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Sooooo....what now?

I just got through watching Episode 11 of Survivor One World and will say upfront that yeppers I've been bamboozled! Being a fan of the show you cannot help but want to see someone who has been trying for so long to get on the show make it as far as he could get.

But bottom line tho I absolutely love Troy, this entire season I have bled Salani. So I am excited about the possibility of an all girl finish! I must say now tho, that I am not as certain as I was about a Kim win. I will explain in a bit. She definitely deserves it! But I am wondering with a predominantly male jury that when she makes the Finals (it's almost a foregone certainty she will) if the men will vote someone other than she, simply because she out played and out maneuvered the entire male tribe?

Not saying I wouldn't love a Kim win (I am like her biggest fan and any Salani girl's fan, really) But I do often wonder with the way the show's get edited, are things really as easy as they appear? I wouldn't be surprised at a Kitten Kat win actually as she reminds me of a female Fabio. She's fun and may fight to get into the Finals like he did.

In S21, you had a power player in Sash who had alliances with everyone, you had an indecisive player in Chase who received votes. But no one would ever have predicted a Fabio win. (well I did but I liked Fabio lol)

Basically, Fabio didn't tick anyone off. Plus like Coach Wade and even Holly Hoffman once explained to me, when you are in Ponderosa, you always have that one jury cast member who will campaign for or against a dominant player in favor of a less dominant player.

So whereas I would absolutely be in heaven if Kim won, I am saying I wouldn't be too shocked if it was Katt either. Just tossing a thought out there...

Kim.....she is my girl!! She is playing a seriously good game this season. My instincts told me she would go a certain way but I tend to question those sometimes and just go with what the editors toss at me sometimes. Especially if I am not paying much attention and am sitting there munching on pizza. But I am gonna take a stab and say this is how I think it may go down...(part 3 now?)

I think now that Troy is out :(( I think that Kim is going to start looking at her immediate threats. At least that is what I would do. She is going to most likely keep Christina and Tarzan around as they will vote majority. But the smarter ones...the ones who could turn the door out on you as you get deeper in..someone like Sabrina is going to be targeted. And the killer thing is..Troyzan warned her!

Chelsea is a triple threat also. She is smart. She has a really solid social game and peeps love her. Plus she can give Kim a run for the money. Now if I were a smart woman like Kim and I want for sure to win this game...Chelsea has to go also. So I think the girls will bite the dust next.

Then you take out next Cha Cha. Then Tarzan who makes the Final Four. Say what u want about Tarzan but there's a method and intelligence to his madness. He"s been careful not to tick the girls off since merge. Just like he did with Colton when Colton was power...he knew how to stay close to power and in his own way impact the game.

As did Cha Cha. Both are smarter than people are giving the credit for. But both floated between power surges and Cha Cha being made to feel on the outs all the way through. It had to have been tough for her to hear those answers though during that pecking order challenge. I agree with the players on those questions..they do make u squirm....

Troy definitely knew what was going on so no way could he stay by that point. He was Kim's alter ego so as to speak game wise. The only difference being that Kim is subtle and Troy is a roaring elephant crashing through.

Now Troy was subtle in the beginning as he knew he couldn't be loud or he would be targeted. Which is why he stepped aside and allowed Colton's reign plus why he stuck with the Misfits. If he would have been a Rooster he would have been on the bulls eye long before merge. But again, if Kim wants to win...Troy's gotta go...and vice versa. Troy had great game instincts but the only problem was he was part of some mistakes in the game made early. Salani just capitalized on those.

Now if I were Kim who would I want playing next to me as I sit talking to a jury?

I would want Alicia for one. Alicia is a smart woman but she has made a few waves. I love Alicia's smile though :) She has carefully meandered her way through and plays in a style so similar to Sandra Diaz Twine's "as long as it ain't me".

