Monday, February 20, 2012

Podcast Featuring Benjamin "Coach" Wade Danielle Di Lorenzo of 180 Film!

Tomorrow is the official release of 180 Film to various outlets online! In lieu of this release Tom Santilli, nationally recognized blogger of both film and Survivor for the National Examiner and Detroit Movie Examiner has conducted a podcast interview with both stars of 180 Film- Benjamin "Coach" Wade and Danielle Di Lorenzo.

To check the podcast out please go to A Chat With Survivors Coach and Danielle stars of 180 Film You will see the podcast link attached to his blog.

Thanks go to Tom Santilli for this podcast and to Coach and Danielle for participating in it also. For the official announcement on the release 180 Film Page has announced this news: "Tomorrow is the big day! 180 will go on sale on both and $2.99 to rent and $5.99 to purchase. Two more services are right around the bend. VUDU and We are very excited!"

Links are provided here by just clicking on each provider. 180 is finally here!

180 Film

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