Friday, November 4, 2011


Recently we learned that Ethan Zohn (Survivor winner Africa; Survivor All Stars) has had his cancer return after 20 months being in remission. This is so awful to hear and with millions of fans and people who support Ethan; I would like to add my prayers for his healing. Speedy healing in fact.

Ethan is an amazing guy and the epitome of the word Survivor as he has courageously battled this disease now for quite some time BUT hasn't let it control his life!

Ethan will be taking part in a marathon and is in training still for it. Which is amazing and courageous! I wish him healing and pray he wins the marathon! If anyone deserves kudos and more and to have a miracle's Ethan!

He is one of those rare unique individuals..

My thoughts, prayers and good karma is with Ethan and Jenna!

On Facebook myself and my friend Josh Dunston have created a SUPPORT ETHAN ZOHN DAY EVENT for Saturday November 12,2011 The details are as follows:

"On Saturday November 12th Brenda Porter and Josh Dunston will be holding a SUPPORT ETHAN ZOHN DAY for all Survivor fans-cast-friends everywhere! Please in support of Ethan and his fight against cancer wear your buffs or Survivor related clothing items or anything to do with Stand Up To Cancer (shirts etc) let's support Ethan!!!"

The link to this event to show support via wall if u have an FB is:


Would like to see as many posts and support for Ethan as possible! He is a true Survivor and needs all our support!

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