Friday, April 27, 2012

It's Time For Some R & R!

Official Press Release
For It's Time For Some R & R!

I am excited to announce that TV Host/Spokesperson and Co-Host on Fox's new National Latin network UTILISIMA, Rita Verreos also of the Reality Show Survivor Fiji, will join together with Radio Host/Personality-Rita Hernandez of Inspiration 4 Life Radio Showand Local Hero of Inspiration Segment on KENS 5 Great Day SA Sunday Show. We will be providing a "Live" Radio Show every Monday Night, from 7:30-8:30pm!

It's the Launch of our New Regularly Scheduled Radio Program "It's Time for Some of R & R" with Rita & Rita! We are 24/7 on Inspiration 4 Life Internet Radio Station.

You can tune in online at inspiration4lifeor you can listen from anywhere around the World on your smartphone! Here is the link to help you get the APP for Free! Mobile App.

Each week we will have amazing Guests to share their stories and testimonies of Hope & Survival. We will also have Inspiring Topics that will help relate to anyone! So, you must tune in for some great surprises!

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