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Well after months of speculation, rumors & lots of talk, it is now official! Coach Ben Wade has returned back to our TV screens each week on SURVIVOR SOUTH PACIFIC! Being that I have supported Coach now for over 2 years and starting into my 3rd year in fact; I am stoked to see the Slayer return!


For one he is fun to watch and to write about. The character has evolved so much since the days of Tocantins & it has been enjoyable capturing the growth of him as a player plus as a person. With each successive season Coach Wade adds more fans & fellow Slayers to his belt so this season guarantees more fans will be added as well.


As a longtime fan/friend/pro blogger for Coach Wade I find myself eagerly awaiting to see what Coach Wade will do next on the show. I have a hunch he will go farther this go round. People who saw him just after he returned said you could count his ribs so to me that's always an indicator of how well a person does. Plus watching the video Meet Coach also gives me an indicator as well that's he there & ready to play!


In order to prepare for watching Coach Wade this season let's take a brief glance back on what he has brought to the Survivor table so far.

    The Legend of The Dragon Slayer


In Survivor Tocantins Coach's first season; we saw Coach range from seemingly arrogant to epic in what was his maiden voyage on the show. Coach was the heart & soul of the Timbira tribe. He also was the undeniable star & larger than life character amongst a cast that often didn't know quite how to take him.

Coach's main focus during Tocantins was to take the strong to the end with him & have a Warrior Alliance.

A direct quote at the beginning: "Let me tell you something, I wanna change this game. It's Survival of the weakest it's survival of the people who can't survive in the wild. You & I can change this game by making the strong survive. I know I am making myself vulnerable by letting the cat out of the bag. But that's what I am talking about..we can change this game"

He had epic stories of survival he shared from his solo kayak expedition through the Amazon plus having survived a health scare with a brain tumor. All shared to inspire & encourage.

Not to mention brilliantly choreographed meditation scenes that were painstakingly shot amidst a beautiful panoramic background.

For the most part the average Survivor fan did not quite know how to take Coach either which only added to his infamy among Survivordom. You either hated him or you absolutely loved him. There was no middle ground.

However when you think of it; isn't that really what a brilliant character is about? It keeps you talking. And talk we all did. Consistently each week. Coach Wade's stamp is all through Tocantins.

His best & greatest moments were right at merge when he & Timbira member Tyson alongside Stephen & JT engineered the ouster of Brendan Synnott who was also as well engineering the ouster of Coach Wade also. When the smoke cleared it was Brendan who exited.

Personally I feel the reason that JT & Stephen sided with Coach over Brendan is they found Brendan a threat & felt they could trust Coach better & could read Coach better. Coach played a game of integrity so you could predict his moves in the game better than u could Brendan's. With that being said they allowed Coach to feel he was safe & that his dream of going to the end with the Warrior Alliance would happen.

In reality once merge had happened Erinn was the sole Timbira that had a true alliance with Jalapao 3. In making the move to take out Brendan & to assure Coach they were with him..was their only route to succeed as any other way was taking a huge risk or gamble. Plus Brendan was aware that Taj too had an idol & with Brendan having an idol also they could not predict it's usage & should it be used that would have been their downfall. Going with Coach was their only route.

Coach would post merge lose his strongest ally in Tyson next. Then have his integrity challenged by Sierra in a rather controversial episode & Tribal Council.

After the departure of Sierra, Coach would find Debbie turning on him to save her game. But again JT & Stephen could predict Coach & not Debbie who now had exposed herself as a threat. Debbie in tossing Coach under the bus was making deals with everyone so in the end Coach was spared and made the Final 5. Which led to his finest moment in Tocantins...Exile Island!

By far my favorite Coach moment...ever! It depicts his character at the root. The strength..faith & calibre of Coach. The editing of the scenes were themselves the ultimate tribute to Coach as well as even the ultimate thank you to Coach for giving them an awesome season. CBS is no dummy..they realized they had bank with Coach Wade as what he gave them was a character that could & will not ever be forgotten. In the end Coach played an honorable game keeping his word to the guys & going out like a trooper!


    Heroes vs Villains


Survivor Heroes vs Villains was Coach's second season.

In his return we find Coach Wade more humbler, as entertaining & more focused on winning in the challenges.

Coach was on the Villains side which was a surprise to Coach. On the tribe he was reunited with his ally of the first season, Tyson; plus he aligned with Randy Bailey of Micronesia season & Jerri Manthey from the Outback & All Stars seasons.

Jeff Probst said it best when he said Coach was hated by so many but he had done nothing to deserve that hate during Tocantins. It would prove to be H v V that would bring Coach finally some respect & popularity.

The main storyline Coach would have during this season was a relationship with Jerri. The Man Eater Manthey & The Slayer lol. Coach this season stepped it up in the challenges showing strength plus he stayed true to the core of his strategy of voting off weak or voting for people whom he felt would cause dissension in the tribe.

In the end of his time there he would be challenged to make a decision between keeping a promise to Rob or stay with his alliance of Jerri & align with someone he didn't trust in Russell.

He chose to stay neutral & keep his promise to where he said he would vote for..which was Courtney. But in staying neutral he signed his death warrant in the game as he would be the next to go.

Actually his decision worked right into Russell's hands as Russell had considered Coach a threat to his sovereignty in the game in that he challenged Russell's decisions & the way he played. Russell realized Coach would not be in his corner. So Coach ended up falling victim to Russell at Tribal Council becoming first member of the jury.

He did leave the game though with achieving Redemption for his character as in the end people respected him a lot more after his doing this season.


He's Back!



At this writing the season has about two weeks before we are able to view it and see what Coach Wade has to offer us this season.

Obviously these seasons are about game redemption for players that return & not so much about putting opposition up against the other.

Coach's focus this season will be on achieving the right balance as a player & as a person also in the game of Survivor. What is cool is this season will be sporting a few true fans of the show on cast so it will be awesome to see how a fan will feel playing alongside Coach Wade.

Looking forward to it & seeing Coach Wade & everyone in action again!!!

Survivor South Pacific debuts September 14th on CBS check your local listings for time.


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