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Season 25 Survivor Philippines Airs September 19th!

Survivor: Philippines, Season 25 date has finally been announced! The premiere date is set for Wednesday, September 19th at 8:00 pm EST, the premiere episode will be a special 90 minute episode!

This will be the US/CBS version of the show's first venture into the Philippines. However, there is a Philippine version of the show that began in 2008. For this season, the US version will have three returning players, joining an entirely new cast. The three returning players are all medical evacuees - having left the game via evacuation.

Here are the players that have been sent home for a medical reason over the past 24 previous seasons according to E! Online:

Michael Skupin - the first person ever to be evacuated from the game was Michael Skupin of Survivor Outback season 2. This occurred during the sixth episode and was very frightening to watch. While stoking the fire, Scoop breathed in smoke and momentarily fainted, falling into the fire and suffering severe burns to his hands. After being cared for by medical personnel, a helicopter was brought in and he was evacuated. Thankfully no serious damages were done and he had a miraculous healing of those burns.

Bruce Kanegai of S12 Survivor Exile Island Panama was the second evacuation in the history of the show. Bruce also became the first contestant to be medivacced and return to become a member of the jury. Bruce had had severe constipation for quite a few days and during one night was in so much pain that he sought medical attention. At first it was thought it was appendicitis but it turned out to be a bowel obstruction. Bruce was given medical attention and then returned to be a member of the jury.

Gary Stritesky - Gary was on the Fiji Season (Season 14) "Papa Smurf" was evacuated on Day 10 due to an allergic reaction to all the bug bites he had received while on location. It had initially been thought he had cracked a rib during a previous challenge also.

Jonathan Penner - He is from Survivor Cook Islands and Survivor Micronesia (Fans vs Favorites-S16) seasons and he was injured in the game. Jonathan had injured his knee by scraping it during the 3rd immunity challenge. Then later on he fell on it further aggravating the injury.

James Clement - He was also on S16- Survivor Micronesia (original season S15- Survivor China and has also been on S20 Survivor Heroes vs Villains) and had an injury occur. James had cut his finger and was medically evacuated so his wound could be properly cleaned.

Joe Dowdle - Joe was on the Tocantins season (S18) and had an injury in the game, an infection that started due to a scrape on his knee that ended up going through his leg. The injury required surgery and he healed rather quickly after the surgery

Mike Borassi - Was on S19 Survivor Samoa. Mike had initially been slated to appear on the season prior to Samoa, Survivor Tocantins, but had been cut prior to the start of filming due to his health. Prior to going out to do Samoa, Borassi had worked with doctors to get his health up to where he could participate. Being a long-time fan of the show he truly wanted to make it work. Sadly his blood pressure plummeted after a challenge and it was too risky a move to keep him in the game for fear that he may have a heart attack.

Russell Swan - He also was on S19 Survivor Samoa. Russell Swann, was leader of the Galu Tribe. Russell had been working himself very hard since the beginning of filming in camp and had in short run himself down. Probst called the evacuation "the scariest moment he had while filming the entire 19 seasons". It was to say the least.

Watching Russell collapse during the challenge and then seeing him unconscious and his eyes roll back into his head did not look good and was very scary. He blacked out several times and was very incoherent.

Kourtney Moon - was evacuated during the first episode of Survivor One World (S24) due to a broken wrist she sustained while falling on it during the first challenge.

Colton Cumbie - He was on this past season of the show (S24)"Survivor: One World." Originally thought to have appendicitis and turned out to just be a bacterial infection.

So mark your calendars and the date September 19th for this unique and fun season!!

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