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Wrapping it all up!

"Any fighter will tell you they go into the final round hoping to win and expecting to win. I thought it was going to be close – maybe five to four. It was tough but you look at the questions. If you had sequestered them and they weren’t allowed to talk, you get a different outcome. You look at Dawn’s question, she didn’t ask Albert and me a question, obviously how are we going to get her vote? I thought it was going to be closer but I had a feeling in my gut that Sophie won. I was disappointed but at the same time I was happy Sophie won."

Coach Wade ~Reality News Online Interview~

(Click on "Reality News Online Interview" to read it. )

I have enjoyed blogging this season and hope each of you visiting have enjoyed the journey as well. To wrap it up I would like to take a look at the Final 4 and what strengths and weaknesses they had during this season. With that in mind let's start off with Ozzy.

The main strength besides the star power factor that Ozzy brought this season was his strength in challenges. That's not really anything different from any past seasons he has been on so imo I don't see much growth game wise from him. Watching him at RI I kind of thought he should have setup an office with a plaque that said Ozzy CEO but all kidding aside (and that was a bland attempt at a joke) Ozzy's main star this season was Redemption Island. His journey there warmed fans hearts and u got to give him credit..winning each challenge is nothing to sneeze at. Shows him to be the competitor he is far as challenges go.

Weakness: Social! I still say Ozzy has no real idea of this part of the game. Ozzy possesses arrogance and while to some it maybe charming..to others it's a turnoff. Ozzy inserted foot in mouth at TC and turned his shot upside down by alienating all 3 Upolu from him. His best chance would have been humility as he was not in a good spot but I honestly don't see Ozzy as going that route. Ozzy instead thought he was untouchable when it comes to winning challenges so he could win his way into the end. Instead by not applying the social factor he sealed his fate.

Risk Factor had he have made FTC: With a heavy Savaii jury he would have won. You add the star factor along with the loyalty from past Savaii (other than maybe Cochran) and possibly add Brandon and Rick you have a majority vote. If he would have gone..I have no doubt he would have won. The truth is Ozzy would have won due to a bitter jury and not because of a worthy all around game. Throw star factor in also as a possibility and it's a foregone conclusion.

Ozzy however won Player Of The Season. Congrats go out to him on the win!

Albert Destrade made the Final 3 and seemed like a smart and promising player throughout the first half of the season. His strengths were at times physical in the first half of the season plus he did show smarts when it came to the game and had a good diplomatic social game for the most part. But as the days wore down it seemed like weaknesses emerged more and more. Those I would briefly touch on.

Weaknesses: Strategically: The weakness here is Albert became way too aggressive and paranoid and his instincts on the game were off more than on strategically. Timing was off and decisions were more based on either paranoia or in some cases attempts to pander. He's smart but his timing was never really on.

Pandering. He way over campaigned for the votes which is why he got zero votes as he was so transparent. He voted with Brandon knowing Brandon was going so he could have Brandon in his pocket. He made it appear he would go with Dawn-Whitney so he could be assured their votes. In my opinion he would root on each competitor at RI so it would appear he was supporting them to return. All of these moves were so political and very transparent. In the end Jim's and Brandon's "questions" at FTC brought it all out the extent his pandering would go and in the end there was no way he was going to get any votes from the jury. He placed 3rd by being too aggressive with this.

Congrats do go to Albert for making Final 3 and placing 3rd!!

Coach Wade! First as a big supporter of Coach Wade's I am very proud of him for how well he did this season. Making F3 as a returnee especially after a shaky start and having overcome the obstacles is a big deal! He earned his spot and was not "carried there" (sorry Sophie) in my opinion he should have won but was jacked out by a bitter jury. This reminds me so much of Samoa and Russell's loss to Natalie. The best player lost due to sour grapes. Never thought I'd ever make that type of connection between Russell and Coach but it's true. In the end Coach had a fantastic season!


