Friday, March 30, 2012

The Slayer and His Blogger Back To Back Podcasts!

Coach Wade and I appeared together on back to back podcasts! The FIRST EVER podcast of this kind was taped Wednesday night March 28th for David & Nicole Survivor Podcast can be found here --------> David & Nicole's Survivor Podcast Episode 7 this podcast is a one of a kind and a Survivor One World Round Table discussing the season. We also reveal our history as cast-blogger plus Coach reveals his thoughts on all 3 of his seasons. Coach also is asked the Fave 10. Check this podcast out for more cool stuff!

The next night myself, along with Edna Ma from Season 23 and one of Coach's allies, David "Jersey Dave" Cadmus, Gloria Query and a friend of Coach's from Susanville. who joined the podcast with hosts Benjamin "Coach" Wade, Cherry Garcia and Paul from Minnesota, was aired LIVE March 29th on Coach's podcast Dragon Slayer Radio (<------click here) This show will be available the week of March 29th- April 4th, 2012.

Listen to both and share the fun!!

Listen To Dragon Slayer Radio on Blog Talk Radio Below!

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