about How to be a Rally Racer. (by clicking on "Be a Rally Racer" which is clickable)

That day you can also meet over 100 Reality Stars before the rally and get their autographs. Come early. The line will be long! Meet our Celebrity Reality Dogs, get their "pawtographs" and watch their antics. Where else will you see Surfing dogs and a motor bike riding dog?

Party, mix and mingle. Buy a ticket to our celebrity parties. Friday, Saturday and Sunday morning.

Wow, think of your photos to prove you were there. Click the 3 party squares on our home page!

Sponsor. Worldwide and regional visibility for your company. We are being viewed in 45 countries and States. That advertising can't be beat.

old lady or the dog?

Can your favorite Reality Star raise more $$$ than a dog or an old lady?

Simply donate.

Reality Road of Honor in honor of someone you know who has heard the words "you have breast Cancer"

Click here to learn how to donate to Michelle's Place.

Help your favorite Reality Star beat "a dog or the old woman" ( me !!!) in our Reality Star Fundraising Challenge. Check that out by clicking on the Red Star.

Thank you all for participating in my brainchild event and my 64th birthday.

Gillian Larson
Reality Rally & Survivor Gabon

This is one amazing charity and event!! It is for an awesome help Michelle's Place. What more fun can be had than to meet stars and paw stars! Plus cheer on the great people involved!

Please take part today!

Buy a Buff!!




  1. Thank you Brenda. This event is the very reason I was so driven to become a Survivor Contestant. Some how the game Survivor and those who are the real survivors of breast cancer ar eternally linked in my world. We are in Southern California but the world can play a part in it. Help you favorite star on our wbepage save face. A dog and old woman are leading in the challenge of all challenges. Our monies will aid many in the greatest challenge of all. The challenge of a lifetime to have a lifetime. "The greatest mistake a person makes is he who does nothing because he can only do a little." Edmund Burke. and my sentiment exactly. Please drop a buck in our bucket for Michelles Place.

  2. Gillian u rock!!! No matter what u have my support. The idea of the contest between u and the dog is so awesome. Plus your story itself is pretty phenomenal. I am so pleased to do any support for u for this event and hope it helps in some small way.



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