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Who will return?

Survivor Philippines twist next season is based on something many of us said we would like to see as a twist if it were ever put together and that is the return of medical evacuees and allowing them to complete their game. In the history of the show there have been 10 medical evacs. Below are the 10 and I will give an opinion on who I think stands a shot at returning. We will start from the first evacuee and finish with the most recent.

The first person ever to be evacuated from the game was fan favorite Michael Skupin of Survivor Outback season 2. This occurred during the sixth episode and was very frightening to watch for me. While stoking the fire, Scoop breathed in smoke and momentarily fainted, falling into the fire and suffering severe burns to his hands. After being cared for by medical personnel, a helicopter was brought in and he was evacuated. Thankfully no serious damages were done and he had a miraculous healing of those burns.

Mike Skupin falls into the fire

I genuinely believe he is there. Mike was such a popular contestant at the time of his evacuation with his cast and during the airing he also was so well loved by the public. I think CBS is aware of the popularity and ratings that bringing back "Scoop" would bring. Plus Skup was away from social sites for the appropriate amount of time it would take to film the show. I would love to see him back and place him as one of my picks of returnees. He showed leadership qualities during his season so I can see him as a leader of a tribe in the coming season.

Bruce Kanegei of Survivor Exile Island Panama was the second evacuation in the history of the show. Bruce also became the first contestant to be medivacced and return to become a member of the jury. Bruce had had severe constipation for quite a few days and during one night was in so much pain that he sought medical attention. At first it was thought it was appendicitis but it turned out to be a bowel obstruction. Bruce was given medical attention and then returned to be a member of the jury.

Bruce Kanegei Medically Evacuated

I recall watching this with tears streaming down my face. It was so gut wrenching to watch. I was relieved to see him return for the jury and to know he was okay and it was nothing serious. I hope Bruce is one, it would be amazing to see him finish what he started and be given a shot this time. I don't think he is there but you never know.

Tribute To Bruce

Gary Stritesky "Papa Smurf" of Survivor Fiji was evacuated on Day 10 due to an allergic reaction to all the bug bites he had received while on location. It had initially been thought he had cracked a rib during a previous challenge also.

Papa Smurf is a lovely man who has competed in multiple inline skate marathons. He also enjoys biking, canoeing and coaching. He spent many years coaching his children's soccer, baseball, basketball and football teams also. I would love to see his return but I am not fully sure he is on the list. I found him enjoyable to watch.

There were two evacuations during Survivor Micronesia Fans vs Favorites. One being James Clement. James had cut his finger and was medically evacuated so his wound could be properly cleaned. James has competed in another season since Micronesia so I doubt that he will be on the list of returnees this time.

Interview with James and Alexis

Jonathan Penner was also a medical evacuee during the same season as James, Survivor Micronesia. Jonathan had injured his knee by scraping it during the 3rd immunity challenge. Then later on he fell on it further aggravating the injury. I can see Penner as a returnee given a shot again and would love to see him be given another shot. He was fun to watch on both seasons and I can see him as a leader of a tribe as well.

Jonathan Penner Forced To Leave The Game

Joe Dowdle of Survivor Tocantins was medically evacuated due to an infection that started due to a scrape on his knee that ended up going through his leg. The injury required surgery and he healed rather quickly after the surgery. I don't think Joe is a returnee but it would be awesome to see him play again one day and be able to play out his game. He was pretty strong during his season and I enjoyed watching him on the show.

You Ask They Tell - Joe Dowdle

Mike Borassi was one of 2 medical evacuations during Survivor Samoa's season. Mike had initially been slated to appear on the season prior to Samoa, Survivor Tocantins, but had been cut prior to the start of filming due to his health. Prior to going out to do Samoa, Borassi had worked with doctors to get his health up to where he could participate. Being a long-time fan of the show he truly wanted to make it work. Sadly his blood pressure plummeted after a challenge and it was too risky a move to keep him in the game for fear that he may have a heart attack. Which is why I don't see him returning either. With past serious health issues I don't see producers as taking that big a risk.

Mike Borassi speaks!

The second evacuation during the Samoa season and yet another gut wrenching one to view was that of Russell Swann, leader of the Galu Tribe. Russell had been working himself very hard since the beginning of filming in camp and had in short run himself down. Probst called the evacuation "the scariest moment he had while filming the entire 19 seasons". It was to say the least.

Watching Russell collapse during the challenge and then seeing him unconscious and his eyes roll back into his head did not look good and was very scary. He blacked out several times and was very incoherent. Seeing his tears as he was carted off broke my heart as a viewer. In all honesty I believe he is one of them.

His story at the end of how badly he wanted to be on would rate high with us viewers.

His story as a leader on Galu would fit for a tribe leader on this season. He was fun to watch, likable and relatable. I think he is there.

Russell Swann Evacuation

Kourtney Moon was evacuated during the first episode of Survivor One World due to a broken wrist she sustained while falling on it during the first challenge. Kourtney was never given a shot to play as she was out so quick however she tweeted during the season while the cast was filming and I don't see her as being one of the returnees. Kourtney had been my initial hope for going further in due to her being an under-dog and I felt I could relate to her. She has a lot of spunk and I like her a helluva lot but I don't see her as a tribal leader.

Kourtney Moon

Colton Cumbie was the final to date medical evacuee suffering an appendicitis attack during filming on location. It is a popular rumor that he is back and some buzz says that he is. Myself, I noticed some tweets during the time of filming and for that reason I doubt he is there. Colton was highly controversial and many hated or loved to hate Colton during this past season. His highly inflammatory statements were tasteless and actually uncalled for.

All in all as a villain he made "good tv" meaning he made you talk and people talked a lot and still are. Would the producers chance having him return with his character being so highly controversial? That we will have to wait and see. My belief is though he makes TV people buzz about, I seriously cannot see him as a leader that would last very long in the game. His strategies ended up costing his tribe in the long run and his apologies on the finale seemed more surface and not as genuine as Alicia's was. Just my take on Colton. He does make a great villain to watch though.

One Man Down Colton Evacuation

My picks for returnees are Skupin, Penner and Swann. Looking forward to watching the upcoming season and who does return and see how things will play out for them with a total new cast. Let's hope for the best for them!

Survivor Philippines Preview


  1. Brenda, I think that you have the three nailed. Well done.

  2. Normally I do not learn post on blogs, but I would like to say that this write-up very pressured me to try and do so! Your writing style has been surprised me. Thanks, very nice post.
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    1. thank you both for the kudos! The list has partly been announced recently and on the list is a former child star og the 70s in Lisa Whelchel of "The Facts Of Life". The cast list that has been announced can be viewed at which is my friend Rom Santilli's blog.


  3. I love your blog, I look forward to seeing more from you. Do you run any other sites? thanks

    1. thanks Obat! I have one other site that I am posting on now and you may enjoy as well. It's at I post regularly there and I think u may enjoy it as well. Thanks for being a fan! U rock!!



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