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The Moves You Make Early Will Dictate The Success Of Your Game

"The moves you make early will dictate the success of your game"
---Jeff Probst---

Hello again Survivor fans and welcome again to yet another week of my ramblings, thoughts and narratives of Survivor South Pacific. This past episode was so jam packed with things to capture that I found myself not putting off getting to my computer to pursue my thoughts on everything. With this being said here we go...!!

Redemption Island A Duel; Ozzy Plays Host

The Duel in my opinion was the best duel of the season! At least the editor's did a bang up job of building the suspense throughout it. Though from a student perspective it was a predictable Ozzy win..from a fan-viewer perspective I found myself sitting on my couch rooting on Cochran and hoping the Coch-train would continue on down the tracks to see an entrance back in. The kid fought hard you gotta give him that and I am truly proud of Cochran in that regards,

Again Ozzy had zero to no support from the on-lookers at RI as Albert gave Cochran tips on how to wrangle a bag. Pretty much each Upolu member (and even Jeff may I add) was urging him on to get in it to win it. In a way I can see why though. There's just something about Cochran that makes you want to root him on. It's the human aspect we all have in wanting to root on the under-dog. Plus there really is no love lost for Ozzy as he is such a strong challenger. If it were me I would rather face Cochran in a duel than Ozzy. Let's face it Ozzy is a challenge horse! So there are really two aspects for rooting Cochran on to win it.

In a well fought out and might I add; pretty close, nail biter duel Ozzy ended up once more taking it home.

Cochran's exit speech was pretty cool. I found myself applauding along with his fellow cast and even tearing up a bit. It was a remarkable moment. But with it we see Cochran become 5th member of the jury.

Prior to the duel on the Island itself there was an interesting exchange between Ozzy-Cochran where they were discussing end game. Ozzy asked Cochran point blank would he vote for Coach and then went on to do an obvious (to me) psych out of Cochran by saying "I know how we can keep them from winning..if I am there vote for me!!" Psychologically Ozzy is saying " you're not going to win" and he approached it with his usual cockiness as well. Cochran handled things well I think. Heck he almost beat Ozzy!!

There was a new way to approach the Family Visit this episode. This go round the winner of RI (Ozzy) got to select who got to visit. His decisions to select Albert with mom Annie, Coach with brother Peter and Brandon with dad Sean shows a lot of insight into a more strategical bent than anything and it's an obvious no brainer.

He selected men who a: he respects his challenge prowess b; leadership authority c: a weaker player who may have a melt down if not selected so I am thinking he is buying a favor. With Albert and Coach I see it more out of respect than anything and his way to open a door upon re-entry.

However while on the Island itself and possibly (in my mind) a not so smart move on Coach's part was made. Tactically..Strategically..I am not too big on his making a "Christian pact" to F3 with Ozzy. If I am not mistaken did this conversation not already take place and both felt each other out and decided not to go about it? True it was an Alpha Male sort of hookup convo and both really weren't that serious at the time. So I am assuming the change is due to Coach having more power now. But honestly it's not a good idea to flirt with this option.

Were this to take place: Strategically and Tactically Coach is going up against a majority jury of Savaii with a former force within Savaii to some extent. The jury already is bitter and whether they like Ozzy or not is beside the point. The vote might go to Ozzy because of the fact that he had been a force within their ranks. I find the move to be highly risky with Ozzy as opposed to that of Cochran. If Coach wants to seal up a win his best option is not to explore this route.

Plus on the visit we saw something else that I wasn't too crazy about. Sean Hantz (dad of Brandon) actually approached Coach and asked Coach to make sure Brandon made the Final 3. I do realize Sean is concerned about Brandon as anyone can see Brandon is not going about the game well at all.

I realize also that he is his dad and wants to see him be successful at the game. But I honestly don't feel it's a non-player's right to openly dictate a game they are not directly involved with.

That would be like myself walking out there and saying "Coach you need to vote off Brandon rather than Edna and while we are it take Rick and Edna to the Finals" etc. It's not my place to do that as I am not directly involved in the game. No matter how well meaning my intentions are. Just my dime..

Speaking of....

Edna The First Sacrifice

From a game standpoint I can understand the choice of Edna. The clue can be found in what Jeff said about early decisions. The early decision on Final pecking order was made early in the game when Upolu created the 5 to the end alliance. Brandon (sigh) was part of that faction.

What's pretty sad is Edna was actually Coach's first friend in the game however their actual union pact came after the 5 were created. Edna made some really convincing arguments to be kept and should be applauded for that. As a fan I was NOT happy to see her go. In fact I find myself disagreeing with her being chose. But as a strategist I can respect that you make an alliance and you keep it intact and you see it through. Plus strategically it might not be a bad idea to take Brandon to the Finals were it to occur.

The argument on WHY they should have kept her that Edna made was a solid argument. She was not a threat at challenges. She promised that whoever makes Final 4 WILL make Final 4. Importantly she as a jury member would not leave with a bitter taste in her mouth. She was selected to go over someone who has lied to his tribe previously. Who has had a few melt downs in the game and at Tribal. Someone who actually "bullied" Edna at the Immunity challenge itself. All good statements.

My philosophy is that the decision was made more out of Sophie and Albert both whispering for it. They are both close to Coach so I think it was a trio decision. Sophie has stated in a previous episode that she is not that crazy about Edna and in this episode she theorized that she was looking at people who may turn the jury off at a Final Tribal. In doing so she feels that Brandon is a logical choice.

Edna or even Rick on the other hand would not pose that same type of ability. Albert has never really cared for Edna. For a while I think he was worried about her closeness to Coach and most likely still was. In fact he tried getting her taken out previously on Upolu. Plus I don't think he fully trusted her either.

I do feel though that this had to have been a tough decision on Coach's part. In the end I think he went with his alliance on it. True..he could have given his immunity to Edna but like Coach said it would have been risky if his alliance isn't going fully along with it.

Perhaps he also realized that keeping Brandon around was the more sound choice. I may not be crazy about the choice but in the end I respect it. Like Jeff said: "The moves you make early (but in this case late) will dictate the success of your game"

I like Edna and will be rooting her on next week. From the preview it looks like Ozzy will have his hands full with her as an opponent. We also see a glimpse of what Albert meant by questioning Edna's loyalty as we do see a scorned Edna giving dynamics to Ozzy as well. Obviously Edna feels she was tossed casually away and psychologically she is striking back. Whether this info helps Ozzy we shall see.

I did enjoy briefly seeing Peter Wade as a family member visiting. I do know Peter and he is a wonderful man as well. I do wish we could have had more meatier emotional family scenes and less game motivated ones as those are why I truly love these episodes. However the few moments of emotion were awesome and it was pretty cool.

In the end I would like to say a hearty CONGRATULATIONS to Coach on his immunity win!!! That's TWO immunities he possesses. The way he went about the challenge shows how he is methodically playing so kudos for him!!!

Well that's it folks for this week. Please leave your thoughts on the episode's high points and low points.

1.Do you agree with the choice of Edna?
2.Do you think keeping Brandon was a good strategical choice?
3.Do you think Coach should take Ozzy or even Brandon to the Final 3?
4.In fact who do you think would make a good Final 3?
5,What are your thoughts on Sean Hantz and his approach to Coach?
6.What do you think Edna's chances next week are?
7.Will Ozzy again be victorious?

Leave your thoughts pro and con and again thank you so much for visiting and as always..keep your torch lights lit and enjoy the next episode of Survivor South Pacific!

Check out this cool video! Offers a LOT of insight into Coach.

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  1. The ideal final three would have been Edna, Albert and Sophie.



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