Thursday, March 10, 2011

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After a two weeks absence, I am back and ready to discuss episode 4 of survivor in great depth. The "troll" we all came to know as Russell is gone. Good prevailed as Matt defeated the troll and made him cry like the sore loser he truly is. I been saying for three seasons now that Russell is overrated and overhyped in the Survivor world. In Samoa, he played with a bunch of idiots and had he not found idol after idol, he would have been gone early merge. On Heroes vs villains, again luck prevailed when Tyson pulled one of the dumbest moves in survivor history which gave Russell new life in the game. Now he shows up at Redemption Island and plays the same exact game he played the first two seasons he was on.


He made no adjustments whatsoever. During Heroes vs villains, no one saw him play because it was taped right after Samoa so he was able to get away with playing the same game twice. Boston Rob on the other hand adapted his game and is dominating his tribe right now. He played the game several times also and each time, he changes the way he plays and adapts to the environment. Boston Rob is two times the player Russell is. He won the Russell vs Rob feud hands down.


The Zapatera tribe won another challenge and despite throwing a challenge, maintained control of the game. Although in most cases I do not agree with throwing challenges, I think the tribe did the right thing in this case to get rid of the cancer we know as Russell. The tribe didn't miss a beat and sent Ometepe to tribal for the 3rd time in 4 weeks. I do not agree with Ralph telling his tribe he had the idol. I thought if he was going to do that, he should have done it before Russell was voted out. The tribe was worried he found the idol and it would have eased their worries. I didn't think there was a reason for him to tell them now. On top of leaking the information out, he also opened his mouth a little too much on redemption Island and gave the other tribe a little bit of too much information that could hurt his tribe later in the game.


The Ometepe tribe went to tribal and once again, Boston Rob stole the show. Before going to tribal, he found the immunity idol while the others were sitting at the beach. He is in full control of this game at the moment and I don't see why he won't go deep into this game. Knowing he had the idol, Rob still played into his tribes worries that Kristina may have found it. He told the tribe to split the vote between Kristina and Philip. The tribe seemed divided on who they wanted out, but Rob was worried that Kristina was a smart lady and could be dangerous if he didn't take her out now. Kristina was voted out and sent to Redemption Island to take on Matt. It was interesting to me that Andrea's name wasn't brought up at all to go home. She was not happy that the tribe voted Matt out and with Matt winning on Redemption, they could be dangerous if he does make it back into the game. I believe the next best move on that tribe would be to take Andrea out of the game.


For next weeks episode, I see Andrea or Philip being in trouble on the Ometepe tribe if they go to tribal and on the Zapatera tribe, Stephanie and Krista are the obvious choices, but I have a hunch that Steve could become a target on his tribe. This is just an educated guess, but for some reason, I do not see him going deep into the game.

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