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A Lesson In Trust


God gave me this platform and I'm gonna do the best I can and come out with another victory

Welcome back to another week of review on Survivor Redemption Island. I must say while watching this episode again today I cannot help but reflect on Matt and to ask Matt are you really listening to direction from God?

The Duel and Sarita


Upon her entry to Redemption Island..I can't help but notice that Sarita is actively trying to give Matt direction in the game. The fact that she mentioned Mike says a lot to me. As down the road post merge we saw Mike did approach Matt for a 3 way alliance with he and Andrea. To me Sarita was setting the stage. Giving him solid direction. I will touch more on that part of RI here in a few. But in my opinion that was planned.

Prior to the duel Matt sustained an injury to his foot and wouldn't you know it? The duel consists of having to balance on a very slim ledge! However upon entering the duel Sarita did assess Matt as being a worthy challenger, injured or not. So that says something about the kid.

During the duel itself it did seem though that Sarita was garnering a lot of support as she performed. Even from the host Jeff Probst who stated that women have done very well in this challenge historically. He also openly rooted Sarita on and stated that Matt had to be developing cramps in his legs by now. Perhaps Jeff has a soft spot for ladies or even under dogs and did appear a bit biased lol.

Plus even though her former tribe had just blindsided her..they too were cheering Sarita on.

Matt on the other hand seemed to have only one supporter which was Phillip. Which makes me think that no one else wanted to openly cheer Matt on because they didn't want to ruffle Robfather's feathers. Phillip is definitely about challenging Rob though and making his own stance.

Speaking of Phillip..


I noted during his speech that the edit he received was mashed into a funny moment. Watching it you could almost hear the editors going blah blah blah! I like Phillip though and can't help but smile when I see his scenes as he makes funny and entertaining TV. I guess I am one of the few who really appreciate him on the show this season.



Back to the duel Matt of course won it solidly! I never doubted he would win at all as I have felt that he would not be receiving the edit he has received had he been an early boot. I early on caught onto a theme and termed it David v Goliath. Knowing that Matt was being fed to us as a Golden Warrior for a reason. I felt strongly he would win and did not doubt it for even a smidgeon of a second. Because of the strong spiritual edit and theme that has become this season. It seems like a no brainer that Matt would indeed win.

So Sarita is now the next to see her buff burned and exit.



Upon his winning Rob was like oh crap!

Visions ran through Rob's paranoid mind of the possibilities of a flip.

Plus being that Matt is likable and a contender with the goods to back it he would pose a serious threat to Rob's dominance.

I also think Rob realized that eventually if push came to shove that he cannot control Matt so aptly.

Matt is a viable social threat.

A potential physical threat.

Plus with Andrea (and yes even God!) a game threat.

Something Rob was onto early.

This was in my opinion the main reason Matt went early to begin with.

You gotta give Rob credit game wise...he is pretty smart and catches on to stuff and tries to stay on top of it. Albeit through paranoia..which I found as a winner in an org..a necessary part of staying alive long. If you noticed Rob also knew there would be a merge and was preparing himself and Ometeppe for this. A sign that he does stay well on top of the game at all levels.


Plus the look on his face when he learned that Redemption Island would continue and also that Matt would return shows he is thinking from so many levels in the game. And thinking many steps ahead.

It seems Rob's mind is constantly whirling and whirling. Which makes him the larger and more effective Goliath this season for not only Matt but everyone involved. Rob brought a solid game this season and will be tough to beat.

Post merge when the peeps saw the food Julie was so excited that she said that her body was so happy and that she felt as if she were at a carnival. Spirits for a moment seemed to be up post merge.

Social wise we see both tribes are at a stance and it is shown in how they do their shelter.

Seeing this I find myself reflecting back a few episodes to the "thrown challenge".

Karma shown itself in the fact that the former Ometeppe selected to not share the tarp. Being that the tarp was won in a challenge the old Zapatera threw to get out Russell you can say karma is still rearing it's ugly head still.


The choice for the new tribal name is Murlonio.