She is not as strategical as Chelsea or Sabrina, but she has never been that big a threat to Kim and the power seat. That's a street smart way to her play but will it bring her a win? Alicia does have some connections on the jury. She was friendly with the guys on Manono and Christina may feel some tribal allegiance to her. Again let's remember the Ponderosa factor....

Then we may have Katt who is either winning her way there ala Fabio or is considered a follower and a non-threat by Kim. People don't seem to take Katt seriously and Katt admits it. That could work for her in the end. If you listen to Katt she makes good points.

She knows and is aware of what's happening in the game and if not. then why would she say in a confessional about the way she has led the game herself. By playing it funny and goofy at times, no one takes you seriously. No one will target your back. The only thing I see about Katt, is that like myself, she struggles with some self esteem issues. Which is why when Kim failed to take her to the food reward, it stung as bad as it did. But Katt could be a dark horse to win this too.

However I gotta love my Kim! She has played everything like a well tuned piano. The music beautifully written that she dances by. She has maintained power and no one has tried to oust her but Troyzan and Leif. The Guys. Her girls all said in the Pecking order thing that they have complete trust in Kim. She must dream strategy in her sleep and brush her teeth with it out there as her game has so far been well played. She is deserving but will she win?

Soooooooo....what now?

The main thing is this season started out men vs women and the women have emerged triumphant! And in the end the last male standing is the very one no one thought would. The one who "lacked a social game". Who'd a thunk? Just like let's keep our minds open as things are not always written in stone.

Listen to Dragon Slayer Radio by going here This week's guest was Rita Verreos! Cast member on Survivor Fiji!!

Rita has a weekly radio show..listen to it here also: It's Time For Some R & R!


  1. Here's my take. Kim has owned this season. She aced the early game by making sure she was in the main alliance, and she maneuvered herself into the very CENTER of that alliance. When the tribes shuffled, she made sure she was in the best position on the new tribe, and got tight with Troy and Jay. Then she NAILED the mid-game by making sure she got the perfect first post-merge vote in Jonas. It gave her more options than ANYONE ELSE in the game because she could choose to go with Troy/Jay, or she could stick with the girls. She got Troy to TURN on Michael. It wasn't until she started to turn on Jay that Troy caught on, but it was too late because the other guys were blind to it. And now, the girls that NEEDED Troy voted him out, further advancing KIM... because she convinced them too. Her intuitive strategy and cunning social game put her miles above the rest.

    Troy is the only other player I really liked. Jay was good until he fell for Kim's double-dealing shenanigans. Of the players left, Sabrina and Chelsea are ok, but it's clear that Kim owns them. Kat, Alicia, Tarzan, and Christina are all pretty much clueless.

    If Kim makes it to the end and doesn't win, it'll be another reason the show is losing my interest. I mean, she outplayed everyone... the people on the jury AND anyone that could make it to the end with her. And anyone she takes with her either played the guys with her or are considered "undeserving" to be there. You do the math.

  2. Kim has the easy game...only Kat is attempting anything. And Kat has the bug curse meaning she can't's too predicable.

  3. Nice blog Bren, well done! I haven't been into this season that much, but the last few episodes have come on strong. Too much cannon-fodder in the early cast and Colton was terrible, the epitome of casting just for being a character and he was a complete dud...which probably means he'll be back for another season soon...! But I think there's some real players left in the game, and it should be an interesting stretch run. I think Troyzan is overrated, b/c of who he's playing with this season, he hasn't really done much, almost 1/2 the cast had no clue or no chance, though I do think he's a good player. I don't like how easy it is for people to "find" immunity idols these days, but other than that, I think Kim is the best player this season and will probably win.


  4. I would love to see Kim win, but I think she and Chelsea have the most difficult battle at the moment. If it does come down to final three, whoever they pick as their third, with the possible exception of Alicia, already has more jury votes than either of them unless they learn to use their words better than Bill Clinton. Kim has played the best game strategically, but I think socially she made the mistake of putting Troyzan in the Ponderosa too early with too big a chip on his shoulder.



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