Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Bail Out starring Dennis O'Neill!

Coming soon!!!! Check it out!!!

Starring Dennis O'Neill an action packed fun experience!
When the Department is against you and the mob no longer has your
back...things change.

Bail Out – The story of a veteran New York City police detective,
Jimmy O’Neill (DENNIS O’NEILL), who is forced to relocate to Fort
Worth, Texas. This serious but sometimes zany dramedy heads off
into uncharted territory, as 2,000 miles may not be enough to
separate him from his past. His daily life has taken a drastic turn –
from the streets of New York to the pastures of Fort Worth. A new P.I.
business and freelancing as a bounty hunter keep him on his toes and
one step ahead of his past.

Bail Out also includes accomplished actor TERRY KISER as Marty
Napolitano, Jimmy’s former NYPD partner of 20 years and now
partner in his Texas P.I. business. Their bantering stops only long
enough for them to catch the criminal.


Two time World Boxing Champion, PAULIE AYALA (as himself),
makes frequent guest appearances as a boxing instructor and the
owner of a local gym. He counsels troubled teens and helps Jimmy
with any young criminals he encounters.

A shortage of help forces Jimmy and Marty to rely heavily on Ditz, their likable but “not all there” office assistant. With his unintentional blunders, Jimmy can’t
decide whether Ditz is a help or hindrance – but he keeps Jimmy
smiling (when he’s not gritting his teeth). Jimmy’s sly, sometimes
grumpy but always lovable Uncle Charlie is a hypochondriac that
continually badgers Jimmy to take over his bail bonds business, but to
no avail.

Uncle Charlie’s best friend is his very agile two-legged dog,
Faith, who to Jimmy’s shock has become quite proficient at helping
out on bounty hunts. The spunky, beautiful Assistant D.A., Charly
Parks, is always ready to match wits with Jimmy – and she longs to
live the more adventurous life of a detective or bounty hunter. Her
sister, defense attorney, Jo Parks Harrison, ever the professional,
but a bleeding heart, is ready to defend and make excuses for her
repeat clients that can’t seem to get it together. Can two edgy New
York detectives survive in their new laid-back surroundings? Fort
Worth may never be the same.


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