Saturday, September 22, 2012

Reality Rally 2013 GAME ON!!!

Below is a wonderful charity I. 100 per cent support and am helping spread the word about. I have known Gillian for several years and have seen the remarkable things that her fundraiser has done, has become! Also, the wonderful work of the charity Michelle's Place. To learn more about Gillian and her dream and more about Reality Rally, please check out this interview I did with Gillian not long ago here. Please check out the information below. If you are interested definitely contact Gillian at her email below. It's amazing!!

Below is a photo of Gillian and I with friends. Taken in 2011 at a charity event in Florida.

From the wonderful Gillian Larson comes this update on the new better than ever event Reality Rally!

Reality Rally Amazing Race Game!!

Reality Rally wants YOU!

Saturday April 6th 11am-4pm

Play a game with 3 fun friends and one Reality TV Star through 12 Challenge Checkpoint Stations all over Old Town Temecula.

Must be 16 or older.

$70 a person until January 1st

$90 a person January 1st to March 25th deadline.

Ticket includes the 4 hr fun game, a ticket to the Red Carpet Celebration Saturday evening 6pm-10pm Venue TBA, a tee shirt (but you can wear your team designed shirt.) plenty of water and a whole lot of fun !!!

Each Team member must sign up individually but add Team Name

Buy your ticket with your team name.

3 public if you want a Reality Star as your 4th
OR 4 public and no Reality Star
OR Buy a single ticket and we will put you with 2 other singles and a Reality Star

New for 2013:

Corporate Challenge!

Do you think your company, school, hospital, service organization is the best around??

Sign up a Corporate Team of 3 or 4 as above. Wear your company gear, get company promotion on our website, send us your Company URL and the world can watch your company website and YOU take the Corporate Cup.

Reality Rally Top 3 tier sponsors..... get a team for your sponsorship so see if that is YOU.....or You want to be one!!!

Sponsorship inquiries

You can beat all the teams AND you can beat all the Corporate Teams to be The Reality Rally Corporate Winner!!

If you have any questions email Gillian

We really appreciate your participation; Michelle's Place really appreciates your contribution

There will be no refunds but may substitute a participant. Consider your registration a contribution to Michelle's Place.

YOU do not want to miss April 5-7th 2013.

Game day Saturday April 6th.

Sign up today

Sign up your team

How do you get a your choice of Reality Star on your team or win the fundraising challenge??

A fundraising page for Michelle's Place will be opened for your team and posted on our website and sent to you.

Fundraise at least $1000 and you choose your Star from our list.

Receive a "Team Reward" for raising over $1500

Skip a Challenge!!!

Raise over $6000.00 get a " Perfect 10" and skip a challenge of your choice giving you a Huuuuge advantage

Must be raised by April 1st

Beat all the other teams in the game and also in fundraising and Michelle's Place Clients come out the winners.

Our Charity receives 100% of the net proceeds.

Michelle's Place Breast Cancer Resource Center Founders Video

Today is the day YOU can make a difference. Your participation and contributions could be that dollar that saves a life. Wow, powerful.

Watch this to see what "Fun" you will have while Michelle's Place gets the "Funds" more on our home page.

Reality Rally 2012 Highlight Reel 1

Reality Rally 2013
Save the date

Visit our website
Our charity we support

Thank you and I look forward to seeing you in Temecula next April for another amazing event.


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