Sunday, March 4, 2012

Message From Jimmy T

Message from my friend James Tarantino aka Jimmy T (S21)

"Gloucester: America's Oldest Seaport is being bought up by New Balance Corp. CEO Jim Davis, ($1.8 Billion) to turn into his personal resort town! Please, please, please help save our working waterfront, our culture and our heritage by signing this petition!"
~James Tarantino Survivor 21~

From Brenda Porter:
"Please sign! People need more natural resources and less man made resources especially the people who make their living in commercial fishing. By the destruction of this port these people are directly impacting the livelihoods and careers of many who are in the industry plus u are killing a beautiful natural resource. So not cool!!!"

Gloucester Distress Call

Please take a moment to sign this to save this sea port. For non residents of Maine click this link

Hold The Fort Save Gloucester! Non Residents Sign

And for residents sign via this link:

Hold The Fort Save Gloucester-Maine Residents


  1. Done! Good luck from one Survivor to another!

    -Billy from Survivor: Cook Islands

  2. Thanks Billy! Ur awesome and a class act!



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