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Bittersweet Taste After

Watching the after game conversations and the closure of his journey, did not at all surprise me. Russell being the passionate person that he is, is taking the exit bitter. In fact I read it in him and saw it coming. In these videos, Russell is also coming across as a bit of a poor sport which is a sad thing for me to see.

In viewing the day after closure interview, we see that Russell is putting his exit more on others than taking responsibility for his own actions. In the more recent interview on Survivor Live After Show, he equates Denise with being like a politician and calls her a "Bill Clinton". Plus with Denise being a therapist, he says that she understands ways to get into the minds of others. Which is true, as she has been taught to examine behavior patterns and how those play into decisions we make. So her understanding of human nature can only help and enhance her game from all areas. This game play on Denise's part tho, has left a very bitter aftertaste in the mouth of Russell Swan.

He states that he can understand why they chose to vote him off because of their alliance but it doesn't make logical sense. I have done some thinking on the future of Malcolm and Denise myself and will share an insight I have had below. Actually, when you think of it, it does make logical sense and I will touch on it in a bit. My grasp of Russell's statements is that Russell is placing his exit directly on Denise and is feeling some animosity towards her which is pretty clear. Not only did she out play him in a strategical way, but she did so using a psyche strategy, which can leave a person afterwards feeling like they've been "had". Which is a typical human response. We witnessed the one scene where Russell opened up to her and there were probably other moments as well. My read on the reaction is that he trusted her, only to feel betrayed afterwards. I don't think that, yet, he is seeing the complete picture. Most likely due to the depth of the bitter feelings he has over his exit.

In the end, from my perspective, based on the edit, Russell was just as much a part of the decimation of Matsing as the others. It started in the beginning and just kept spiraling. Again, my hope is that Russell finds peace one day with this. I don't dislike him at all and wish the best for him.

Below are the two videos pertaining to Russell and below it are some random thoughts for next week.

For email/Zimbio : Russell Swan The Day After

For email and Zimbio readers: Russell Swan On Survivor Live After Show with host Bill Posley (Survivor One World)

Malcolm and Denise

The decision to vote off Russell Swan was not just a decision based on the fact that Malcolm and Denise are allies. But in actuality is a strictly strategical proactive strategy. Malcolm if I recall, stated that his decision was based on what would be the best decision for his future game. Keeping Denise is.

I am going to go out on a limb and guess that next episode will see the two allies go to separate tribes. It may happen at the beginning of the challenge when the tribes meet up. Once they are on separate tribes, each will have a shot at making sub alliances. Denise would be the best candidate for that as she is not an emotional player, like Russell was. Instead she is a calm methodical player who employs a psyche approach. Denise also will not have a returning player bulls eye on her back. Plus in noting the reactions to Russell's explosion post challenge, the cast on Kalabaw and Tandang, were uncomfortable. I think this rubbed some of the cast the wrong way. Which would go before Russell into any tribe he enters and make him a large target.

The choice made on last night's episode is highly logical. Actually it's the best move the two of them could make for their own game. Upon a merge these two would not only have a solid alliance, but if they can keep it together pre/post merge without being singled out, they should be able to bring into the merge a blended alliance that can take over and make it deep into the game. I have a lot of respect for these two and am looking forward to see what happens next in their journey this season.


Medical personnel are seen heading towards Kalabaw, which means one thing. That the injury sustained by Jeff Kent on the outset of the game has become a minus and he might be removed. I honestly hope not. I hate seeing evacuations plus I would love to see where the Penner/Carter/Kent alliance would go.

SHOULD he be evacuated, should it be pre challenge and my theory of Malcolm and Denise split into separate tribes happens, then I think that Jeff's exit is not going to be a tremendous blow to Penner's game. As I believe either Malcolm or Denise could decide to align with him. Penner will approach either I think because he will feel they are his best option. I think either will see the value of playing with a returnee for a long term game and we may see a slight shakeup with this alliance there. Either can bring in the one extra girl to have the advantage.

It would for me, be neat to see Denise over at Tandang as I would be interested in see how she approaches the power balance of Pete/Abi/Lisa and the mounting tensions that are happening within the tribe thanks to Pete's "Russell Hantz 101 Strategy". Plus I would love to see a match of wits between Denise and Pete. Seeing two psyche strategical games going down at once will be fun to watch! May the best player win if so! That's it for now, hope everyone enjoys the next episode.

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