Thursday, April 19, 2012

Despite odds of 8 to 1

Well it looks like Troyzan made good on his threat to win and stay in the game. Troyzan is becoming the classic gutsy underdog of Survivor that you can't help but root on because he is fighting against some rather stacked odds.

I love Survivor too and love to watch it for the dynamics more than anything. However this has me rather puzzled due to the "deer in the headlights" feeling Christina Cha showed several times during this past episode. It seems like the editors are tossing out tiny bread crumbs and leading us to think that the decision she continues to make to stay with Kim may cost her.

Between the beginning of the episode when Troy called her out at camp with Alicia coming to the rescue. (remember just a few episodes ago Alicia teaming up against her? Plus let's not forget the first Tribal) then there is the hesitance at the auction to bid against Troyzan for the challenge incentive. Then you have Chelsea doing an interview about Christina not trying to keep the reward away from Troy. That this was such a let down. Maybe not much by itself, but when you note that these are multiple instances in one episode, it makes you think.

Then of course there's the convo Troy has at camp with her and then Tribal where he laid it all out right in front of the girls. Still there seems to be a "deer in the headlights feel" to her. Last night I kept thinking to myself that Christina is a rather smart lady. She is very competitive. So why is she resisting a shot that is guaranteed to take her further? She has to know or have a vibe on where she is within the pecking order of the girls. Heck you even have Chelsea saying at Tribal that the old Manono bothered her. So if anything with all these indicators, why not take a shot? Why is she so hesitant? It feels inconsistent.

Then you have Tarzan!
He KNOWS he and Leif could be next. In the conversation on the beach with Leif he acknowledges it. But then he turns around and votes for Leif after Troyzan's double offer? Again you have a very smart man. A man who probably knows he is an ideal "goat" for Finals. But yet he is risking. Not only does he vote off an extra number for this possible alliance to take over, but he receives 3 votes himself?!

Of them all I think Alicia's is the most direct. She said she would think about it but it is if Troyzan wins again. Thing is do you want to take the risk that Troyzan can flip one of the other girls like maybe Katt? She is on the outer fringes of the pow=wow and based on the teaser she is having a rough time and those moments are moments that can be seized.

When I look at Troyzan what I see is someone who could be the next Chris Daughtry (WINNER Survivor Vanuatu)I have felt that Troy is Kim's contemporary slash counterpart. It is actually possible that like Chris did, he can turn the women on themselves. All he would need do is work on their paranoias and put some semblance of questions in their minds.
Make a few look at the strategical map and say: are you happy with fourth place? Are you happy with just going with whatever Kim says? I can offer you Final 3 right now.

The game until last night looked so predictable but like I stated in my last blog, there is still that unpredictable factor that is underlying of late. We see a hint that Alicia may bite. We see Katt looking stressed next week and Troy talking to the slots for 3 and 4. Thing is with this season the editors are selling both Troyzan and Kim so it could go either way at this point.

Then you have the girls themselves. Kim is just an absolute amazing player. In my opinion. She is a verified Triple Threat. She showed absolute nerves of steel at Tribal and did not even worry about playing the idol. If things don't go in Troyzan's favor, Kim is undeniably the winner this season.

But the thing is so was Ami in Vanuatu. So this game still can get turned on it's head. Which opens the game up for blindsides and a complete turnaround. So with it being 8 to 1 could turn into a game that quick.

My favorite moments this past episode were during the auction. Who can forget Kat's bidding on and winning a BLT and then looking at it and saying: "look guys! it has bacon!" I just love her ditzy moments!!

Plus last but not least the letters from home. The emotions that Alicia had just by reading these and holding them were so precious and emotional. Plus let's not forget Tarzan who gave up a tune up or something just to read these letters of love from home.

At the end of the episode we said goodbye to Leif also who became the 4th member of what is so far an all male jury.

Hope everyone enjoyed the episode and until next week remember keep your torch lights lit and enjoy next week's episode. Don't forget to call in every Thursday to Dragon Slayer Radio to listen and talk with Benjamin "Coach" Wade. To call and talk with Coach please call 347-237-5506. The shows are on blogtalk radio every Thursdays at 10 PM EST-9 PM CST 7 PM PST this week's link is CLICK here see ya soon!!!

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