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Owning and Facing The Demons Within

Owning and Facing The Demons Within

Life is very interesting... in the end, some of your greatest pains, become your greatest strengths.
--~Drew Barrymore~

Let's just jump right into my perceptions as I have quite a bit when it comes to one of the key players. In the end I do hold out hope for him and pray that my hope for Brandon will actually bear fruit even though that part of me that has seen life experiences tells me otherwise that this inner struggle may turn into a giant monster in the game we call Survivor.

When Brandon came clean tonight to Coach I genuinely was glad to see that happen. Survivor in and of itself is never a fair or easy experience and if you are wrestling with something at the onset well that is not going to make things any fact I feel it's just borrowing trouble so needlessly.

Watching Brandon come clean my first thoughts were awesome! Through being honest you can clear the slate and seek the Redemption u are searching for and it can begin anew. I wanted to believe Brandon would find the courage to share the same "secret" with others as something like that will come out eventually.

Watching Brandon you really want the kid to do well. At least I do as he deep down is a good kid. But I gotta be real....he has some serious issues going on. To me it is just so transparent.

Okay hiding the secret about being a Hantz is one thing...maybe smart maybe not..depends on how u look at it. I personally think it is a mistake as Survivor does flush everything out in the long run.

BUT what is the deal with being so paranoid about Mikayla? Enough to risk your alliance over it?

I am gonna be real and knowing Coach Wade the way I know him...if you have lied to him..his trust in you is done.

Plus targeting Mikayla one of the strongest people on your tribe and likable is not gonna endear her to u either.

Usually the way early voting goes is you think of what works best for the ENTIRE tribe not personal issues.

Mikayla's strength right now is a necessary and ridding the tribe of a weak bad apple like Christine would be a wiser vote.

Thankfully Brandon made the right choice in this direction but watching the way he went about it actually reminded me of Russell. The lie to Stacey and Christine. The lie to Coach. But why target Mikayla? Why does she frighten him?

Brandon has already given us some hints and the hints state that he thinks she is a Parvati and will wove her charm around and use it to no avail. He states with authority that he is a Christian man true to his wife and that this girl is not going to turn his head. In the first episode he called her "Delilah".

When she is around he appears nervous ..edgy. Yet Mikayla seems clueless as to why Brandon would target her?

So could it be that Mikayla represents something deep seated from his past?

To me it seems that way.

I also feel that unless Brandon gets a hold of those demons that they are only gonna grow arms and legs and become giants. They will affect his game..his decisions. His actions. His goals and aspirations. The whole shebang.

I like the kid and I truly wanna see him gain redemption but at this rate through life experience I am only afraid that this is just the beginning of an eventual spiral that will just lead further downward unless he gets a grip on it.

Brandon you have a shot at redemption still. Just don't let your fears or struggles keep you from it.

Dynamics are starting to display themselves within Upolu.

The ones who are refreshing to me besides Coach Wade (gotta love how he keeps it real!) are Albert and Edna! Albert!

Man oh man is he a barometer or what? There is such wisdom in his insights and what a way to assess a situation at Tribal and during strategical discussions. This is a guy I would want with me in any situation be it tight or be it loose. I am hopeful for a solid 1 on 1 alliance with Coach, as Albert would compliment Coach the best.

I am also happy about Edna. Maybe not a smart move but hey why not give her a shot? Edna to me appears very sweet with good instincts. I like her and am glad Coach is taking a shot on her when others won't.

The only thing is she doesn't think fast on her feet plus her weakness physically. She is that 1000 to 1 odds no one will bank on butt sometimes the biggest risks may turn into something good. She works hard and is a great girl. Plus she wants the best for her tribe. We shall see how this works out for her but I am hopeful for Edna.

Sophie has such a threat assessment to me. I like her a lot though still you just get the vibe that she is the more dangerous as a threat aspect. She is the one you can see as having eyes everywhere silently looking at each individual detail and keeping each thing locked away for just the right moment to use as she sees fit. Very intellectual. She well could end up giving her alliance more insights into each member. By doing so she increases her odds as being the main strategical threat within Upolu. As well as a trusted ally for Coach Wade.

Mikayla wow she has some serious skills! Love my fellow sister Tampon (haha!) and think she has the guts to take it down the line. She is a Triple Threat as she could dominate the challenges. She also is cool. Her skills are needed now by Upolu but by merge she will come into her own.

Christine...Christine...CHRISTINE! Mouth as big as the foot she inserted into it at Tribal...and all around attitude.

Should never have a: called out Coach and Ozzy at first glance. B: Mocked them..c: mocked Coach's character by movements AND Dragon Warrior (did u mean Slayer?) d: play aggressive concerning the idol.

e: allow your attitude when you are already on the block to cement your exit! My feeling is good riddence and never tangle with the Slayer! Rooting for the sweet poetess to win this round! GO SEMHAR!

Still waiting for some more insights on Rick especially given he has been applying for quite some time. He appears now to be overshadowed by the personalities and my gut on him is he is the quiet stable guy.

Stacey...she reminds me of Yazmin Giles from Samoa. I see an early exit for Stacey tho I would love to see more of her dynamics other than just the personality aspects.


Ozzy finding the idol is just too perfect! His finding the idol now will play havoc with Jim Rice's plans to come up against him. I can almost predict a Jim Rice vs Ozzy Lusth showdown starting next episode. Though Jim Rice rocks he may lose that round should Ozzy make use of an idol. Jim was last episode part of the stronger "weaker" alliance of Cochran, Dawn, Papa Bear against a split of Keith and Whitney then Ozzy-Semhar-Elyse.

Semhar's weakness and possibility of one on one alliance with Ozzy spelled her downfall in the end but spared the weaker players. Whose alliance was made to guarantee the numbers to do so.

NOW Jim has flipped to the cool kids BUT the cool kids have also considered Ozzy as well.

SHOULD those people have to choose between Ozzy's strength at challenges as opposed to Jim's weaknesses.

Plus don't forget that pesky idol and Ozzy's need for Redemption through either case Jim may be in some hot water should it come to that. Jim is a high roller tho and playing some dice at this point so maybe his gambling could pay off. But there are guaranteed risks that will come through his game decisions and some inner dynamics happening on the island. Plus Ozzy now seems to finally be focusing also.

Watching Ozzy find the thoughts were production..u had to know he'd find it though. Ozzy is a monkey so I am not surprised at all. It couldn't have happened at a better moment for him but I see him using it pre merge at this point.

My thoughts on Cochran is I still like the kid a lot! But I wish he would just take a chill pill! His mentioning every other line of his willingness to make good and every thing he wants to do to be better based on the edit I found it so annoying.

Just play it cool as planned and that it cool. If not he is only making his situation much worse. I love the kid..he is funny. But he is just allowing his neurosis to get the best of him compounding an already existing factor of the weakness.

I loved the episode and in the end I still hold out hope for everyone...even Brandon. I pray that one day those demons can be healed and I pray that he can one day find the Redemption he is so desperately seeking!

Til next week..keep your torch lights lit and enjoy the next episode of Survivor South Pacific!

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