Friday, October 14, 2011

Fan Blog: Brian Morelock

Thank you Brian for the usage of your blog :)

Keeping my opinions to myself hasn't been fun for the first 4 episodes of Survivor. It's time for me to start blogging about every episode and giving my opinions on different castaways and all the strategies going on inside the game. This week we witnessed the first huge blindside of this season. Elyse didn't see it coming from a mile away that she was going to redemption island.

A showmance on survivor always seems to backfire. Let's go back to Fans vs favorites. Ozzy and Amanda became a showmance and it made other cast members very leery of them both.

Parvati and Cirie rallied to oust Ozzy from the game knowing with Ozzy gone, Amanda would stay loyal to them to the end. Ozzy was blindsided with the idol in his pocket and sent home.

Did Ozzy learn his lesson? No. Ozzy decided to start another showmance with Elyse and quickly a huge target went on them both. Jim, Cochran, and Dawn wanted to break the two of them up. With Ozzy's strength in challenges and his ability to provide around camp, it became obvious that Elyse would be the target.

The only problem was they needed Keith or Whitney to vote with them. This leads us to another huge mistake Ozzy made in this episode. Ozzy blurted out that Coach should get rid of Albert if he is smart.

This immediately jumped out at Jim and he used this to his advantage to persuade Keith to switch his vote from Cochran and get rid of Elyse. Let me clearly state I like Ozzy and I respect the way he dominates challenges and provides for his tribe. I thought his strategy would be better this time around, but it appears he may have gotten worse in that aspect of the game.

Cochran has been on the chopping block since day 1, but yet he continues to stay in the game. I am not surprised he is still around because his character seems to get a lot of screen time as if he will be a major character in this season. Other than his screen time and his ability to make people laugh with some of his comments, Cochran has not done anything in this game.

He puts his foot in his mouth at every tribal council giving people more reason to want to vote him out. He seems to keep lucking out because there is always someone else that needs to go more. Did Cochran really do anything to keep himself safe this episode? In my opinion, No. Cochran again buried himself after the challenge commenting on herpes and at tribal, he keep running his mouth annoying people more and more.

The reason why Cochran is still in this game is because Jim worked hard to keep him safe. Jim is making moves and playing a good game up to this point. He understands that they cannot give Ozzy the power or he will run through this game much like Boston Rob did last season. Do I think Cochran still has a chance to become a major player in this season? Yes. I think he has the ability to make a big power move and propel himself deep in the game, but I need to see more from him before I am ready to say he is playing a good game.

Elyse went home, but I do not think it was a good decision by the tribe to do this. I think Keith and Whitney gave more power to Jim in this game when they were holding all the cards. The tribe is a lot weaker keeping Cochran in the game. Lastly, I do think if Cochran makes the merge, he may turn his back on the tribe and switch to the other side. I would not put a lot of trust in him especially since the whole tribe has made him feel like an outcast.

Before I end this blog, I do have to make mention of the other tribe. Is it just me or does Coach drive you crazy? Coach is playing a magnificent game through 5 episodes. He has done a complete 180 from the previous two times he has played the game, but the man still gets under my skin. I am sorry Bren I know you love the guy. I am impressed by the way Sophie is playing also. I need to see more from her, but I can see her making it deep into the game. She caught onto Brandon on day 1 and seems to understand how to play the game. Until next week, that is all I got.

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