Wednesday, January 25, 2012

How Active Giving For Reality Rally Works

Active Giving Fundraising is a way to donate proceeds (credited towards a Survivor or any reality star participating and raising funds through their Page on the website) with the proceeds going towards mammograms for those in need through Michelle's Place Each mammogram costs $400 and the more funds raised through donating to the Active Giving fund the more this will benefit those in need.

The star or person who raises $1100 will be rewarded with a hot air balloon ride which is cool! Below are some links to Pages to donate towards a star who is participating. Click on the link of the person you would like to sponsor and a donation can be made to Active Giving credited to them by clicking on the banner beneath their bio. Not only will you be helping raise funds towards mammograms that are so needed but as stated earlier the one who raises the most is rewarded something cool as well! Win-Win!

Survivor and some Reality Links on Active Giving

Ashley Trainer (Survivor Samoa
Ben Henry Survivor Nicaragua

Billy Garcia Survivor Cook Islands

Bob Crowley Survivor Gabon

Brooke Stephens Survivor Guatemala

Brooke Stephens Survivor Guatemala

Chris Daughtery Survivor Vanuatu

Dawn Meehan Survivor South Pacific
Earl Cole Survivor Fiji Eliza Orlins Survivor Seasons Vanuatu/Fan vs Favorites-Micronesia Gillian Larson Survivor Gabon Julie Berry Survivor Vanuatu
Laura Morett Survivor Samoa Marcus Lehman Survivor Gabon Phillip Sheppard Survivor Redemption Island Randy Bailey Survivor Gabon
Rita Verreos Survivor Fiji Sandra Diaz Twine Survivor Pearl Islands Survivor Heroes vs Villains James Miller Survivor Palau Mark "Papa Bear" Caruso Survivor South Pacific
Joshua Bogart Reality Super Fan Kendra Guffey Pirate Master Jodi Witchetski The Amazing Race Michelle Noonan Big Brother

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