Saturday, October 15, 2011

Spit and all Baby!

“Accept the challenges so that you may feel the exhilaration of victory.”

~General George S. Patton~

Welcome Survivor fans to yet another weekly recap. Hope everyone has had a lovely week so far and are enjoying the season. The one cool thing about this season is that the tribes for the most part are evenly matched during challenges but with the recent loss at Savii, there may end up being an edge in the favor for the Upolu tribe! If so, this season may continue to fare well in Coach Wade's favor. So far Coach is having an amazing season and if anyone deserves it..the Slayer does! He's becoming a focused and solid player. Like it or not Coach Wade 3.0 may well be sticking around until the Finale and perhaps like Rob did last year..achieving the title of Sole Survivor!

If so the name for this episode is so appropriate all around for Coach Wade that he will FINALLY TASTE THE VICTORY!!! Hope to see it happen!

Now to my thoughts:

Ozzy Micronesia 3.0

Ozzy when will he EVER learn?

He seems so one track now and the description Cochran gave actually is fitting. That when he was younger the role he played was one thing and yes he played that role so well..of Moogli The Jungle Boy..catching fish, a lion at challenges etc. But now Ozzy is in his 30s he has not really grown or adapted himself in any way. He is basically lazing around camp. Gets up to do a little bit of fishing and then comes back and cuddles with a girl. Just like Micronesia.

The only thing is Ozzy now has people who have watched that season and his previous season and are savvy to the routine. His calling card is not gonna work so well this season at all.

The one thing tho as shown on the teaser is that once she is gone..instead of adapting his strategy and game..he takes it personal and severs his alliance! Like a child who had his teddy bear snatched away he is pouting and saying he is a solo agent. Ummm..Ozzy unless there is a tribal switch or something huge comes in the works you may should rethink being a solo agent. The idol maybe nicer this time around snug in the pocket should you exit and win RI at merge (or even being used for one more Tribal) but once it's used..I seriously think Ozzy you are a goner. I am still of the mind that Keith has a better shot at success than Ozzy.

What is going against Ozzy right now is:

You have a history of strength in challenges.
You have a history of the provider role and do it well.
Plus at merge Upolu are gonna rein in tighter and Coach and team aren't gonna flip

So where are your chances if at the moment you are a target? If you decide to blow off your are basically kissing the mil goodbye plus you social game is weak. I would take the pride stance and put it in your pocket and try to come up with a strategy. But that is another thing I feel Ozzy may not have strength in as well. Strategical thinking. What has carried him in the past has been the dominance in challenges and the provider role. That honestly will only take a person so far if they are lacking in the main aspects of social and strategical. Time to restructure things a lot Ozzy. This is not Micronesia. This is your third and possibly LAST shot!

"Coach should get rid of Albert pre merge"

Speaking of non strategical weaknesses of Ozzy. Who would say within ear shot of some alpha males that your opposite tribe's dominant Alpha should be rid of his lieutenant?

Ozzy are you kidding me? Don't you realize that by saying that you are basically allowing them to see how you would strategically think?!

That's not even a smart strategy at that! From my understanding of a smart pre merge tribal keep the strong as long as possible. That is unless of course your butts on the line.

A normal strategy is keep your tribe strong until merge and then you start working on the weeding out.

I'll digress for just one moment to say that that's the one thing I have noticed the past few seasons. That some pre merge votes have been in the category of "just what were they thinking" votes? The idea of going into merge with some power is obviously to go into merge with numbers and a strong set of numbers at that.

Ozzy made a risky foible there.

Savii Is Dynamic Wise A Mess...

With the power vote the dynamics have shifted but have shifted in a messy way.

On one end you have Ozzy who is now declaring himself a free vote pretty much.

Then you have the "team" of Cochran/Dawn/Jim brought together solely for the purpose to break up the Elyse/Ozzy duo. But now pretty much linked together as Ozzy will probably not align with either of the 3. The Keith/Whitney duo are their own pairing. So basically instead of united as a tribe; they are a tribe of separate but distinct factions. Which will make the voting interesting. May serve well for Cochran as for now he is in the larger faction. But then again if Jim can schlep himself back into a pact more with Keith-Whitney he may well flip.

