Thursday, May 3, 2012

"Blindsides are always fun!"

Well not so much last night I don't think as the person saying it ended up being blindsided just moments later.

Is Kim starting to maybe slip up a tiny bit as Kat would have been a good finalist with her. On the edits we see and even hear Kat herself note that she did not want to be perceived as a follower. Which means that Kat was aware that she could be perceived that way. The edit made it appear that way. Tarzan in a rare strategical moment stated it would be a mistake as Kat is a follower. Plus during the Family Visit Kim mentioned to her sister that her Final 3 pairing was with Kat and Alicia. (note that Chelsea was not even mentioned which shows what I stated in an earlier blog that Kim will pick off perceived jury threats i.e. social and physical)

So her choice Of Kat I would like to explore and will later on a bit. But first to Kim's game and to Sabrina.

My analysis of Kim's game to date is that she has a gift of doing spin control and also letting people feel they are in charge. Case in point Alicia who at the beginning of the episode stated that she was the most powerful player in the game. Plus in reading exit interviews Kat herself felt that she was in control and that Kim was following her lead. Allowing others to feel that way lessens the target quite a bit while the game is in bigger numbers. But as the game winds down and tougher decisions have to be made, it gets increasingly harder to stay in this type of comfort zone. It's pretty obvious that Kim is the power broker and is playing a very strategical game. Yet I feel that Kat was less of a threat to her than say, Sabrina who is an articulate, smart player.

Now that Sabrina is aware of her place on the totem pole, things are gonna start getting interesting in camp. I don't think she will go down without a fight. We haven't seen much strategically from Sabrina like we had earlier which leads me to feel that her edit is withholding something. Either that or leading us to think she will indeed go next and this is why. Sabrina at the beginning of the season, was my odds on favorite for the win. I see her as someone who could give Kim a run for the money so it surprises me that she hasn't tried to change things up.

In fact, it amazes me to see the power that Kim wields as pretty much everyone is stepping back (as in the case of Boston Rob) giving her a win. No one seems to be thinking of ways to beat Kim at all and challenging her. She still has the Hidden Immunity Idol which will soon run out (F5) and looks like it maybe a souvenir. Chelsea stated on the episode that she didn't want to make a choice until she checked with Kim first, for one; and everyone just seems to go with whatever Kim decides on. It's in a way very anti-climatic as by this point, there's really not much that could be done in changing things up as there are no numbers. Tarzan will go with the flow and Chelsea and Alicia feel solid with Kim while Christina seems to be struggling. I don't think at this point Sabrina will be able to flip anyone.

The loved ones visit which is my favorite episode each season didn't fail to elicit an emotional response from me. My favorite part and I am sure I echo many sentiments when I name Tarzan's. No, his wife is not Jane. No there was not a little chimp hanging out lol instead there was a lot of emotion and love. From an emotionless person like Tarzan, it was beautiful to see. Plus Christina's also was beautiful as she spoke of the courage she finds in watching her dad's fight, both were very moving. I loved it when Sabrina said that she would make sure they got loved ones time as that was important. I tweeted Sabrina that I thought her remark was thoughtful and kind.

So was Kat a good choice?

It's true she has some people who like her on the jury and it is true that at moments she did show some strategical thinking. She also is a challenge threat and if Kim wants to keep the immunities sewn up in her favor, then Kat would be a threat there.

But my perception in hindsight is that she was a follower and like Tarzan said not a thinker. Would the jury had kept that in mind? I think they would have as Kat had ample time to change things up once Troyzan warned her and the others. But instead she stayed in the comfort zone as a follower trusting Kim and the others. She may have been a threat but I still feel Kim would have won.

Now with the strategy now becoming eliminating Kim's jury threats or threats in general, I think that Christina and Tarzan may escape it for a bit.

I do feel the next ones out (unless they win IM) are Sabrina and Chelsea. Meaning there's now a possibility of Kim making a strategical move to bring Christina and Alicia to the Finals. If she is basing it on who she can beat on a vote..then those are the two logical ones to take. We'll see.

Hope everyone enjoyed the episode and as the season winds itself down, remember to keep your torch lights lit and don't miss a single episode of Survivor One World.

Finale Night is May 13th which is 10 days away!

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  1. I think Kim has a lot to worry about with the males in the jury. If, for example, if it were Alica, Chelsea, and Kim in the final three, I think Chelsea has a great shot of winning. I would much rather see Sabrina in the final three but I see her going in the next episode or the one after.

  2. Honestly I don't think sabrina's Chances improved at all. Like you said Sabrina thought she was the leader, I think if Anything She'll get voted out.

    But I expect her to leave around Final 5 maybe Final 4

  3. The finale episode will be on May 13 therefore, there are two episodes left. I'm looking forward.

    As you know, Kim is my bet for the title. Alicia is also my personal pick right from the start but Kim deserves it more. Everything about Kimberly Spradlin is hot! Whatever happens in these two last episodes, Kim will always be remembered.

  4. I think Kat should still be in it. She held her own. She did not betray anyone. When given a choice to vote , she went with the majority of her alliance. They blindsided her and that was not very nice. But it is a game . Unfortunately our choice to win Survivor is no longer in the game but in the jury. You played a good game Kat.

    Stevie & Sherry



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