Tuesday, October 4, 2011

You Reap What You Sow!

Do not be deceived: God is not mocked, for whatever one sows, that will he also reap.

~Galatians 6:7 ESV~

Welcome back everyone to another weekly recap of Season 23 of Survivor South Pacific. Things are slowly starting to heat up on the beaches. As we view it does appear that the dynamics are starting to emerge on both tribes of who holds the power and a tribal pecking order list for both. On Savii imo Keith holds the cards and on Tribe Upolu Coach undeniably holds complete power. Both through doing so are playing two of the best games so far this season. With that being said I will now jump into my musings with some reflections and thoughts on personal (cast member) and tribe dynamics within the various tribes and cast members this season.

As we start out this week's journey it appears the situation over on Upolu where Brandon Hantz is concerned is getting more layered. The more I see of him the more I feel I understand him better. He is wrestling some demons there. Last week it was putting himself at odds with Coach's choice of Christine to go by electing to lie to Christine, and to Stacey; telling them the larger alliance were targeting Mikayla.

Then to turn around and tell both Coach and Albert that Stacey and Christine were voting for Mikayla. That's taking a big risk! He also admits he told a blatant lie as well. Considering the fact that Brandon wants to bring redemption to the Hantz family name it doesn't look too good when he is stooping down to his uncle's level telling those blatant lies.

Brandon during the episode did note it and stated it made him feel pretty lousy. That "you reap what you sow".

However after noting this he turns around and reveals his tattoos! Something that if you hearken back to the first episode he swore he wouldn't do. So add that also as a lie but this time to himself and a revelation of a previous lie he had told to his tribemates upon the outset.

I have an interest in human dynamics and would like to venture a bit into that more this season. I am by no means an expert but in Brandon's case I feel I have a bit of insight into some things and would now like to share that with everyone. I wouldn't consider myself a "hater" in any way but rather a person who in a way understands some of the dynamics he is showing to us viewers.

From a glance and just based on a general knowledge of human behavior..I tend to think that Brandon is taking this all way too seriously and to an extreme.

He is only hurting himself worse due to this.

If I were to hazard a guess I would say Brandon obsesses on this need for redemption while he is out there. Which is only hurting the situation more. For himself and his place within his alliance.

From personal experience I have found that when you obsess on a situation - that that situation is not going to get any better. It's better to either let go of the obsessive worry or resolve it.

Brandon chose to do both and decided to come clean. Psychologically that takes a load off of him but from a game perspective that's not altogether a smart move.

His revelation now opens up a bigger can of worms.

Human nature as a whole is going to have his fellow cast wondering how far does the apple fall from the tree? Especially if you have already lied and the lie was really not even necessary and served your own agenda. An agenda totally 180 pf the tribe and their strategy and choice.

Brandon often mentions of his faith and how important it is to him. Yet he is a man who is grappling with Good vs Evil. As a fellow believer in God I feel this is something that also is extreme. Something that could be avoided simply by allowing your faith to be placed into action.

I can relate to him on that level having struggled with it myself before. However when I started placing my personal faith in Jesus as my personal Savior I myself found that God truly eases our struggles. I have found that when you truly live for God you have peace in your life (Phil 4:7).

God is the giver of peace and not anxiety. (1 Peter 5:7)

Watching the parts where he really struggled my heart does go out to Brandon. My thinking is that again he has some deeply rooted issues that do need to be addressed and Survivor is not the place to do that.

His anger outburst also can be added to the list of things that make him appear not only a loose cannon but as a liability. I also saw some serious shades of his uncle Russell in it as well. The way Russell used public outbursts to manipulate things to his favor. But in Brandon's case it will not work.

For now Brandon's strength is needed. Coach is willing to give him the shot to turn it around. However the trust is limited. Brandon I fear will continue to spiral further down but mainly due to his obsessive fears and the fact that he cannot control his thinking patterns.

I may even go out on a rope and say that he may even be uncomfortable playing the game of Survivor if not now possibly in the near future. Plus he is honest when it suits him and dishonest when that suits him as well. Something that will cause his tribemates to not trust him at all as how can u tell when someone is being on the level with you?

Thing is his honest moments are what is gonna end up burying him in the game. Stacey said it best herself "you can't judge a book by it's cover". On the outside Brandon doesn't appear to be that complicated..he's a goodhearted kid and means well. He professes love for God and for his family. Yet inside of Brandon there are too many conflicts and those are being brought out in trying circumstances that Brandon is only making more complicated. He is mark my words..a ticking time bomb unless he chills out.

I did have an aha moment as I reflected on my thoughts for this blog!

I think I figured out why Mikayla bothers Brandon.

I think it's a curious mixture. Of some mild physical attraction that Brandon feels conflicted by. I also think Brandon and Mikayla are equals in their own ways. If you think on it. Both are physical threats. Both are strong providers in camp life being food gatherers. Both are roughly in the same age range. Both have similar personable personalities. Both are physically attractive. Both also are manipulative as well. Brandon noted to Coach about the power of manipulation and Mikayla does remind me some of Parvati who is a huge manipulator. Plus serious shades of manipulation was seen in Brandon's lies to his tribe and the outburst.

I think Brandon finds Mikayla a personal threat and doesn't know quite how to digest this. I think a part of him is conflicted in finding his direct threat being of the fairer sex. Which in some cases can be a male response where there are some insecurities involved. But in Brandon's case like in the obsessive thinking patterns I feel he had-- this situation is again taken up a few notches to a new extreme. I think I understand the dynamics there.

