Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Jeff Probst's New Show To Debut September 10th!

CBS Survivor executive producer and host Jeff Probst's new show will debut on September 10th and will air in 80% of the U.S. including 24 of the 25 top TV markets. It will be a talk show and the official statement says that it will offer "provocative conversation. Compelling real-life drama. Unexpected adventures. Celebrity revelations. Audience participation. And the opportunity to say YES to life!"

The new talk show will air prior to the beginning of the 25th season of the show which made Probst a household name, Survivor which means Jeff Probst will have two shows available to the public this coming fall. I respect and admire Jeff and look forward to seeing his new show this fall. For Survivor fans it will be interesting to see what Jeff has in store with this show. If perhaps he can bring in elements from his many experiences and years as host of Survivor.

Jeff has signed on to do two more seasons of Survivor so we can expect to see him hosting through Season 26. Let's hope he will sign on for many many more seasons of the show and that in the years to come we can expect to see much more of him doing what he does best.

As an award winning host of TV's top reality show Survivor! Be sure to check his official website Jeff Probst for more details on this new show and please keep an eye on his Tout profile as well!

The Jeff Probst Show

Thought fans would like to see this also Mark Burnett speaks of casting Jeff as host for the show. Enjoy!

Mark Burnett talks of casting Jeff Probst to be host of Survivor!


  1. Love Jeff, can't wait for the show!!!

  2. This looks really cool, didn't know about it until now. Yay! More shows with Jeff!


  3. Very nice post and interesting to read .... I love visiting this blog.

    1. thank u again Obat for your support and kind thoughts! Feel free to visit often! :) To above fans it will be coming soon hope u all enjoy his new show!



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