Wednesday, October 5, 2011


To win just submit something unique, artistic and cool directly to the Event Page for the contest. As long as it related to Survivor or to Coach Wade.

Two options that work best: Post unique photos that u make in Photoshop or Paint or

Write a creative story or poem about Survivor or Coach Wade!

The best submission wins! You can post them directly to the Page to be considered for the prize!

For the submissions being submitted to win the autographs each week we are going to do the judging this way to be fair. We are going to ask EVERYONE who are members of this Official Benjamin Coach Wade Group on Facebook and who will take a moment to do so to take part in voting for a post submitted. People who are not directly involved in the contests can vote. You cannot vote for yourself! Anyone who votes for themselves will not be considered.

To vote please stop by the event page and look at each one and choose a post that you yourself like and think should win! The event page for the one now is at: WIN MARTY PIOMBO'S AUTOGRAPH EVENT YOU BE THE JUDGE and help select the winner with YOUR LIKES on a post! The most LIKES on a post submitted will win the autograph!

Posts in the contests will now be made directly to the event page per contest so everyone will be able to locate your posts! Enjoy and let's have fun!!!!

Deadline is Thursday October 6th 2011 at 4 PM EST!

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