Mikayla doesn't care for him at all and in his extreme reaction (the outburst) he actually brought her to tears which is not a good thing.

Mikayla has every bit of potential to carry herself well past merge so making an enemy this early was not a smart move either. Especially since she is on the outer layer of a potential alliance with the main alliance to begin with. So if I were Brandon I would start calming down and not allowing these irrationalities to cause him to self destruct.

The Duel between Christine and Semhar

The very first duel this season was viewed and in the end Christine emerged the victor. Two people came to view from both tribes Coach/Stacey from Upolu and Ozzy/Elyse from Savaii. I noted that 3 of the 4 who viewed had been previous allies to either. Stacey to Christine and Ozzy/Elyse to Semhar.

Watching Semhar's poetry recital prior to the duel was a bit uncomfortable. Not only viewing it myself but watching the cast response to it.

Dynamics wise I did note that Ozzy has all but written Semhar off by his expressions during the contest. He appeared distant towards her and not supportive. My guess is he knew she would lose.

Dynamics wise also Christine has some serious animosity towards Coach. It feels almost personal and not related to the game. Why she feels that way I am not completely sure. Unless she just didn't want his presence there on the island to begin with as a returning player. Her iciness towards him is pretty palpable.

Some of it may stem in the fact that she realized she was on the outs to begin with. She came out playing aggressively and Coach wanted no part of her in the game. She came out of the direct game having some serious resentment towards Coach. Calling him names and stating that she will get back in and get her own redemption. Good luck with that Christine as honestly I don't see that happening. Matt whom she stated she hopes to be like in winning duels all the way was a far stronger competitor than Christine. My thinking is she will lose in the next duel or so.

In the end Christine emerged the victor and Semhar left the game noting also that she has abandonment issues. In her exit she stated she felt she played with honor and integrity and that she was proud of how she played. On a personal level I like Semhar. She seems like a lovely woman. I hope she is able to sort out and place to rest her deep seated issues and that Survivor in the end is a positive and not a negative experience for her. Good luck Semhar!

Christine as the victor will be facing Papa Bear next duel. I like Papa Bear and will be rooting him on to win it and go further into the game.

Ozzy Reveals Idol but in reality it is Keith who holds the cards

Savii dynamics wise is not as many appear to think. Ozzy the returning player this season as I stated last blog, now possesses an idol. This episode Ozzy chose to reveal his possession to tribe mate Keith Tollefson.

Ozzy feels he can trust Keith and considers Keith his main ally in the game. He trusts Keith and yet doesn't realize that Keith holds and possesses all the cards. Keith is playing a good game of Survivor. He is able to get along with each tribe member and he has a smart mind for strategy.

In Ozzy's revelation he may have thought it was building up his trust with Keith. Instead it was quietly used against him as Keith went immediately and shared the news with his main ally Whitney. Keith stated he hated that Ozzy had the idol and he is right..by having the idol it puts Ozzy in a good spot of power. Keith tho on the other hand imo, has the power quietly because should there be a coup Keith could sway people to him to oust it and then secondly to oust Ozzy. By revealing this to Keith, Ozzy has imo signed his own death warrant eventually in the game.

Savii dynamics wise is made up of two factions. The pretty people vs the older/weaker side. With Jim being somewhere in the middle of both factions.

Papa Bear during the episode noted that he was unable to clique with his tribe and felt it could be because of him being considered a weaker person by them due to his age. Dynamics wise I feel that it comes back to Ozzy's m.o. of being aligned with the younger more attractive members (especially female)excluding the older or more weaker people out of his alliance. I also feel that Papa Bear had he have stayed could have brought some positive dynamics to his tribe as he is an alright guy.

But the truth is he was on the outs from the get go and the tribe has a decisive and distinct voting line with the bigger group being the most dominant right now and no one challenging it so far.

I think that may change as now Cochran is fighting for his game life. His name has been brought up twice as a person who the tribe is considering in their votes. Jim also knows he is on the outer edge and that once Cochran and Dawn go he is the next in line. The teaser shows the two plotting. Whether they win out or not will be shown next. My thinking is they won't unless Keith makes a decisive try to oust the idol from Ozzy. If that will be the case all that will happen is a weaker will go. Possibly Jim.

Or it could be possible that if they were to do it that Ozzy will trust his allies and again be voted off with an idol in his pocket!

Anyways..back to the ousting tonight of Papa Bear.

Upon losing the challenge Papa Bear realized that he was the next to go. His expression upon their loss says it all.

In a last ditch effort to stay in the game and possibly confuse votes Papa Bear constructed his own hidden immunity idol. If even he were to have played it, it still would not have worked as it's not the actual idol. But it was a good try on his part to attempt it. It had the tribe guessing for a bit. It also confirms who are in the know and who aren't. As Elyse and Jim were pretty nervous out of the bigger group.

Sadly it did not work and Papa Bear is the 3rd to be voted off the actual game on Survivor South Pacific and the next to face Christine in a duel. Good luck Papa Bear..I am rooting you on!!!

Either way next episode will be an interesting one and will further reveal more dynamics on both sides. We shall see if Ozzy is able to stay in the game or will history repeat itself? Will there be a coup in Savii? Or will one of the more weaker tribemates get the boot instead.

Plus also more dynamics on Coach Wade and the Upolu tribe. We shall see if Brandon calms down or if he continues the destructive spiral he has shown all game. Plus can Christine continue to win her duels or will Papa Bear take dominance over her?

Until next week...keep your torch lights lit and enjoy the next compelling episode of Survivor South Pacific! Stay tuned here for more news!

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