1. Social: The heart and soul of the game. Coach shone!! He had relationships with each person in his alliance and tribe. The best imo were with Edna, Brandon and Cochran. The ones with Cochran made great inspirational TV. The ones with Brandon showed a lot of compassion towards him and with Edna it was endearing to me as he tried to empower her and bring out her strengths. These 3 are examples of that actually. He led his Upolu Tribe and led with as much motivation as he could. His loyalty to his F3 partners cost him the game. However for all the goat talk there was no way Coach would go against his core loyalty and take anyone else as he gave his absolute word to them. That quality is admirable and is imo a strength more than a weakness. He received zero votes cast against him and never had to play his idol. The only votes were 3 cast for him to win and from three who appreciated what he brought to the table.

2. Strategically: Strength wise Coach had great instincts on the best moves to make and at the right time. He knew when to strike and when not to. The making of the five alliance at the get go. The move with Cochran. The Pagong of the Savaii tribe. These are some of the stronger moments he had within his game. He played to win and this shows in spades. The reason he did not keep Rick was the fact that for him to win he would need the strongest people that were available to keep Ozzy from winning that final immunity. If he would have kept Rick ..and Ozzy would have won the Final Immunity..going up against Ozzy he would have lost. So in short Coach pulled out all stops he could to win the game.

1. Making promises to too many people. He should never had made that gesture towards Ozzy. Not only was it not smart as Ozzy could have won but it was dynamite for Ozzy to use against him which he did. In TC and to embitter the jury. Ozzy went back on the pact I agree by revealing it and Coach was within his right not to keep his part but it was a big mistake on Coach's part to offer it to begin with and in the end that one move cost him the game.

All in all Coach Wade was spectacular and should be proud of the way he played and how well he placed! Sadly due to a bitter jury the win was not given to him after playing so well but this was his season and in this season he won redemption in spades!

KUDOS for Runner Up!!!

Winner Of Survivor South Pacific!

First off my CONGRATS go to Sophie Clarke for her win!! I liked Sophie a lot throughout the season and loved how insightful her confessionals were. Sophie was a very intuitive, smart, strong girl and in a way she was my she-ro this season because of it. But for all her strengths she did have a couple weaknesses. I will explore both sides.

Strengths: She was very intuitive and she definitely could radar on anyone, size them up; flesh them out and use the info to her advantage. She had very honed instincts and the confessionals showed that.

Physical: She won 3 immunities with one being highly important.

Strategically: She played a smart game and knew what was going on at any point and knew how to use it to her advantage. Again her confessionals show that. She played so under the radar that people did not notice her until post merge. Strategically that is a good way to play as you don't make people angry. She had a tight pact with Coach the entire game and was key in helping him make the decisions and offering her insights. She's a smart girl and a fighter and fought a tough Final Tribal Council. She undoubtably knew the jury was bitter and used that to gain advantage for the win.

Weaknesses: Her social game. As Ozzy pointed out she came across as petulant and obnoxious to people. The way she talked to Albert during the one immunity challenge shows that side of her. Sophie owned up to that in a Tribal and also broke down during this same Tribal..showing yet another weakness as well.

In the end she took those weaknesses and made them work for her at Final Tribal and won! Congrats to Sophie on a job well done girl!!!

Before I sign off this blog for the season..I would like to take the time to say thank you to the man himself Coach Wade for being an amazing friend and supporter throughout 3 years nearly. I can never say enough how amazing a person you are!!

Also a special thanks go out to the fans and friends of Coach Wade for helping make this an amazing season!! I met many amazing people along the 3 year journey: Chrissy Brangi, David Cadmus, David Healy, Karen Everett, Cheryl Cranston, Capn Dawg (Thomas J Shea), Clayton Spivey, David Berry, Scott Grensted, Amber Kesterson, Deirdre Danielson, April Lowe, Gloria Query, Sheldon Kuppan, Samantha Gray, Jay Merrell, Jim Early, Marlene Becker, Mark Evans, Chris Hook, Dee Sims, Donnie Johnson, Louise Craven, Jennifer Brooks, Karen Maser, Walt Who, Mary McMahon, Lisa Durham Phillips, Dan Goldblatt, Scott Lovesy, the list is very long of the people I have come across along the journey. I would like to say a special thanks to each of you for backing me this season and Coach Wade. Your inexhaustible support I am grateful for and I am sure Coach is as well. To Rob Beasley thank you for always supporting my blogs and anything I have ever done. Same to each of my readers which each week was in the hundreds daily.

