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David v Goliath


It's not the size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the dog. - Mark Twain

After a few weeks' repast I am back with yet again some more thoughts on the recent installment of Survivor 22 Redemption Island. Last week's episode I found to be a bit of a snorefest but this past episode on the other hand...was enjoyable!

This past episode we saw a bit more on the dynamics of both tribes and to me as a viewer it appears that Tribe Zapatera is playing as one pact and making their decisions based more on loyalty and trust more than on actual Survivor jockeying and strategy. Meanwhile on Tribe Ometeppe it is still the will of the Robfatha and his henchman Grant. But more so a Rob Mariano production.


Strategy wise tho and looking at the decision to send Stephanie thoughts at first were that perhaps the tribe should have ousted Sarita. Sarita is basically like a tribe princess and not contributing much except for maybe a vote. Stephanie on the other hand possessed a drive and determination with an energy that could well have been tapped into in future challenges.


However after some thought I tend to feel the only choice that the tribe could make was to oust Stephanie as let's face it...she is doing what she can now to survive but make no bones about it...come merge..she is outta here! I think Zapatera knew this and did not wanna chance her flipping.


Whereas with Sarita there is not even a question of her loyalty. She maybe the princess and she maybe weak ...but she won't flip. In a game where some trust is commodity that is bank.


So the newest duel partner to go up against Matt will be Stephanie Valencia. My thinking is that though she is strong..I have this gut feeling she too will bite the dust as others did on Redemption Island to the Survivor version of David (v Goliath..more on that later) or even Fabio 2.0. Stephanie will give him a run for the money but I do think she will fail.


Matt is on a solid run. Plus the story I am seeing unfolding is just too golden.

The recent RI glimpses are a rare solid storyline in the show.

The storyline I am seeing unfolding is of a Biblical nature. Which to me, as a believer, I find rather cool!

Christianity has been touched on in parts before but usually just rare glimpses. Such as in Laura Morett, Natalie White and Brett Clouser speaking of their faiths briefly during Samoa.

Leslie Nease also sharing her thoughts briefly during China season.

Plus a brief moment with Vecepia Towery during Marquesas when she prayed with Sean Rector.

Plus Coach Wade's meditation scenes during Season 20 and some parts of Season 18 as well are just some of the rare glimpses we have seen on Survivor about faith.

I am sure there are others but these are a few examples of this. Normally these are just a glimpse here and a glimpse there and never really a story line.


However watching RI it appears that Jesus is now a valid unspoken star this season.

Which as a Jesus fan I think is cool!

This past episode we saw that Krista Klumpp had brought a Bible as a luxury item and we found out she and Matt had while on RI read the Bible and talked of spiritual things. The idea of Redemption is actually a spiritual based theme so I really am not too surprised to find this as being a factor. The definition for Redemption is:

–noun act of redeeming or the state of being redeemed.
2.deliverance; rescue.
3.Theology . deliverance from sin; salvation.
4.atonement for guilt.
5.repurchase, as of something sold.
6.paying off, as of a mortgage, bond, or note.
7.recovery by payment, as of something pledged.


So the fact that there is an underlying religious vibe would be at home with this ideal. As the act of Redemption in and of itself is an atonement. Making up for mistakes or in Matt's case simply by being a threat of potential.

In the end Krista fell to "David" and in exit gave Matt her luxury item of the Bible.



I have no doubt that there will be scenes shown where Matt will be reading from it as CBS is fashioning a beautiful faith based story line of Matt as "David" and Boston Rob I feel will be "Goliath" perhaps even the game itself and his reentry itself well could be the "Goliath."


The story of David and Goliath is found in the KJV at 1 Samuel 17. Basically it is a story of a young kid much like Matt. David was around the age Matt is now and accepted an offer to go meet this giant Philistine (about 10 feet tall) in battle.
As we all know David used just a mere slingshot..just a simple slay this giant.


In many ways as I watch Matt duel I cannot help but hearken to this story and see more and more each week in Matt..a young man similar to David. With the zealousness, faith, guts and heart. I have this solid feeling that this is how it will play out and we will see something epic develop between Matt and Rob upon his re-entry back into the game.


Now with this being said..must go onto someone I think is really the star this season.....




Phillip is definitely making this season fun to watch as I gotta be honest. Watching him this past episode I found him pure comic relief. From the delusional thoughts that he is aligned to Rob and Grant (the stealth alliance) to just watching him do his spiel..the guy is just funny and pretty cool.

I can't help but hearken back to shades of Coach Wade (Season 18) while watching Phillip as there are some vague similarities. In mannerisms, speech making, the tats being symbolic and the desire to be leader. Plus the fact that both are misunderstood by their tribes. Plus as in Coach, Jeff is really enjoying Phillip this season. I am also..he makes good TV.

Now to some brief notes:


Spa Day? really? I think I would prefer playing the game than worrying about underarm hair. But hey...whatever floats your boat...


Andrea don't stress over Matt briefly bonding with Krista..I mean she is not even there to worry about anyways and Matt seems to be a stand up guy. I mean they were just talking about God! Stick with Matt :) From her reaction I think she may have emotions vested so hopefully before Matt should return..she will have worked it out. Game played with emotion is never clear and is sometimes at risk. U end up making stupid moves.


Far as David's may be shaky now as his alliance is based on one thing: loyalty and pact. However David does argue for a living so don't count him out...yet. He may find a way to argue himself in.

Loved the past episode and hope others did as well. Please leave your thoughts below and remember keep your torch lights lit and enjoy the next episode!

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