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A Brief Q & A Session with Coach Wade!

Recently I conducted a brief Q & A session via email with 3 time Survivor cast member Benjamin "Coach" Wade. Below are the questions and his responses. Hope that you enjoy!

1 a. How would you score on a scale of 1-10 the social and politically based games of your competitors in the Final 4? What were the BEST and WORST attributes that they brought to the game this past season?

Sophie: 8. She was great in challenges but checked out of the game socially for more than a week. Ozzy called her a pretentious bitch, Jim said she was the worst social player ever in survivor, and yet she received both of their votes.

I really liked Sophie for most of the game and we bonded in many ways. I hope that winning doesn't go to her head but I think it has.

Ozzy : 7. Of course great in challenges and survival skills. But as a returning player his inability to work with me and lie each time we spoke is what hurt him. Before the merge don't forget that his tribe couldn't stand his arrogance. And he did get voted out three times.

The biggest difference between me and Ozzy is that Ozzy wanted the game to be about him whereas this time I wanted the game to be about others around me.

Albert: 9. Albert besides Cochran was one of my favorite people out there. To me he was genuine, he was great in team challenges, and I trusted him implicitly. But somewhere along the way he lost the trust of the jury, which hurt him in the end.

1.b How did your Five come about and did u regret having Brandon as part of the 5 and would have wished you could have replaced him with Edna instead?

No one except me trusted Edna for the first twenty days. I would have liked for her to be in the five.

The five just happened to be on the beach the first day and as we were talking I was like wow these are good people that I like talking to, we were bonding so I sprung it on them that we should all stick together. That is the most underrated move in the game this year I think. We formed a bond on day one and stuck it out thru thick and thin. Without that we would have disintegrated at the merge.

2. What role did returning play into your experience as a whole out of 3 seasons? Is there something you can take from the whole package into life and into your ministry?

I loved coming back. This was my year. Although I wish I would have won I totally feel blessed to go out there and lead from start to finish. To have people who wanted to play the game like me, and to pray everyday was very important. This experience was so good that I don't want to tarnish the memories by coming back a fourth time.

3. Of the entire cast who do you think got the most out of having played with you other than maybe Edna or Cochran?

Probably Brandon. When he stepped back and looked at it, I think he saw that I did care about him. And even before the finale we had a great talk of how to handle his uncle Russell when the question was popped during the live finale.

4. What part did your playing with Russell affect your thoughts about Brandon? What do you think now about Brandon having gone the complete cycle?

At first it didn't affect me at all because I saw that he was totally different. But the Hantz traits did come out when he was looking for the idol and he did start to bully people by running around camp asking what they were talking about. So that worried me. But I think that this was a breakout journey for him, to kind of make him realize that he is different from his family.

5. What was your Favorite challenges out there/least favorite challenges?

My favorite was probably the final challenge. It had every type of physical, balancing, mental challenges rolled into one.

6. What was the most amazing moment you had out there that will always be with you?

Bonding with Cochran and just about every conversation we had together.

7. What was the full story behind making the pact w-Ozzy? Did he approach you other than what was shown and why Ozzy? Was there something that initially stood out to you about Ozzy? What were your thoughts about each Savaii member.. was there any of them that stood out to you other than Cochran or Ozzy?

It was a very emotional journey to redemption with the family visits. Brandon was running around with his dad trying to pressure me,Albert had been squirrely, and here Ozzy was really humbly and truly trying to get into the game. My heart went out to him and again I said Ozzy lets play this game together. Just don't lie to me. And yet as soon as he got back in the game he lied to me. It was very frustrating because if he had just been straight up with me he would have gone to the finals.

Savaii was nothing to me. They didn't vote for me. Half the tribe lied about being previously married (Whitney) or what they did for a living (Keith and Jim). But I gotta say I really like Jim. He is smart, loves the game, and really was a joy to watch this season.

8. What role does religion and spirituality play in the game or the show itself?

For me I pray every day. This time we all prayed together it was the glue that kept us together.

9. Along those lines what did you think of the edits that were shown about religion and the reactions the public had to those?

Good and bad. People took what they wanted to from it. Some were inspired, some thought that we were hypocritical. The day of the merge I got a lot of flack from that but it was a trick of the editing. I prayed for victory in the challenge, Brandon prayed for the idol, Sophie is criticizing my prayer. But I never prayed for the idol.

10. What day or days (other than Day 39) when you look back on makes you smile? Was there ever a day(s) during the game itself that felt so completely idyllic to you and gave u an amazing memory to look back and reflect on?

Every day was amazing. I was never a target, no one ever thought of voting me out so I was safe the entire time. A beautiful experience.

11. If there was anyone alumni wise from past Survivors that you have never played with directly that you would have loved to have played with..who are the cast-alumni and why?

I always say Tom Westman. I would also have liked to have played with JT. I really like him

12. If your experience could be set to music..what would you call it? Or if there is already existing a musical composition which song or music piece is it?

Beethoven's 5th symphony. It has it all. Its majestic, powerful, heroic, dramatic.

Happy New Year to all and may 2012 be a blessed Year for each of you! Thank you Coach Wade for taking time to respond and if you all have a moment stop by his Official Blog and check out the new look and updates!

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