Monday, July 16, 2012

Semi Finalist In A Poetry Contest!

This afternoon I received notification via "snail mail" that I am a semi-finalist in a poetry contest sponsored by World Poetry Movement!

My poem "Ode To The Dragon Slayer" (inspired by a friend Coach Benjamin Wade of Survivor - CBS television show seasons 18,20 and 23) was selected by their committee as a semi-finalist in running to win a pretty large cash prize should it win. Plus they sent me a release form to sign as they also want to publish it. They stated I have a "unique talent" and that the poem is a "great poem"!

I am very stunned and amazed that out of thousands of entries that my entry was considered. I have never been published by anyone other than myself so this is a first! To view and if you would please "like" this entry (pretty please) the link is please let me know what you think!

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