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Reality Rescue Fundraiser II Cast and Fans give KUDOS!

To learn more about this event please go to :

Reality Rescue Festival

The charity it sponsored this year was:

Southern Comfort Animal Rescue

The story about Alice The Dog Found Living In A Box

Below is a photo of myself with April Mueller also pictured is Brent Horne (TAR) Eric Stein (Big Brother)

This is the second annual event for this festival which was held in Virginia again this year. The event is the heart and soul of my friend April Mueller, whom I have known now for about 4 years. I can truly vouch for April's love and passion for animals. I can truly say she puts countless hours and blood, sweat and tears into this event. I even received an excited text and call at 5 am about the event! So I know how truly excited she is and listened to her passion for the cause as well.

I decided post event to do a write up about the event. But instead of my thoughts; I instead decided to approach a sampling of some who attended. Below are the thoughts of a few who agreed to contribute to my write up. My thanks go to these contributors.

Photo acknowledgements go to
Mike Chiodo (Official Photographer for the event)
Kathleen "Mama Moose" Moosier

Billy Garcia (Unofficial Survivor Ambassador/Survivor Cook Islands)

"The event was amazing and world class. The venue(Sharky's) was kick ass and the fans and reality stars were fun and friendly. The Charity itself was very worthy. It's a dog rescue. After learning about a dog named Alice that needed rescuing, a whole dog fighting ring was uncovered as well as corruption by the local small backwoods town government which is connected to the ring. This town still practices racial segregation. That's how backwoods they are. It was amazing to learn about all of this for me being a city slicker. I forget sometimes that the resources, government/law, and support is very different and not as prevalent outside of the inner city.

The event itself was festive. The atmosphere was very united and brotherly/sisterly. There was no ill will over past drama from out time on our respective reality shows. Ozzy and I had shots together several times. It was as though this event had found a way to soothe and smooth over all of the heated rivalries.

The whole event was perfectly wrapped up by pastor John Raymond's Sunday Morning non-denominational sermon. It was both pleasant and poignant. I hope it continues to be a part of this event in the future.

For those that did not attend. You missed a really good one. "

Below Brian Wildman (middle) with April Mueller and representing SoCo Rescue: Scott Bennett!

Brian Wildman:

"Got back from the REALITY RESCUE EVENT last night and I have to say that it is one of the most organized fundraiser events I have gone to.I actually stayed an extra night because I was having so much fun. Seeing new and old reality contestants as well as other crazy super-fans was just an added bonus!!! If you haven't gone to this event...YOU NEED TO GO NEXT YEAR FOR SURE!!! April Mueller did an awesome job as everyone told me she would. The event was a good cause with great people making it a success. There were a lot of false rumors out there about Scott Bennett and I will tell you firsthand that he is one of the nicest people I have met in person. He took pictures with us super-fans as well as the reality stars so all the hater's can shove those false comment's where the sun don't shine...BOOYA!!!!!!

FYI...I want to send my get well wishes to Curt Clark who broke his foot/ankle while playing in the fundraiser soccer event"

Na Onka Patricia Mixon with Earl Cole

Na Onka Patricia Mixon (Survivor Nicaragua)
"I've been at this event for the past two years and I have enjoyed myself each time. Everyone is so nice and very social I would go again!"

Mike Chiodo (Official Photographer for the event)

"I love April's enthusiasm, passion, positivity and joy for Reality Rescue. For 2 years I have seen much of her hard work, dedication, and blood sweat & tears. She is totally committed. April's an amazing person, and I think she has found her life’s calling."

This is just a small sampling of the rave reviews that April Mueller received post event. From what I see and hear ..everyone had a BLAST! Below is my friend Scott Grensted who Coached a soccer event there and his team plus the poster from the event that showed the stars involved!

Keep an eye out for next year and definitely come one come all!!!!

More photos from the event courtesy of Official Photographer Mike Chiodo who graciously allowed me usage. Thanks Mike!

Reality Rescue II / Richmond, VA / October 2011 ©2011 Mikiodo

Below is "Santa Claus" aka April's brother Keith Mueller

Thanks to all who contributed!

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  1. Years back, I spoke with April and she had a huge passion to have her own event. Well folks "She did it!" Her love of animals and Reality combined worked. So two years in a row it was a great sucess. I love this event and hanging with the fan's. I didn't even want to stop signing autographs,because talking to the fans with Monica along side of me was serial as it comes. It is an event that is down to earth, comforftable feel , where you can bring the kids, the family, and really enjoy it. Kids and Adults love the animals and Reality Stars. We are all one reality family, not one reality person is better than the next. The ones that think they are really should rethink that, lol .Because without the fans, volteers , without all of us ,and without April Muller no of this would be possible. I truly loved the sponsors, the shirts, the comratery , I just love this event! Everyone this is an EVENT that will bring you fond memories for a lifetime! Charity makes the world go round! Thank You April!Thank you to all the sponsors, I loved the Shirts, the scarves, necklaces, cards, drinks. I am thankful for REALITY RESCUE and everything in represents.
    xoxo Krista BB2



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