Wednesday, May 16, 2012

It's All About Girl Power!

Yes I am a bit late in posting this. But I gotta tell you all, that I am OVERJOYED to see a Kim win! How awesome to see someone who played the game and played the best game overall get the win!!! I was a bit worried prior to the finale that as per some recent seasons, that Kim would fall victim to the dreaded "bitter jury". Thankfully that was not the case and my girl emerged the victor at the end!

So how did Kim do it?

Kim made sure everyone felt like they were a part of her game. She developed relationships with each player, making each feel important. She basically did a nuclear style alliance where she was centered in the middle between her group of players and held power and the swing, decisive vote at all points in the game.

Which may not be flashy and to some, boring, but it's effective and it got her there. Looking back, I will note that Kim had everyone's trust and balanced the "need to know" strategical situations so well that no one appeared to question her. No one seemed to want to change it up either to further themselves.

That's the scary part of a game where you become the pivotal vote each time. Especially during moments of paranoia, to keep both groups balanced and each player from switching things around. To keep trust so solid.

Hats off to Kim for a fantastic social game in that area and for her 5 immunity wins! The wins place her up there with players like Jenna Morasca. Not bad for a rookie season!

This season of Survivor One World is now in the books. It will go down in Survivor lore as being the first season where you have an all girl Final 5! The closest to this was during Survivor Micronesia where 4 of the Final 5 were women: Parvati Shallow, Amanda Kimmel, Cirie Fields and Natalie Bolton, with the fifth being Erik Reichenbach. So how did it work this season and not then?

It comes down to Kim's building such a solid trust base with the girls early on. Her alliance with Chelsea and Sabrina started day one. She also built another alliance with Alicia Rosa which also consisted of Christina Cha and Greg "Tarzan" Smith. With her main alliance of Chelsea and Sabrina starting so early it became the core alliance for Kim throughout the game. If Kim or any of the 3 would have delineated for one iota off the strategical map there, it would have spelled disaster, as each person was a component to their success.

The addition of Tarzan to their ranks via Alicia was what was needed to gain momentum over old Manono (the male tribe). Once momentum was gained it was all by the numbers from that point.

Alicia, for all the controversy that surrounded her, played a solid game herself playing a similar game to Kim's. Alicia also had a core alliance of 2 and built social rapport within Manono Tribe (having been a "misfit" herself) So had she have made the Finals, I believe she would have garnered votes. The only factor that would have separated her & Kim would have been Kim's immunity wins which garnered Kim respect among the men. So I would like to give mad props also to Alicia. In the end her respect for Kim's game made her Kim's benefactor within the jury as she openly campaigned for a Kim win.

Their success also comes down to each move that was made throughout. With each move the girls made solid footings throughout the game. From within Salani and even Manono. In fact, the Manono guys helped in the cause by voting strength early as well as making the decision to go to Tribal even though they held immunity. In doing so, these early decisions weakened their cause and also strengthened the girl's side, further sealing the girl's eventual success.

So congrats are in order to the Final 3 of Kim, Sabrina and Chelsea and to a wonderful season!

One of my favorite highlights from the finale:

Kat's beautiful emotional speech to the jury

To Kat I want to say how moving and AMAZING your speech was. I cried. How often do people take this game to heart and allow bitterness to prevail. You have such a phenomenal heart and soul. I know you will only become more powerful as your life progresses. I wouldn't be shocked to see Kat as very successful in her life!

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Survivor Seasons:

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Now to next season: from all I have heard it will be 3 medivacs who will lead teams of new players. There are 10 who can possibly return. I am excited to see what the new season holds and to again capture it weekly.

My picks as possible returnees are:

Mike Skupin Survivor Outback

Jonathan Penner (evacuated during Survivor Micronesia)

Russell Swann (evacuated during Survivor Samoa)

Congrats to Kim Spradlin for her win and also for receiving the Sprint Fan Favorite Vote for $100,000!!!

See ya next season!

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  1. Great recap of the Kim journey. I enjoyed watching her play and no doubt she played a very smart game. Obviously a deserved winner and her win is right up there with some great female winners. I did like the way she squeezed into both her alliances, well three if you count Jay/Troyzan and made herself the swing vote. After hearing some answers from Probst at the reunion a I gained new respect for her gameplay.
    It's been a joy reading your thoughts each week.
    Thank you for the nice remarks about Survivor Seasons, comparing it to the CBS page, well I am comfortable with that. Thanks again.



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