Cochran somehow has managed to stay alive after so many near misses. Jim has on purpose found ways to save Cochran as much as he could to keep him around handy for moves like Elyse and potentially Ozzy's. So it's almost a by a default alliance.

Then you have the Keith/Whitney pairing..which is probably a more functioning pairing. They did not write Elyse's name down nor did they target Cochran. So in essence they could play with Ozzy once he gets over his snit fit. Plus they could also play in the direction of the other side as the vote for Dawn was in essence a free vote. They are probably the more stronger functioning unit.

Far as the main numbers faction goes: I see Jim as possibly flipping to whatever side that will further him in. I see Cochran as a weak player (still waiting to see some super fan savvy). Dawn who I feel is the smarter of the 3 & a more stable player; can also go in another direction as well if she desires to. I cannot see those 3 as a solid strategical team but I see them as a temporary alliance that has to find a way to remain an alliance.

So in essence instead of a solid tribe..dynamic wise you have 2 sets with their own agendas. Then Ozzy. Ozzy tho is probably gonna end up being main agenda one. Unless Cochran continues telling stories about oral herpes.

"Nobody calls me Benjamin, not even my parents!"

Redemption Island was what I thought it would be. Probably what most of us thought actually. Both women have so much bitterness and vitriolic attitudes and attitudes in general between them that you just wanna tune them out especially Stacey at the duel.

I found myself at first thinking "what a scummy thing" followed by a general feeling of "blah blah blah blah"

Stacey: "Benjamin is leader".."Benjamin tells stories about Chuckie Cheese".. then of course with lips as loose as The Titanic she outs Albert as lieutenannt in chief followed by Sophie. She says she feels that the F2 is gonna be "Benjamin-Albert" unless you watch out for those two.

Stacey/Christine: "Watch out for Benjamin!"

In essence what Stacey said or inferred about "Benjamin" is that he lies so much that if Pinocchio was around his nose would be 100 feet long! Blah Blah Blah!

Her eyes were big..she was frothing at the mouth practically and kind of reminded me of the characters you see in movies that act so wild just before jumping in a riot. She was disrespectful, she felt if she was going out she was gonna take some down with her. Blah Blah Blah!

Once Coach knew what had occurred and that Stacey had put a small country sized bull-seye on his back; of course the first reaction would be anger and annoyance at her. Then of course annoyance and anger at her disrespect of him by choosing to address him by his given name instead of his title.

Whichever way you address someone should be up to the person with the title. I feel it is their given right to choose to have you address them by their given name or by something they have worked hard to achieve. It's not that big a deal. Except Stacey/Christine turned into a big deal due to their bitterness.

The fact Stacey chose to address Coach Wade as "Benjamin" shows her lack of respect for Coach Wade (plus when people go to that length..maybe even lack of respect for themselves as to give respect to begin should at least have some for yourself) So I personally understand Coach's annoyance. But if anything when you lump that disrespect in with the fact that she revealed dynamics...well that just opens up another can of ugly spewing wiggly worms. Pretty ugly and shows a reason that Redemption Island should not be gathering information station A as that is one of the risks that comes with opposing tribes coming to a duel where BOTH opponents are from the same tribe and very bitter. Brings a dangerous dynamic to the game.

In the end Stacey showed the same risk in playing the challenge and ended up losing it. I can't say I am sorry to see her go as that would be a false statement. Christine is again victorious and stays solid for yet a third time. Hopefully her card will be up soon as well. But I think the longer she stays..the stronger she gets.

Buh bye Stacey!

Idol Time! "ask and ye shall receive"

Now that thanks to Stacey the cat is fully out of the bag..Albert realizes he needs insurance. He starts looking right then and there for the hidden immunity idol which is a pretty smart move on his part. But where he may have over thought based on his own agenda was sharing the idol.

