Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Congrats to APRIL LOWE Benjamin Coach Wade Fan Of The Week!

Benjamin Coach Wade Fan Club would like to say a HUGE Congratulations to APRIL LOWE for winning the inaugural I AM BENJAMIN COACH WADE FAN OF THE WEEK! We held a challenge there on Facebook to have people come and support you by posting a supportive comment to a NOTE at the Group. April not only won but won hands down with 27 votes of support!

April is a big fan of Coach and during the event created an event of her own to garner support and played strong throughout. This is the first time she has won anything and she is ecstatic! She did an amazing job and we are proud of her and her efforts!!!!

Next challenge starts tomorrow at 5 PM EST and details will be available on the group Page on Facebook. If you are interested stop by the group at Official Benjamin Coach Wade Group and like the post there about the challenge or let me Brenda Porter know!

The next prize will be Rita Verreos Autograph and if we get it in time we may throw one of Benjamin Coach Wade in there also!

Again congrats are in order for APRIL LOWE!!!


  1. Thank you very much :) This means a whole lot to me. x

  2. You are so welcome but honestly THANK YOU!!!!



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