With that being said...I had made the decision post Survivor 22 to stop doing my blogs but came back solely for the purpose to support Coach throughout this season. It's fitting now that since it was pro Coach blogging that brought my blogs into being noticed that it now also ends with Coach as well.

It's been an awesome ride and an amazing season and to everyone...enjoy the holidays and Merry Christmas! Thank you all again!!!


  1. Great wrap up! Thanks for the mention. I feel very honored to have become acquainted with you, Coach, and the members of the official Benjamin Coach Wade group on Facebook!

  2. It appears Albert Destrade deserve a second chance to prove himself he can win this competition. I read his interview with David Bloomberg in Reality News Online and I realize he's clearly one of the smartest and strategic survivors who creatively play this game unfortunately like you said, the timing is off. All his unpolished plans fell in front of him.

    This should be the last season of Coach. Even it's only a step closer to the title, it's still the ideal ending to end his reign. He should have won Player of the Season, not Ozzy. Ozzy was only good in duels and in challenges, not in the social strategic aspect of the game.

    Brenda, is it true there will be no Redemption Island next season?

  3. Thank you Brenda! The pleasure has been ours also! Thanks for all you have done, the hard work! Worderful blogs...wonderful fan club! Thanks again...Merry Christmas to all...Bless you Brenda!

  4. Thanks Dee and Jennifer! It's my pleasure :) U girls have been awesome!! Dean u spoke it well I agree Ozzy shouldn't have won POTS I think honestly CBS edit gave it to him as the casual fans who just watch the show for entertainment purposes liked Ozzy which is really a shame as he contributed nothing game wise. I doubt RI will be returning I have heard it will be one tribe and all new players. Personally I think Coach should have won. Of everyone he played the most solid game in each area from start to finish. The only drawback was his promise to Ozzy. Albert was smart but he just way overplayed the schmooze hand and that cost him. From here out as a viewer I hope they continue with new players each season. The tide for returnees has passed and as fans we all I think would prefer seeing new faces and getting to know new cast. Thank u all for ur responses!

  5. I agree, great wrap up Brenda to a great season.
    As a supporter of the Savaii tribe, once they were gone and Upolu reached their final 5 and turn on each other.
    It is amazing what an edit in a show can do, does it show Sophie to be an unworthy winner or Albert to be someone who was afraid to make moves or Coach to be the one in control, it certainly did show the latter and maybe he should have won and he would have had he owned up to a few things he was forced to do to get him to the final tribal council.
    Player of the Season goes to the people who watch Survivor, not the obsessed fans like you or me. Ozzy definitely deserved it, he was the most popular because of what he achieved in the game, he might not have the strategical sense, may have come off a little arrogant but he was definitely popular and that's what America thought also.
    I don't think he deserved to win though.
    I also agree, returning players we have all seen enough of, next season hopefully they will focus equally on the 18 new players.
    Thanks for the blogs this season Brenda, they have been a joy to read for me mostly (our opinion of Coach and his game differs that's why ) and the opportunity to leave some comments.
    Have a happy Christmas Brenda.

  6. Albert reminds me of ace

  7. renda.......Thanks for being a friend, not only to me but also to Coach....As you know, Coach and I periodically spend time together and he has truly appreciated your support. My relationship with both you and Coach possibly has had a different level than some of the others.....And Coach, knowing that you read this blog, I'd like to give both you and Brenda the following scripture.....Hebrews 10:35-36 (NIV)
    "So do not throw away your confidence; it will be richly rewarded. You need to persevere so that when you have done the will of God, you will receive what he has promised.".....

    ....God Bless all....and have a very Merry Christmas........cd1

  8. Thanks Jerry for ur response and the Scripture and also for being a wonderful friend as well! Stephen he reminds me a lot of Sash.

  9. Great blog, as usual, Brenda, and wonderful pictures. Miss ya, sister!

  10. Thank u Marlene if u have a Twitter definitely add me there I am at http://twitter.com/brenporter62 right now I am focused on doing a small ministry Christian related blog and would like to have u follow there also and check it out. It's at http://anewdaywithchrist.blogspot.com
    Hope to see u there!



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