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Celebration :Give Kids The World Event


This coming July there will be an epic event that will take place here in Florida called "CELEBRATION: GIVE KIDS THE WORLD". This event will have many Survivors (and other reality stars) present and in proximity to meet, greet, talk to, have a drink with, party with and take photos/get autographs.

I attended this event last year and heartily endorse it. It is well organized and when I attended last year I had the chance to meet a LOT of cast and Facebook friends as well from the Survivor community. Below is a slideshow I made from photos taken at the event. As you can see via the photos we all had a blast so it is worth every penny invested!

The charity that this is being held for is a village in Celebration, Florida called "GIVE KIDS THE WORLD" which helps and benefits sick children.


James Miller from Survivor Palau with one of the children this event helps taken last year during the event


A couple of cast with a family during the event

One of the coordinators of this event is a wonderful guy named Michael Nunez he has been one of the coordinators of this event for some time and does a remarkable job.


To join in and purchase tickets for a wonderful fun event that helps a fantastic cause and make wonderful memories that will last a lifetime. Contact:

By email: or
By phone: 407-566-4007
Give Kids The World Celebration Sidewalk Sale and Event (website for more info)

Survivor Cast slated to attend are:

Aras Baskauskas Survivor-Panama (Winner) Bob Crowley Survivor-Gabon (Winner)Chris Daugherty Survivor-Vanuatu (Winner)Earl Cole Survivor-Fiji (Winner) Natalie White Survivor-Samoa (Winner)James Thomas “JT” Survivor-Tocantins (Winner) Sandra Diaz-Twine “The Queen” of Survivor Survivor-Pearl Island (Winner)Survivor-Heroes vs. Villains (Winner) Tina Wesson Survivor-The Australian Outback (Winner)Survivor All-Stars Todd Herzog Survivor-China (Winner) Russell Hantz Survivor- Samoa, Heroes vs. Villains and Redemption Island James Clement Survivor-China, Micronesia, and Heroes vs. Villains Natalie Tenerelli Survivor-Redemption Island Ashley Underwood Survivor-Redemption Island David Murphy Survivor-Redemption Island Andrea Boehlke Survivor-Redemption Island Chase Rice Survivor-Nicaragua Matthew Lenahan “Sash” Survivor-Nicaragua Holly Hoffman Survivor-Nicaragua Ben Henry “Benry” Survivor-Nicaragua Brenda Lowe Survivor-Nicaragua Yve Rojas Survivor-NicaraguaJane Bright Survivor Nicaragua
Wendy Jo DeSmidt-Kohloff Survivor-Nicaragua Tanya Vance Survivor-Thailand Eliza Orlins Survivor-Vanuatu, Micronesia Bobby Mason Survivor Panama Courtney Yates Survivor-China, Heroes vs. Villains Stephen Fishbach Survivor-Tocantins Bruce Kanegai Survivor-PanamaBilly Garcia Survivor-Cook Islands Cristina Coria Survivor- Cook Islands James Miller Survivor-Palau Gillian Larson Survivor-Gabon Terry Deitz Survivor-Panama Denise Martin Survivor-China Cao Boi Survivor-Cook Islands Dr. Carl Bilancione Survivor-Africa Spencer Duhm Survivor-Tocantins Lea Masters “Sarge” Survivor-Vanuatu Erik Reichenbach Survivor-Micronesia Twila Tanner Survivor-Vanuatu Leslie Nease Survivor-China “Big Tom” Survivor-Africa and All-Stars Bobby Jon Drinkard Survivor-Palau and Guatemala Ashley Trainer Survivor-Samoa Julie Berry Survivor-Vanuatu Christa Hastie Survivor-Pearl Islands Brian Corridan Survivor-Guatemala Carolina Eastwood Survivor Tocantins
Krista Klumpp Survivor-Redemption Island Michael Bortone Survivor-Micronesia

The event will be held from July 28th- July 31st, 2011

Hope to see you there!!!

The slide show is viewable below on my blog itself. Just scroll down a bit and for sure...check it out! :)

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