Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Krista Stegall (BB2) Gives Kudos To Reality Rescue Fundraiser II

Below is a statement sent to me via Krista Stegall of Big Brother Season 2 who has worked alongside April Mueller the past two years with April's charity Reality Rescue Festival

Krista was kind enough to take time to give this statement. Thanks go to Krista and again to April Mueller for all they do for charities! You BOTH rock!!!

Years back, I spoke with April and she had a huge passion to have her own event.

Well folks "She did it!" Her love of animals and Reality combined worked. So two years in a row it was a great success.

I love this event and hanging with the fans. I didn't even want to stop signing autographs,because talking to the fans with Monica along side of me was as serious as it comes.

It is an event that is down to earth, comfortable feel, where you can bring the kids, the family, and really enjoy it. Kids and Adults love the animals and Reality Stars. We are all one reality family, not one reality person is better than the next. The ones that think they are really should rethink that, lol .

Because without the fans, volunteers, without all of us; and without April Muller none of this would be possible.

I truly loved the sponsors, the shirts, the camaraderie, I just love this event!

Everyone this is an EVENT that will bring you fond memories for a lifetime! Charity makes the world go round! Thank You April! Thank you to all the sponsors, I loved the Shirts, the scarves, necklaces, cards, drinks.

I am thankful for REALITY RESCUE and everything in represents.

xoxo Krista BB2

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