Robfather christened the name stating it was Spanish for seas (actually if I am not mistaken la mer is Spanish for sea so...aehhh..close but not quite)

LOL Actually Murlonio is a nickname for a teddy bear that Rob and Amber own.

The big Kahuna Bear according to Rob!

Basically Rob is making the tribe his own...even by name! That says a lot about where Rob is positioning himself.

Speaking of this again when Rob noticed the interactions with Matt/Andrea and Matt/Andrea/Mike Rob would not stand for a second to have his authority challenged. I even think he made fun of the spiritual moment between the 3 because he doesn't even want GOD to challenge his authority.

Speaking of that moment...what an interesting observation that was made about the 40 days and 40 nights like unto Survivor. Makes you think.



Matt's reentry back into the game started out as him taking the game on and discussing strategy with Mike and Andrea. Now this is where I would like to delve into God and direction. And trust.

I have often felt that Redemption Island is in and of itself a game changer if you allow it to be. As in any human dynamic place two opposing people on an island and give them time to talk. They are gonna swap stories. They are gonna divulge info as it serves both sides to do so. That's a human dynamic where the game is concerned. You scratch my back...maybe I will scratch yours.

You need to remember these people are still playing a game. Some may feel spurned (Russell, Krista..Stephanie)some may have ideas on how to further a game just in case as in the example of Sarita. So Matt had 6 people approach him with quite a bit of info. Even one within Ometeppe I am sure shared Ometeppe's dynamics. RI was not truly outside the game itself but a place to exchange info. Matt acknowledged that. I don't think he was completely unawares.

So at merge Matt stated the game respects risky moves. I am watching this and thinking okay good job! I wanted to see Matt make a game changing move.


But now after some thought I am wondering if Matt knowing that Andrea may not make a risky move with him...rethought it due to that? Andrea did say she was surprised he would talk about a risky move and she seemed to be hedging from what I gathered watching her confessional. I think maybe he took an early cue from her and opted out. So this makes me feel his decision was made more during a conflicting state. I think if people come to you with so much information to begin with that is meant to help you and not hinder you that it is a direction and a path that should be considered. I have always felt God leads a person to clear and not conflicting areas. Which is why I do question his decision there.

Part of why I feel it was a conflicted area was that he talked to Rob and came clean! That is usually done when someone feels conflicted and is seeking peace from that conflict.

But in Survivor making a decision like that..especially in conflict is an even riskier move.

Matt was already a pretty serious threat and with this decision his bullseye became tripled. It also severed any alliance he had with Andrea as now Andrea feels as if she has been tossed under the proverbial bus.

Trust in the game is wonderful. But when it comes down to it trust itself is conditional. Never fully. Who he should have trusted was Mike. Not Rob.

I saw this as Matt using his Christian background to approach Rob and ask for repentance and to start over. Something I respect in life. But in a game like Survivor and with a player like Rob...that decision in and of itself like slitting your own throat.

So out of conflict..Matt effectively learned a lesson in trust.


As a result Rob was able to make a major game move of leading Matt to think they were singling out Steve...when in reality he was being blindsided. This would lead Ralph to eliminate the idol by playing it. Plus the only vote against Steve being Matt's. Which hurts him at any point should he return as now he can't be trusted by Zapatera. Rob has won the round and gained leader momentum.


So again I ask Matt to consider is God guiding you or are your decisions being made by a kid who just has a good heart and when it comes to conflicted.


Til next week....keep your torch light lit and enjoy!

Some quick Survivor cast friend updates....


Giving a shout to support three people who are friends of mine and mean the world to me. Please support them in their current projects. Two of which are events Reality Rally Fun For Funds to be held the weekend of April 15-17 to support Michelle's Place a wonderful event that is the dream of the amazing Gillian Larson.

Plus as well this weekend Holly Hoffman Takes The Plunge For Special Olympics for Special Olympics of South Dakota!

Both charities need all of your support. Both women are beautiful souls and will appreciate any and all support given their way.


Plus coming soon is The Four a ballet that is the brainchild of Coach Benjamin Wade. That will be held soon on April 29th-May 1st in Susanville Ca. From the info given it seems like a rather intense and enjoyable production. If you can...definitely check it out!

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