Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Holly Hoffman The Winner Within!

As many of u know who have been previous viewers or are current viewers checking my blogs out, Holly Hoffman is a personal friend of mine and someone I admire greatly. I supported Holly her entire season of Survivor Nicaragua and watched her grow into the phenomenon she has become. Since Holly has left the show, she has been steadily speaking as a motivational speaker and has written a book "The Winner Within".

I would like to extend an invite for u all to order this book which is currently available for ordering online. Holly has an amazing story of comeback from trials to now living a happy and successful life. In fact her life mirrors her Survivor experience as it started tough but she made it and is flourishing!

On a personal note, I will add that Holly has been an encouraging and wonderful presence in my life. She befriended me early, prior to her season's start. She sent me a private message on Facebook and said I'd like to get to know you, tell me more about you. Not many cast have approached me that way so it was cool. I responded and we hit it off like gangbusters. Holly and her husband Charlie, were gracious enough to share the entire journey with me.

During the season I had some problems in my own life here and there, but though she was so busy in her own life, Holly would drop everything and be there for me. She was the person I would turn to in tears who would speak encouragement to me. She got me through some really rough periods and has been a motivating impact in my own life. That is what makes Holly a genuinely beautiful person and I have never forgotten that kindness she showed. Plus her life is so motivating as well in watching the beauty of her ride and how it has come full circle.

I had the pleasure of meeting Holly last summer and having breakfast with her. Not many cast take time out of a busy event to take a fan-friend out but Holly did and we had a wonderful time!

So in short I have had the blessing to know Holly Hoffman personally and hope many of you will take the time to get to know her as well. You won't regret it! She's one in a million!

To order a copy please click on this link to purchase directly from her website

Plus please take a moment to follow Holly Hoffman on Twitter as well by going to @HollyHoffmanS21 link will take you directly to her Twitter to follow her!

Below is a video of Holly as well enjoy!!

Visit her website today at Holly Hoffman Org!

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