Some one did a statistic on people winning the game having shared the info and the odds were not that good at all. I can think of a couple right off the top of my head..Yul (S13) Todd (S15) so it's not a smart move to share info. However again I add: I, being a Coach Wade fan am GLAD he did as "possession is 9/10ths of the law" and Coach Wade has found it baby!

It does show the tribe Upolu's main dynamic of Coach-Sophie-Albert. As that is who Albert selected to hunt with.

On a side note the idols are legal possessions of the returnees. I don't see Coach needing to use his anytime soon but Ozzy may well need to use his.



But I am assuming if you haven't had meat in almost 2 weeks and if all you had to eat were a few spoonfuls of rice or some fish ..a spit filled, barbecue glazed side of pork pulled by the teeth would seem like filet mignon.

The challenge came down to just TWO OZ. that separated both tribes and those two oz. was I think a nod to Mikayla who when Rick dropped the little chunk of meat on the ground, Mikayla had no trouble whatsoever with bending down with her mouth to the dirt and snagging that baby up! Her decision won her tribe a spit filled feast!

So I will have a side of that sea salt, spat meat feast please Brandon and toss some of them Cajun veggies in too...yum! Yum!

Plus Upolu is safe another is great there!

The Time Is Now!

In the end as I stated before the time had to be now to pull the trigger on the Elyse-Ozzy duo. In Jim's eyes it weakens Ozzy but if you think about it it also weakens the tribe as well as now the dynamics are all over the map. Elyse did not see it coming at all. I think in the end the pair that will benefit the most may well be Keith and Whitney. Only time will tell but it looks good for them.

So in the end, the season's first blindside was pulled off and Elyse Umemoto, Ozzy's little snuggle buddy will head to RI and my thinking is will be game exit 4 as I think Christine is a stronger player physically.

But on reflection does she remind you a little bit of Yve Rojas? The looks, the fact that both were close to men who were considered leaders and who had some celebrity attached to them. Just a thought....

Again CONGRATS on the idol Coach Wade!! It's awesome you possess it! YIPEE!

That's it yall for this week. I love your thoughts and comments so please do feel free to post them here. I am myself loving this season and how well Coach is playing! Hope everyone continues to enjoy and remember until next week..keep your torch lights lit and drop by next time for more of my musings on Survivor South Pacific!

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1 comment:

  1. I regard Coach as a honorable and intelligent player of this game, but if he expects others to be the same, then he is sadly mistaken.
    I thought Stacey's farewell speech was pretty disgusting but very entertaining, I must say she gave me plenty of laughs with her rolled eyes, Chucky The Cheese comments, but still she was very bitter and she definitely made that known to all concerned.
    When Albert delivered the news to Coach, I must say I was surprised by his reaction, did he expect her not to be bitter, he must have known her personality to know she'd let her feelings known. I also strongly disagree that there should not be an audience at Redemption Island gathering info, look what it did at Savaii and also prompted Albert to look for the clue, which subsequently Coach found. Albert sharing with anyone he found the clue to the idol was dumb and now he does not even own it and he is probably more of a target than Coach or will Coach give it to him if he needed to I wonder.
    Ozzy has not learned anything from Micronesia, Elyse is his Amanda or was anyway. You pretty well self explained the goings on over there with Ozzy and two small alliances happening. I don't know if it was a good move for Keith & Whitney voting Dawn, they should have all voted Elyse, it showed a lesser strength on Keith's behalf, not wanting to go against Ozzy but now of course he knows that he betrayed them.
    One player to watch out for and I think is one of many that could win is Jim. Fair enough we are all crediting Cochran but it is Jim who had come up with this move to oust Elyse and this was in the works in Ep 4 when he wanted to split them up. I can see Jim winning and he is obviously my favorite for this season even though he is so cocky, a little like Marty but unlike Marty, he's not seeking too much power too early.
    One last thing, if you cast your mind back to when Elyse arrived with all the swimsuits, have a look at her, she is identically the same as Stacey from Fiji, even someone commented to me when I put that pic up on Survivor Seasons.



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